Minecraft Fan Ruins Leather For Everyone, Reveals It Looks Like Naked Hedgehog

Minecraft Fan Ruins Leather For Everyone, Reveals It Looks Like Naked Hedgehog
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Very few of us have ever seen real tanned skin, so it's a little off-putting to see animal skins laid out like they are in Minecraft. Mojang could have painted the leather strips or darkened the folded rectangles to represent a more complex stage of the skin production process, but no, we have a solid skin for the skin block.

And since Mojang has not yet reviewed this decision in the history of Minecraft, we can now see the similarity between a half-naked hedgehog lying on a table and a block of Minecraft skins.

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Reddit user Limp_Manufacturer787 wrote: "My boyfriend is always staining my skin." He does this by showing an x-ray image of a hedgehog that looks a lot like a Minecraft skin.

Just so you don't think hedgehogs are unpleasant, vets have to sedate hedgehogs (and most small creatures for that matter) to x-ray them and prevent their little paws from cramping. in the dream they had to attach it to the table. This hedgehog is healed rather than sacrificed to a techno-demon.

Sadly, the x-ray hedgehog was either too young or had some sort of medical condition that left his belly almost hairless and very pink - pretty much the same color Mojang uses for the skin blocks, but the same attitude. Now you'll never look at a Minecraft skin block without picturing a (semi-)naked hedgehog getting x-rayed. Please.

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My first Minecraft adventure as well!

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