Huawei Announces Unique New Smartwatch With A Surprise Lurking Inside

Huawei Announces Unique New Smartwatch With A Surprise Lurking Inside

If you have a smartwatch, you know you can use it, for example, to listen to music while working out. But you need headphones for this. Huawei's latest flagship — which was just announced and went on sale for the first time on March 1 — means you don't have to worry if you forget your headphones.

Because Huawei Watch Buds, as the new watch is called, has a pair of earbuds inside. Yes, nuts in an hour, yes?

The watch, which is not too deep from the screen to the back compared to other smartwatches, has a flip-up screen. It snaps into place with a magnet and when you open it, the first surprise is a thin screen. The second surprise is the content. There are two docking stations, one on each side of the center section, that house batteries and electronics.

And cymbals have two small headphones. The headphones are shaped like bullets, but with rubber tips instead of gunpowder inside, smaller. They come in three earcup sizes that provide decent noise isolation, although the larger earcups may not fit particularly large ear holes.

The idea of ​​this wonderful invention is that you will never be without headphones, and when you are done listening, you will be able to avoid losing them in your bag (as many of us did, without thinking about returning our AirPods) because they can go directly back to the watch where they can recharge.

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