Huawei Smartwatch Pulls Double Duty As Charging Case For Wireless Earphones

Huawei Smartwatch Pulls Double Duty As Charging Case For Wireless Earphones

While smartwatches and truly wireless headphones are relatively new, their respective markets are already quite crowded. To stand out, companies need to create something special, and Huawei certainly did that by combining the two approaches in the Watch Buds.

Unveiled late last year, it might have been easy to dismiss the Chinese mobile tech giant's idea as a weird concept (though it's not the first time we've seen headphones built into a smartphone), but Huawei is moving forward. and actually launched the watch buds in China.

As the name suggests, the 47 x 47.5 x 14.99 mm (1.85 x 1.87 x 0.59 in) wearable has a pair of TWS earbuds hidden inside, and the user lifts the cover to remove it from their magnetic cases. Each earcup measures 0.85 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches (21.8 x 10.3 x 10.3 mm) and weighs approximately 0.14 oz (4 g) each, including the center tip.

Each ear has a flat-coil magnetic driver that promises rich sound, and helpfully you can fit the headphones in either ear, and adaptive recognition technology takes care of sound distribution from left to right.

Instead of touching the earbuds' earcups to control playback, activate built-in noise cancellation, or answer a call from a compatible paired smartphone, the user can touch the earbud (outer ear) anywhere thanks to built-in vibration sensors. Be careful.

The Wrist Candy, meanwhile, looks similar to the Huawei Watch 3, albeit slightly larger, and offers smartwatch functionality while also serving as a charging case for wireless headphones. It has a 1.43-inch 466 x 466 OLED display with a pixel density of 326 ppi, has a stainless steel body and can monitor heart rate, oxygen saturation and stress levels. and features the latest TruSleep technology for sleep management. It uses HarmonyOS 3 to access the Huawei app market, supports contactless payments and WeChat, and works with the Huawei Sport Health app with more than 80 prepackaged operations.

Of course, keeping the hidden earbuds charged will seriously drain your battery, as the company says the watch and earbuds have a combined battery life of up to 3 days with average use, which is significantly less than normal usage. smart watch, for example from Garmin.

Also, although TWS headphones are IP54 splash-proof, smartwatches are by no means waterproof, and Huawei advises users to stay away from moisture completely.

Huawei's smartwatch with wireless earbuds is now available in China for 2,988 yuan (about $440), though the nifty combo won't be available in the US.

Product page: Watch Buds

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