Every Mojang Minecraft Book, Ranked

Every Mojang Minecraft Book, Ranked

Since 2019, Mojang has released a series of official Minecraft books, giving fans the opportunity to explore new worlds through all kinds of characters, from adventurers to enderman! Most Minecraft books are standalone stories (although some continue in their own series), making almost every part of the title library easily accessible.

Most of the books are written for a younger audience, making them perfect for kids' summer reading goals, while adult Minecraft fans will appreciate the quick, funny, and affordable stories. Dive deeper into Minecraft than ever before with any or all of the official Minecraft books!

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16 Minecraft: Clash

There is one thing that should be true in any Minecraft book, and that is Minecraft lore! Unfortunately, The Crash contains several scenes which are inaccurate representations of the Minecraft world to advance the story or establish a specific timeline. These scenes effectively throw the reader off the story if they have more than a basic understanding of Minecraft.

Another big problem with this book is its premise. The story begins with a girl who causes a car accident by waving a phone in her boyfriend's face while crossing an intersection. The book then deals with the theme of growing up, not being irresponsible and dealing with loss, but really? First, who will do that? Sounds like something the local news would make up and call a "spooky teen trend." Even when that urge is ignored, the reader is confronted with the fact that through utter negligence, these characters caused a catastrophic accident, and the only fault is that they are in a strange Minecraft coma dream? Between Minecraft's inaccuracies and outlandish morality, this isn't a great read for Minecraft fans.

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15 Minecraft: Wooden Sword Chronicle

Minecraft: Woodsword Chronicles is Mojang's attempt to create a Diary of a Wimpy Kid style book. Fully illustrated and has wide margins with lots of room for characters. However, this is one of Mojang's few chapter books for early readers.

The plot is simple getting stuck in a game scenario with a group of friends using their knowledge of Minecraft to return to the real world. It's fun for the little ones, but it's hard to imagine an older audience would enjoy it, as the plot is simple, straightforward, and unsurprising. For fans who love this book, there are actually 6 chapters in the entire series, so you'll have plenty to read!

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14 Minecraft: The Lost Journal

Despite its slightly darker premise than most other Minecraft books, Minecraft: The Lost Journals is one of the easiest and fastest for readers to learn. After hearing the sad story of the loss of the main character, the content is quite light and very minimal in tension compared to other novels.

This is an important distinction because while it's not one of the best Minecraft books, it's still a great summer read for elementary school students. The writing is always challenging enough for the target audience, even if the content isn't. On the plus side, the whole story takes place in Minecraft and features two villagers!

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13 Minecraft: Vault Trials

This is another strange Minecraft book where the game isn't as important as what happens outside of the game. The story is about a girl who faces a new school year shortly after her best friend leaves. While there's a lot to love about the storytelling, which has themes revolving around the idea of ​​growing up and making new friends, many of the literal plot points feel forced and unrealistic.

One thing that makes Minecraft: The Haven Trials stand out is the fact that it takes place in Nigeria. Several books, for children or adults, focus on the daily life of Nigerians and it is always good to see and hear from an international perspective. Overall, this is a good book for intermediate level kids. New Minecraft fans will enjoy it more than others, but old Minecraft fans might prefer to ignore it altogether.

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12 Minecraft: Tales From Another World

A family that plays together stays together, and for the Minecraft family, Stories from the Overworld has something for everyone. This collection of tragic short graphic novels covers stories from single-page pictures to entire panels. As a collection, each story has its own style, flair, point of view. This leads to a series of very interesting stories, some that are meant to be funny and others that don't end well.

Stories range from a moderate to a more YES tone so this is definitely a book to be shared between siblings or even parents. Minecraft fans without kids might not find the volume worthwhile, but because it's so short and cheap, it could make a fortune just by adding to their collection of Minecraft books.

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11 Minecraft: Shipwreck

Most readers will agree that Minecraft: Shipwreck is a great book. Unfortunately, whether this is a good Minecraft book is up for debate. The story follows a young man who has just moved to a new town (again) when he teams up with two unlikely friends to solve a mystery at the community center. They do this by accessing secret Minecraft servers together and learning friendships in the process.

And that brings us to the heart of the problem with this book: It's like an intermediate non-Minecraft book. That said, there are great stories about adapting to change, dealing with loss, and appreciating what you have. However, this also means that there are fewer Minecraft scenes than there really are. Overall, this is a great read for fans of the book, but those looking for Minecraft stories should probably choose a different story.

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10 Minecraft: Zombies!

Released last summer, Minecraft: Zombies! is one of the latest books published by Mojang and already has a sequel in 2023. The story follows a girl trying to heal her little brother who was bitten by a zombie. Many Minecraft players are familiar with healing zombie villagers, so they know exactly what a quest looks like. However, it's not just about farmers; He managed to convince an adventurer to help him save his brother.

Minecraft: Zombies, full of action and full of humor! an easy-to-read intermediate level book about courage and resilience in the family. Most adults probably won't enjoy this much more than a quick Minecraft adventure, but the target grade 5 and 6 audience will find plenty to enjoy here.

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9 Minecraft : Dragons

This book has a very promising premise about an ender dragon growing up in a city. The main character, Zetta, is a potion maker trying to protect his village from mobs when he finds a dragon egg. Sure, he should try to keep it a secret, but what will he do when the dragon gets too big to hide? And would he eat them all instead of protecting them?

The story doesn't really involve any big adventures, instead it focuses on a cast of characters dealing with small dragons. While intermediate level readers somewhat enjoy this, many older readers will find the characters comfortable, which certainly affects the reading experience. That said, the main plot is strong enough to please Ender Dragons fans with lots of love.

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8 Minecraft: Wither Without You Volume 1

Wither Without You is one of Mojang's official Minecraft comic series and a Rare YA title. The story follows two brothers on a mission to save their mentor with the help of other teenagers with strange abilities. The art is highly detailed but manages to have cool elements that cement it as a YES graphic novel.

Paired with quality art, these comics are hilarious! The dialogue and visual humor are definitely based on the real-world Minecraft experience, and the characters have an entertaining dynamic. Praise aside, the humor is a bit inappropriate for younger readers. While most Minecraft books are geared toward grades 4-6, Wither Without You is closer to grades 7-9 and can be enjoyed by adults as well.

But kids can't have everything, so teens and adults alike should take this opportunity for super fun Minecraft comics!

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7 Minecraft Dungeons: Rise of the Arch-Illager

As the title suggests, Rise of the Arch-Illager focuses more on Minecraft Dungeons than the main game. Follow the life of Archie, a villager who was persecuted and expelled from his tribe, as he rises to power and becomes the main villain of Minecraft Dungeons - the leader of the villagers!

A classic hero-villain tale, writer Matt Forbeck does a terrific job of endearing Archie despite his sinister tendencies. In the first few pages, it's easy to side with Archie when the other villagers treat him badly. The game takes place in the village chief's story, so this book is perfect for anyone looking for all the details behind this very dangerous villain.

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6 Minecraft: The End

For Minecraft fans who also love scary scripts, Minecraft: The End is the perfect book. The story is told from the point of view of 12 year old Enderman twins, whose simple life is disrupted by the arrival of adventurers. From then on, a war begins between the Endermen and humans, and the twins don't know which side to side with.

The story is a very compelling premise and is held together by exquisite writing that manages to maintain a dark and sinister tone throughout the book while allowing the reader to relate to the main Endermen characters. Ideal for young adult readers, this book is a satisfying read for anyone who plays Minecraft, especially if you enjoy exploring the ending.

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5 Minecraft: Journey

Highly rated by many readers at the intermediate level, this book features some of the best character development of any Minecraft book. The story follows Stax Stonecutter, who is forced to give up being a recluse and embark on adventures despite wanting to stay home with his cat.

Since this is another novel that follows Minecraft characters rather than real people, the descriptions given are more specific and accurate than some of the other Minecraft books. The combination of Minecraft terminology and unique character lore and growth really brings this story to life for readers.

Although written at an average level, any Minecraft fan will find something to enjoy within the 300 page-long story, be it the characters, the dialogue or the action!

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4 Minecraft: Redstone Castle

The latest official Minecraft novel, Castle Redstone , offers readers a classic lost treasure adventure. Perfect for Minecraft players who also like Indiana Jones or Jules Verne, this story follows the adventures of a party with a map leading to an unexplored castle in the background that promises to reveal the mysteries of a long-forgotten civilization. While the three adventurers aren't the most qualified individuals to navigate Minecraft, they have distinct personalities that work well together, creating a chemistry that ends in humor and drama.

So far, Minecraft hasn't devoted many pages to exploring the underworld, so it's a long story! The journey will take the three through several treacherous biomes supported by excellent action writing. Action-adventure fans of all ages will love this latest installment in the Minecraft book universe.

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3 Minecraft: Island

The first official Minecraft novel is still considered one of the best, which makes sense because its author is Max Brooks, who also wrote World War Z ! Highly suspenseful and action-packed, Minecraft: The Island is a great book, even for readers who aren't familiar with Minecraft. Audio versions of the books narrated by Jack Black are also available for Audible subscribers!

Aimed at young adults, the story is slightly darker than other Minecraft books and focuses on surviving in a foreign land. The book begins with the main character being transported from our world to the world of Minecraft with no memory of his past life. Although the book is a standalone novel, there is a sequel called The Mountain which continues the explorer's journey and adds new characters. The first Minecraft book is perhaps the best starting point for readers, with an epic storyline and an accessible explanation of the world of Minecraft.

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2Minecraft Volume 1

This book is one of the official Minecraft graphic novels and one of the best Minecraft titles out there. The story truly captures what it's like to play online with friends everywhere while following a boy named Tyler as he tries to get away from everything he knows. The representation with this graphic novel is also extraordinary, with a diverse cast of characters who can really be themselves with their friends.

This book is very funny, with an art style similar to other YA and mid-level graphic novels, and a story about the power of a group of powerful friends. This is another quick read with the next volume collected in a box set that also includes a free poster!

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1 Minecraft: Monster Army

This story follows a group of friends who live in a minecraft city and is currently one of the best minecraft books to date. Four city friends embark on an adventure to protect their town from mobs that threaten their safety and put them in greater danger than ever before! Working together and honing their skills, they will do anything to earn their name: Mob Squad!

Each character has their own unique charm, creating comedy by blending their personalities, and the dialogue is freshly written with realism. Written for an intermediate level, the plot is a fun adventure that can challenge young children and entertain even adult readers. There are also two other books in this series, Never Say the Nether and Fear the Creeper . Readers looking for action and adventure in the world of Minecraft need look no further than Mob Squad .

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