Podcast: Berlins Techno Connection W/ Heiko Hoffmann

Podcast: Berlins Techno Connection W/ Heiko Hoffmann

This episode of the podcast - the last one for 2022 - is not about audio equipment, but about the fuel that makes engines run. Today we will talk about music. Especially: techno music; And in the year

Looking back, one is Heiko Hoffmann: a kind and talented music journalist, curator, teacher and mentor. He has extensive experience as the editor-in-chief of Groove magazine and hosting his own show for nearly two decades. No photos of Hoffman on the dance floor! Berlin 1989 - Today” by c/o Berlin. He currently works for the electronic music platform Beatport and is a visiting professor at New York University's Clive Davis Recording Institute.

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As a bonus "notes", here are Heiko Hoffmann's favorite electronic music albums of 2022:

Anthony Naples + DJ Python - Texture of the Air VIII

Axel Baumann as Luz (Studio Barnhus)

Waltz to the Brain - ITSAME (Movie)

Daniel Avery - Ultra Truth (Virtual Audio)

Daphne - Cherry (City Snake)

Take D/Dman - Customize All You Can (Smallville)

Roman Flugel - All the Fragrance (Mule Music)

rRoxymore - Lasting Now (Little Town Supersound)

Sam Prekop and John McIntyre - Sons of the (exciting jockey).

Sophie Birch - Holotropic (Relationship)

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