TECNO POVA 4 Pro Review: This Is Ready For (gaming) Battle!

TECNO POVA 4 Pro Review: This Is Ready For (gaming) Battle!


The design is excellent and the chipset performance is a plus. Battery life is good, the device has received OTA updates and looks good in my hands. I would recommend this phone as a great buy, especially for mobile gamers on a budget!

TECNO is a leading international brand of smart devices operating in more than 70 countries around the world. Since launching the CAMON series in 2014, it has positioned itself as a professional manufacturer of cameras with a sleek and elegant design. TECNO constantly promotes the perfect integration of aesthetic and elegant design and innovative technology. Today TECNO offers a wide range of smart devices, but the POVA series is perhaps the most aggressive of them all. Today we have the POVA 4 Pro "Battleship" as TECNO calls it, a gaming smartphone at an affordable price for the masses.

Aimed at strong and energetic users, it is a device that stimulates their boundless passion, encouraging their commitment in work, play or life to ignite their inner energy and potential.

The new TECNO POVA 4 Pro has good specs of a smartphone in the budget gaming category. Inside is the Helio G99 SoC with a massive 6000mAh battery with fast charging feature. There is a great 6.66-inch AMOLED display with a high refresh rate of 90Hz with 8GB RAM + 256GB storage.

Techno Buffa 4 Pro

We've been using this phone for two weeks and below you can read our impressions of using this device as our primary phone.

Tecno Pova 4 Pro - Specifications

  • Gray uranolite / fluorite blue / rutile orange
  • Mega Battery 6000 mAh
  • 45 watts
  • Helio G99 6nm Processor
  • 256 GB ROM + 8 GB RAM (128 GB ROM + 8 GB RAM)
  • 6.66 inch FHD + AMOLED screen
  • refresh rate 90 Hz
  • 50MP AI Camera

TECNO POVA 4 Pro - Download

The device comes with a silver gray body with a gorgeous finish using the gorgeous 4 Pro POVA line. There are labels around the box with information about the included device. The TECNO POVA 4 Pro that we are keeping is the 8/256GB version in Uranolith Gray. Tecno tells us that the phone comes with a 13-month warranty as a 12+1 offer. Overall, it's a great retail box. Inside the package we see the usual summaries of most smartphones in this price range:

Techno Buffa 4 Pro

  • POVA 4 Pro
  • USB-C USB-A Data/Charging Cable
  • Huge 45W charger
  • SIM tray ejector pin
  • A pair of headphones
  • Soft silicone case

However, I am very happy with the inclusion of headphones; This time, even the charger is considered a luxury. On the other hand, the first thing for me is the lack of a user manual, quick installation guide, and warranty booklet. There is a guide in your phone settings.

Techno Buffa 4 Pro

A plastic screen protector is pre-installed on the phone. It scratches easily and I recommend adding tempered glass after removing this film. The soft silicone case is cute, but...soft, so if you've dropped your phone more than you'd like, add a hard protective case.

You can buy TECNO POVA 4 Pro here

Tecno Pova 4 Pro - Design

Tecno has developed a very good phone that has nothing to do with phones of this class, even with the best selling phones from Redmi or Realme. The back of the device has a kind of geometric aesthetic that makes the camera island feel less bulging. This makes it more compatible with the back cover. According to Techno, the design was inspired by the idea of ​​a meteorite known as Widmannstadt . The coating of the back cover is matte, and it is not easy to leave fingerprints on it. Techno Buffa 4 Pro

As for its dimensions, this smartphone measures 164 x 77 x 9.19mm and weighs around 210g. So the body is a bit thick and heavy, but that's reasonable because it has a very large 6000mAh battery. Available buttons and ports:

  • Right side: Power button and fingerprint scanner, Volume up/down button
  • Above: the upper grille of the stereo amplifier
  • Left side: Non-hybrid SIM tray, 2 SIM + 1 microSD.
  • Bottom: 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, USB-C port, and stereo low speaker grille.

Techno Buffa 4 Pro


Yes, this phone has a pair of stereo speakers and has DTS audio technology, as well as wired and wireless Hi-Res Audio certification. On the front panel there is a 6.66-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of Full HD +, which is also covered with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The screen refresh rate reaches 90Hz. Switching, in which the system adjusts the refresh frequency according to the application. If you want more apps to run at 90Hz, setting the refresh rate to 90Hz will increase the number of apps running at 90Hz, although not all apps will run at 90Hz, some apps will also run at 60Hz.

There is no information on how many Hz the touch sample has , but when used for real drums, there seems to be no annoying delay. For Netflix, it is interesting to note that there is support for Widevine L1. This means that we can already watch content in Full HD format.

Techno Buffa 4 Pro

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Tecno Pova 4 Pro - Equipment

As mentioned earlier, the device is equipped with a 6.66-inch AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution. I was impressed by its brightness: 500 nits for indoor use, for outdoor use in hot weather, the screen is still clearly visible, of course. The color gamut is 99.8% sRGB / 97.8% DCI-P3 for coverage and 167.4% sRGB / 118.6% DCI-P3 for volume. The color of the screen is amazing, but we have to be very careful when editing color photos and videos for such a screen.

This phone is powered by the Mediatek Helio G99 SoC, which has 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 256GB of UFS 2.2 storage. The MediaTek Helio G99 is equipped with an octa-core processor with two powerful Arm Cortex-A76 processors clocked at 2.2GHz and a powerful Arm Mali G57 GPU. Large LPDDR4X memory capacity of up to 2133MHz and fast UFS 2.2 class storage accelerate data access and increase performance in games, applications, and everyday tasks. Nice combination in the offered price range. No software lag or overheating issues.

The audio during calls and video calls is good, but nothing to brag about. Communication is good too. Full reference under call conditions. Bluetooth is good too - I've been using the phone with wireless headphones every day without a problem, and by the way, its GPS is perfect. Concluding my questions about the hardware of the device, I have to mention some important features like side fingerprint unlock and face recognition feature. So for the available connections, it has:

  • 4G
  • WiFi 5
  • Wi-Fi sharing
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NFC
  • Radio FM


The phone comes with Android 12 which is very good for this price segment. For the first time with HIOS 12. Modern ROM comes with all its features and capabilities. It must be said that there are some viruses and ads as we see in other smartphones with the same prices. There were no major bugs or limitations, and I think with a little polishing, HIOS can hold its own against other skins, but it needs a lot of work to get to the level of MIUI or OxygenOS.

Panther 2.0 game engine

POVA 4 Pro features a high-performance graphite heat dissipation membrane that covers an expanded surface area of ​​11,726 mm², 22% more than the previous generation, for heat dissipation to keep your phone cool in even the fiercest battles. Techno Buffa 4 Pro

Customization includes many features, theme store, and dark mode. We have a program to increase memory, Phone Master - a general maintenance program, a personal app store called Palm Store, Browser, Instant Apps - a very interesting shortcut to various games and programs that you can use without installing them, find it in the community. Tecnora app, various tools and many other apps like music store, data sharing apps and many more. We are constantly bombarded with information and advertisements, especially in notifications... The good thing is that we can find Google services and you can immediately start removing any application. It is not necessary/necessary to use it. The program is lightweight and easy to use in 20-30 minutes. Another useful camera feature is Google Lens built into the Camera app, which can be easily activated by clicking a link in the corner of the camera interface.

I feel that the people behind HIOS will do well in the future , as this extremely rich skin covers all the needs of the user and does so at good speed and with minimal energy consumption. HIOS 12 is also updated via OTA, which is a great sign. We hope that Tecno will continue to provide updates for this phone.

Tecno Bova 4 Pro - Camera

Tecno POVA 4 Pro comes with an 8MP selfie camera (with front flash) and dual rear cameras. I tried to find more information about the two smaller lenses, and after a while I found that the main sensor is 50 megapixels and there is no information about the second smaller one. The camera setup is paired with a decent LED flash. I don't know what the latest sensor can do, but the company announces that the system supports artificial intelligence. In fact, in the camera app - which is a great application rich in details - we can find many tricks about beauty functions and augmented reality photography. A lot of work is done with the selfie camera. At the front we find an 8-megapixel selfie camera with an f / 2.0 lens slot and an adjustable flashlight.

The phone has eye-detection autofocus - a first for me and a rarity, it reminds me of a fantasy movie. Users can take pictures with just a smile! The camera app includes Super Night, Portrait, Google Lens, Beauty, Video, AI Cam and Short Video. The latter has many additional features for use in social networks and for visual effects. The company added to the fun of using the camera and I spent a lot of time playing with it.

Main Features

Given the camera setup, I was surprised at how good the daytime photos were. The 50MP sensor works perfectly. I can't tell if deep aim/artificial intelligence is helping. This phone can only be sold with one camera at a time, but given how sales of multi-camera phones have increased, each company offers additional lenses. Night photos are better in the light and better in the night mode, I don't think anyone would complain about the camera.

The video is another story. Video resolutions include 720p, 1080p, and 2K recording at 30 frames per second. Although it provides the same shooting quality as day and night, there is no stabilization. The result is better if the phone is running stably. If you move it a little, it makes noise. The sound is not well recorded, I would have preferred a lower lens and EIS/noise reduction.

Camera main features

  • 50MP Camera System with AI
  • The 50MP HD Imaging System Camera delivers a world of clear images with superb processing to capture life's best moments.
  • HDR Mode and Ultra Night Mode
  • With HDR enabled, users can get backlit photos that retain detail in both light and dark areas. If you like to shoot day and night, you can take pictures with a lot of detail. In addition, the Super Night Mode ensures that you capture the amazing night scenes around you.
  • 2K time-lapse shooting
  • Time-lapse photography gives you a new perspective on the world around you. You can now enjoy it in 2K resolution. Create your own professional reel and set the intervals according to the time you want to shoot.
  • Professional Video Features
  • The phone has features like bokeh video and night video, so you can shoot videos day and night.
  • Intelligent recognition of artificial intelligence
  • POVA 4 Pro takes photography to the next level with smart AI detection features. In the new improved user interface, users can find 8 buttons for functions: recovery, artificial intelligence, skin rejuvenation, skin tone, face slimming, rhinoplasty and face finishing. There are also gender-specific AI recognition features, such as beard protection and eyelash detail protection.
  • AI Gallery 5.0
  • AI Gallery is a smart, fast and full-featured photo manager that lets you enjoy an amazing photo and video management experience, including smart photo album selection, powerful photo and video editing, and easy collage. Memories Album allows you to share your best memories with photos and videos presented as a slideshow to replay Memories

Tecno Bova 4 Pro - Battery

A huge li-po 6000 battery has been added by tecno. The program is a great combination that delivers 2.5 days of use or 1 day of moderate use (no pun intended). One-day use Average usage предъем предъем (no pun intended). 12.85 price increase. Techno Buffa 4 pages

If you need to charge your phone, the phone offers 45W high charging, so charging from 50% 88 minutes to 100% takes only 24 minutes. According to the manufacturer, the battery itself passed the STS safety test. This phone comes with a cooling system with graphite heat dissipation technology for a more stable temperature.

The 10W reverse charging option turns the phone into a portable power bank that can charge any other Android device accessory.

Techno Buffa 4 Pro - Conclusion

Tecno pova 4 pro is an impressive device that has many advantages and some disadvantages. It doesn't support 5g, it has an ultra-wide-lens camera, and it packs a single microphone when you're talking on the phone. . . फोन दुल्य देडिया अध्य के के के करे..is a single mic mic package I still haven't found any official answer about the number of android updates for this phone. Also, a dual speaker setup could be better in terms of sound quality.

Techno Buffa 4 pages

On the other hand, yes it is a low cost gaming device. It powers the helio g99 soc for a solid performance when recording 1080p 60 video on the main camera. None সমর্থন সমর্থন সমর্থন সমর্থন সমর্থন সমর্থন সমর্থন সমর্থন সমর্থন আমি আমি রয়েছে রয়েছে রয়েছে রয়েছে রয়েছে রয়েছে রয়েছে রয়েছে আমি স স স স স ।। পছন্দ পছন্দ ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।. You can download TECNO POVA 4 Pro for free.

You can download TECNO POVA 4 Pro.

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