Huawei Petal Maps To Get New Features That Will Make It Better Than Google Maps

Huawei Petal Maps To Get New Features That Will Make It Better Than Google Maps

According to a new rumor, Huawei is currently working on major changes to the Petal cards. The Chinese tech company is now testing version of Petal Maps, which is said to come with a brand new user interface and features.

After opening the app with new user interface you will see a completely new interface. Instead of seeing the usual map interface, you'll see a better designed globe. The first thing you find in the world is your home address and an indication of your current location The level and realtime location button will move to the top right and bottom right respectively.

At the bottom of the app, you'll find a redesigned search bar that integrates with the taskbar. Below, you'll find the usual three tabs: Explore, Directions, and Me; arranged on cards. Huawei has decorated this entire section with a blue sky background.

New Features of Huawei Petal Card Huawei Petal Map

First, Huawei has enhanced the map to give you high resolution navigation to make navigation better and smoother. Huawei will expand Petal Map's coverage to regions such as Malaysia, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico and Spain.

New petal maps will allow you to measure perimeter and area in options. Users can share their feedback within the app.

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The new maps will also feature improved navigation flow to improve stop-and-go scenarios at traffic lights. The distance reminder, which shows how far you've traveled on your trip, will see some improvements. Huawei Petal Map

Once you reach the intersection, the map will guide you to the right so you don't miss a lane.

How to Download New Petal Card

These new features of Huawei Petal Maps are already in beta testing This means that it will be available to the general public soon. However, you can try the trial version by clicking this link. You may have to wait a little longer to use the stable version, as the beta versions are not very reliable.

Source/via: Huawei Central

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