Huawei Breaks The Monopoly Of IOS And Android

Huawei Breaks The Monopoly Of IOS And Android

There have been two "jumping horses" in the market for mobile systems from many years ago to the present day. A recent report by Strategy Analytics showed that Huawei's HarmonyOS has a market share of 2%. Although this is a very small number, it puts HarmonyOS in third place in the world. Huawei's platform is the third highest and second only to Android and iOS.

iOS and Android

Android remains the "king" and the most widely used mobile platform. Google systems have 81% of the market share, followed by iOS with 18% of the market share. The two companies control 99% of the mobile phone market, which continues to grow rapidly. However, the current market share of HarmonyOS is 2%, and the total share exceeds 100%.

Japan is no less concerned about the virtual monopoly of Android and iOS. Japan cannot remain silent. According to Kyodo News, on September 9, the Japan Fair Trade Commission released a report investigating the mobile operating system industry. She expressed concern about the oligopolies of Apple and Google, the two largest IT brands in the United States.

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Thanks to Huawei, non-US brands are now on the market with great systems. Before HarmonyOS, Android and iOS (the Americas) controlled 100% of the global market.


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According to the report, the first place of this US system is not very good for developers. In terms of mobile operating systems, the Japanese government is considering introducing preventive regulations that prescribe prohibited activities in advance, as opposed to traditional regulations that deal with problems after the fact. In the future, we will refer to this report and continue to improve the law.

Apple's iOS and Google Android account for more than 90% of the mobile operating system market in Japan. The report shows that the operating system market and APP sales methods do not create a competitive environment due to the monopoly and oligopoly of the two companies. Both brands have strong positions as app providers.

In fact, India is also concerned with this issue. Among the mobile operating systems in India, Apple's iOS account and Google's Android account are almost all shares. In response to this crisis, India plans to develop and promote a system called IndoOS.

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