Infinix Zero Book Ultra Review: Entering The Big Leagues

Infinix Zero Book Ultra Review: Entering The Big Leagues

Infinix is ​​a brand known for its budget smartphones. The brand entered the laptop segment in 2022 by launching the InBook laptop series. Now the company has officially launched its most powerful laptop - the Infinix Zero Book Ultra, powered by up to 12th generation Intel Core processors.

I've been using the Core i9-12900H version of the Zero Book Ultra as my main laptop for a few weeks now, and here are my thoughts on the most expensive and most powerful Infinix laptop.

The back of this laptop has a subtle "Zero" branding (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/Indian Express)

Very similar to the MacBook Pro

The Infinix Zero Book Ultra is a great 15-inch laptop that I recently reviewed. While we can't deny that the design of this laptop is heavily inspired by the MacBook Pro, I don't see a problem with that. The metal unibody design gives this laptop a premium feel. But in terms of weight, the Zero Book Ultra weighs 1.9 kg, which makes it a bit heavy by today's standards. The hinges can be a little stiff.

In terms of connectivity, this laptop offers everything you'd expect from a 15-inch laptop, including multiple USB Type-C ports (with PD charging support), a full-size HDMI 1.4 port (up to 4K at 24 Hz output or up to 1080p at 120Hz), a microSD card slot and a barrel-shaped charging port.

Due to the old HDMI standard, it is not possible to add a high resolution, high refresh rate display to this laptop. This laptop also has a fingerprint sensor and it works in most cases. Similarly, the device has a physical switch to switch between performance modes. The only feature this laptop has is an RJ45 Ethernet jack, making it a standalone laptop without a dongle/adapter.

While there is no support for HDR playback, the screen brightness can go up to 400 nits (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar / Indian Express)

The screen gets too bright for indoor use

Infinix doesn't seem to be taking shortcuts in the show department. The device features a 1920 x 1080p 60Hz display with a peak brightness of 400 nits with 100% sRGB coverage and 72% NTSC coverage, making it an accurate enough color display for normal day-to-day use and power consumption. Again, the dark bezel around the screen reminds me of the MacBook Pro. It is a glossy screen that reflects a lot of light.

Among all the trackpads I've used on Windows laptops, this laptop certainly has one of the nicest trackpads (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/Indian Express)

Large trackpad and decent keyboard

The Infinix Zero Book Ultra definitely has the largest trackpad I've seen on a Windows laptop in this category. It supports all Windows gestures and works as expected. However, on the keyboard, the keys feel a little soft and I wish they were a little firmer. With two levels of keyboard illumination, this laptop can be easily used in low light conditions.

The 1080p webcam works great for zoom calls

The Infinix Zero Book Ultra has a 2.1MP 1080p webcam, although it may not be the best webcam I've used on a laptop, its performance is above average and can be used for attending online classes and business meetings. The camera app has built-in software with features like face detection, background blur and a beauty mode for smooth skin.

When I first opened this laptop, I was really impressed by the speaker-like grills on either side of the keyboard. Despite having four rows of speakers, the sound of this laptop is not that impressive especially considering its price around Rs 90,000. In fact, my 10-year-old MacBook Pro has slightly better speakers than the Infinix Zero Book Ultra. Although I could increase the volume by installing the FxSound app, I would definitely prefer higher speakers, perhaps with Dolby Atmos support for a better media consumption experience.

Powered by a 12th generation Intel Core H processor, this laptop packs a lot of processing power (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/Indian Express)

Infinix Zero Book Ultra Daily Use and Performance

Infinix Zero Book Ultra has been my daily driver for two weeks. I didn't notice any performance issues while using it as it is powered by a 12th generation Intel Core i9-12900H processor with Iris Xe graphics, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB PCIe Gen4 SSD. Note that these processors are found in most gaming laptops priced above Rs 1,000,000 and these laptops also come with a dedicated graphics unit.

In the Geekbench 6 benchmark, the laptop scored 2517 and 12859 points in the single-core and multi-core processor tests. This laptop scored 16730 points in GPU test in OpenCL test. Note that this laptop does not have a dedicated GPU, although you can run it at 720p and lower graphics, if gaming is your top priority I recommend buying a device with a dedicated GPU in this price range.

There's also a red light on the hinge that can be turned on when the laptop is in overboost mode, where the processor gets up to 54W of power for enhanced multi-core performance. And the only time I hear the fans spinning on this laptop is when I'm running benchmarks. Most laptops work great, even if they have a gaming-grade 14-core processor.

While this laptop supports USB PD charging, it comes with a 96W barrel charger (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/Indian Express)

Can it last all day?

I mostly use this laptop for research, web browsing and content creation and it can last more than 6 hours on a single charge. Note that I use this laptop mostly in economy mode and it comes with a 70Wh battery. Using this laptop in Balanced and Overboost mode will consume more power and reduce battery life slightly. While it supports fast charging via the USB Type-C port, the laptop comes with a barrel charger, which is a shame.

Since this laptop has a hybrid processor with a combination of P-cores and E-cores with thread director technology, it allocates low-power cores for basic tasks like web browsing and content consumption while P-cores are allocated during rendering. A photo or video.

High-end laptops with high performance processors (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/Indian Express)

You will get one

Priced at Rs 87,267, the Infinix Zero Book Ultra looks like a great package for those who want a processor-heavy laptop with premium all-metal build quality, a bright display and all-day battery life. But, keep in mind that for just Rs 5,000, you can get the same laptop with 32GB RAM and 1TB internal storage. If you are going for this laptop I suggest you spend Rs 5000 more and go for the higher priced variant.

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