Warner On The Case

Warner On The Case

Warner on Case: Breakout house producer Warner Case (definitely his style) was a Daft Punk fan for a while, but became addicted to electronic music in the late 2000s when a college girl told him to do something about hot chips learn. and Simian Mobile Disco.

"That's when I discovered that a drummer like me could be the only player in 'a band', which never seemed possible before," he says. "I was DJing at a house party when the guy we hired got sick and I was the only one who knew how to hook up a PA system and it clicked... I was instantly hooked on the coziness and the power."

These days he describes his sound as "fun, energetic and expansive" and thinks it's a great time for electronic music in general.

"It's never been better," he says. “The great artists of the last 20 years have paved a very big way for all these other super interesting subgenres to find their audience. While a lot of inspirational music comes out (which I think is a product of social media and readily available statistics that lead artists to believe that they're constantly lagging behind (which they aren't)), I keep discovering interesting and talented artists . who have become new favourites.

His latest single is "My Own Thing" featuring Brazilian electronic artist Baskar.

" Bhaskar sent me an instrumental concept that I liked right away – it was energetic, a bit spooky and very funny," he says. "He sent me branches. Then I added the vocals, adjusted the instrumentation a bit and finally, after our first private session about a year after starting “Do My Own Thing” while touring in the same city, we understood what I needed. Take it 100%. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes not. Glad it happened this time!

With a view to the future, the artist has big plans this year.

" I can't wait to talk about a lot of songs and performances," he says. "In the meantime say hello on social media, I look forward to hearing from you! @warner.case on most platforms.”

Warner On Demand: "Do my own thing" only now.

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