PUP, Meow Wolf's Danceportation And The Best Concerts In Denver This Week

PUP, Meow Wolf's Danceportation And The Best Concerts In Denver This Week
Parov Stellar kicked off the week with electro dance hits on Monday, March 6 at the Fillmore Auditorium, and PUP hosted a punk rock show with Joyce Manor at Mission Hall on Tuesday, March 7.

Winston Surfshirt brings funky tunes from across the ocean to the march on Thursday March 9th, 2010. Meow Wolf Convergence Station will host a full-on dance party, known as Danceportation, on Saturday March 11th.

Read on for more great Denver shows this week:
Parov Stellar
6 7 o'clock
Fillmore Auditorium, 1510 Clarkson Street

$39.75 - $69.75
Markus Fürder (also known as Parov Stellar) began playing his unique style of electronic music in Austrian nightclubs in the 1990s and eventually became synonymous with the emerging electro swing style. Now Parov Stellar plays with many musicians, adding elegant elements of hip-hop, jazz, pop and house to his already infectious electronic rhythm.
7 photos 8 photos
Mission Hall, 4242 Wynkoop Road

Toronto noise punk band PUP (short for "Pathetic Use of Potential") is a successful group that creates an immersive space to shock a crowd by inciting toxic behavior in the audience, although the band is not shy about yelling at bullies. This extends to other people, including themselves. Get ready for a high-octane song of self-awareness and self-deprecation, perfectly paired with facial tissues. West Coast pop-punk co-headliners Joyce Manor and rocker Florida Pool Kids open tonight.
Child: Good luck on your next visit in life
Wednesday March 8, 20:00
Bluebird Theatre, 3317 East Colfax Ave

22:50 in the afternoon
This genre shift comes from mixing Montreal styles like neo-soul, jazz, psychedelic pop and R&B to create a sound he calls "synth soul." The show was opened by experimental soul-backing Nashville artist Isaiah Huron.
Winston's Surf Suit: Panna Cotta's North American Tour
Wednesday, March 9, 7 p.m
Marquis Theatre, 2009 Larimer Street

20 dollars
While touring Australia to promote their third studio album Panna Cotta, the Sydney surf/soul band performed for several days. Lush melodic vocals combine with hip hop elements, licks of surf rock guitars and funk melodies to create a soundtrack made for a summer beach party. Denver indie pop band Plain Faraday will provide support.
Quick view. 4
10 9 hours
Hi-Dive, 7 South Broadway

18-20 hours
Denver's "cumbia-delic" Rhytho Cascabelle translates to "snake rhythm," and like the denizens of the slithering desert, this band has a ferocious bite accompanied by a blistering beat. The Latin masters of psychedelia will host the fourth incarnation of their cumbia night show this weekend with Portland, Oregon-based band Gata Galatica and Denver-based chicha group Don Chicharon.
Saturday, March 11 at 9:00 p.m
Miao Lupo, 1338 First Street

65-75 dollars
This Saturday, Denver's favorite venue for inclusive art will be taken over by the Dirtybird Players, a group of dance musicians from San Francisco electronic music label Dirty Bird Records. The main stage will feature the likes of Claude Vonstrok, Lubelsky and Mike Kerrigan, but in true Meow Wolfe spirit, there will also be secret pop-ups throughout Convergence Station at unannounced stages.
Sunday March 12 at 8:00 p.m
Larimer Lounge, Jalan Larimer 2721

Brooklyn electropop artist Kelsey Byrne has performed under the name VÉRITÉ for nearly a decade, and in that time she's honed her repertoire of exquisite love songs, focusing on the often unsung aspects of adoration and intimacy. This unconventional approach explores truth (the English translation of the French word verité ) and all the emotions associated with being in love.

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