Redmis Latest 300W Charging Feat Powers Your Phone In Under Five Minutes

Redmis Latest 300W Charging Feat Powers Your Phone In Under Five Minutes
Image ©: Redmi

Redmi's fast charging technology just got ridiculous. In this Weibo post, the Xiaomi-owned phone maker shows off its new 300W fast charging technology, which can charge the phone in five to four minutes, as previously seen by Android Authority .

If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself here. Redmi bundles a modified version of the Note 12 Discovery Edition with its fast charger, equipped with a 4100 mAh battery instead of 4300 mAh.

The dual GaN device drains the phone's battery twice in two minutes, and when the five minutes are up, the battery reaches 100 percent. It's just time to finish the cereal or unload the dishwasher.

Although Redmi can charge up to 300W with its charger, it only gets 290W of power during the charging process. That's quite an impressive feat, surpassing the company's previous record of recharging the Note 12 Discovery Edition at 240W in nine minutes.

It also surpasses Chinese smartphone maker Realme, which earlier this month showed off fast-charging technology that could power the new GT Neo 5 in 10 minutes. Other Chinese smartphone companies, including OnePlus, have worked to make super-fast charging the standard, but it's still far from Redmi's latest charging time. But hey, at least the OnePlus 10T is available in the US and can be fully charged in 20 minutes.

We don't know if Redmi will bring this technology to any of its smartphones, but it looks like there's a chance. After all, if it adds a nine-minute charging feature to the Note 12 Discovery Edition launched in China, what's to stop it from making faster speeds available to customers later?

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