As We Wait For The Sun Steve Lawler Keeps Us Entertained With This Selection Of Music

As We Wait For The Sun Steve Lawler Keeps Us Entertained With This Selection Of Music

Electronist Steve Lawler steps up, challenging common boundaries and daring mythology.

The head of music VIVa recently released a fantastic remix of the single by Los Angeles artist Sanjay ahead of his upcoming album Vision.

As you'd expect from Steve, this remix is ​​another shining example of his vast creative arsenal, featuring funky, quirky disco-inspired notes and swirling 4/4 grooves alongside the catchy vocals of the original.

Sanjay is a unique talent. Producer, engineer, guitarist, singer and DJ. In 2021, his first release, Initiation, will experience the world's leading genre for the first time; music is medicine. Now living in the desert of Joshua Tree California his unique blend of acoustic and electronic depth deepens, seen dancing at Burning Man and his time beating Gypsy Kings and Queens on acoustic guitar. Steve Lawler's Music World Waiting for the Sun sheds light on this unique artist ahead of his new album and live one-man and DJ concerts.

We caught up with Steve Lawler this week and he's put together a 15-song Sanjay Remix playlist to celebrate its release. Hear and read what Steve has to say about the selections below, including his remix of Waiting for the Sun.

Steve Lawler - In Da Club (Original) - VIVa MUSiC
One thing I actually started recording in 2019, I wrote this song to kick off my new residency which I was going to start before the pandemic started so needless to say it was put on hold until the club started again to grow.

Andrus and Umberto Pagliaroli ft. El Apache Ness - Mueve (first mix) - fresh creation
As anyone who knows me and my music knows, I can't get enough of the drums!! I love the drums in this chill groove.

Guy Gerber, Albertina - Bocat Feat. Albertina (Michael Beebe Remix) - Conversation
BB achieves this on this heavy black modern techno track, who isn't a fan of the minimalist genre, but is more than local.

Denise Cruz - So Sweet (Matias Tanzman Remix) - MUSE
Big fan of Dennis and Mathias, so this is a remix collaboration and I'm really excited

Sanjay - Waiting for the Sun (Steve Lawler Remix) - The trained house
I wrote this remix on the patio of an old living room in Ibiza, I wanted to do something that represented weed and I think it hit the mark.

Kassier - Wounded - VIVA LIMITED
I absolutely adore this humble home you've been to on my set for every show I've played since I submitted this and I think I will.

William S x Sam Girling - I'll Never Let You Go (Extended Mix) - Nothing Else Records
The perfect touch of old school, 80s Chicago house vibe

The class boils down to this rider with a deep family pedigree.

Luke Van Dyke - Master Beat (Extended Mix) - Dark Side Of The Sun
A good mix of modern and classic homewares that look new but old.

Steve Lawler and Marco Lees - If You Knew - DFTD
A very interesting collaboration with the talented Marco Lis and Ferruk, I hope to see more collaborations between me and Marco in the future.

Loudon - Terra Alta - Peaches
I have a very British house sound, very British, elegant and fresh, definitely in England.

Lucefora - Men - copy of eVIVE
Fresh, up-and-coming talent recently signed to my eVIVE label, home to a beautiful Afro line of future legends.

Heat of 82 - Poison (Mian Remix) - Deep energy in the sound
This one blew my mind, killer remixes by Miane and big label

Fred Hush - Kick It Up - iVAV
I really like it, I don't play techno much because it has to be special and it is special, give it time and let this non-stop techno take over you. On my techno label iVAV Recordings.

Daniel Steinberg - One (First Mix) - Hands and feet
Upon hearing this, I immediately asked Daniel to send me some demos for future purchases.

Card - I had a crystal dream

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