See Lindsey Herbert From Our Minds

See Lindsey Herbert From Our Minds

See Lindsay Herbert of Our Minds. Los Angeles-born producer and DJ Lindsey Herbert is about to embark on the From Our Minds - To Be Announced tour with Richie Hawtin, so now is a good time to get full recognition.

Herbert started DJing when he was just 15 years old. He had no musical training in learning a musical instrument before but came from a musical family.

"I started doing concerts when I was 14, and I started doing concerts when I was about 8," she said. "My mom would take me to Green Day concerts (my favorite band at the time - I had all the records and could recite almost any song), Earth, Wind and Fire and American Idol concerts! I always felt very open when i came to music and from punk/alternative rock, for as long as i can remember i have always been a huge music fan, i feel like i have had the experience of listening to and going to events like indie, electronic, r&b, hip hop/ rap, reggae, etc. As a kid, I remember opening the iTunes Store in different places and wandering around to see what was popular there. It's because I've always had an interest and passion for music."

Herbert and his friends discovered electronic music in high school around 2009.

“When I discovered electronic music, I went through many genres and styles like drum and bass, trance, progressive house, dubstep, big room electronic dance music, bass music, house, disco, deep house, tech house and finally. I have found the truth. . Love, techno," he says. That's what he plays with. Actually I was a boy from Kandy who believed in the idea of ​​PLUR. I talked to many people as a true music lover and participant, I met and exchanged words with people I knew through social media.At events for me, like many slayers, these events were an escape and a place to be myself, to relax, to blend into the moment and not always have to be.

Around this time he had ideas for creating electronic tracks and soon bought his first Traktor S4 DJ controller.

"I think I was 15 when I went to a summer camp in California called Camp Spin Off, which was an overnight DJ camp for ages 13 to 17 where they learned the basics of DJing and music." he said. “I learned the basics of using Traktor and mixing before I got involved, but that's where I got my first (brief) exposure to Ableton. And I didn't take any courses there. In my early years as a chamber DJ from reading, practicing as much as possible and uploading the mixes to SoundCloud every week. I made it my mission. Eventually they started to become popular with people all over the world. I was 17 or 18 when I bought Ableton, but after a few years i didn't take it anymore. When i started, i just followed my gut and had no idea i was going to get to where i am today.

After high school, he moved to San Francisco to attend SF State where he continued to develop his DJ skills.

“I got my first gig in San Francisco when I entered a mixtape at Deep House Weekly on the 18th. "I didn't win at first, but I caught their eye and one day, at the last minute, they asked me to replace them," he said. “Since then I sing, in the first 3 years I had to use a fake ID even as a DJ in nightclubs. I became a resident of the former sci-fi techno collective Robot Ears, where I was a resident for over 6 years, and finally landed a booking for them. In the year Around 2016 I started exhibiting in foreign and international fairs. But I didn't start shooting regularly until 2019 and as soon as things started looking up for me in 2020 the pandemic hit and I refused to work for 14 months before it started because I was also living with my parents. another time. In the year 2021, as the music industry began to re-emerge, I joined forces with friends in the long-running sci-fi collective Directed to Earth, and I still live there, where I go to play several times a year. .

Herbert studied sound engineering and sound recording in college.

“At the same time, I started learning how to make music with dynamic and technically accurate material,” he says. “I studied advanced band recording and mixing as well as foley and film sound design, although I only took credit for one or the other; but I decided to spend more than 16 hours a week in class and take two semesters to soak up as much knowledge as possible.As an undergraduate in San Francisco, my time was a personal and musical turning point.I majored in sound engineering twice with Germany and was effectively the only major in my specialty to receive an award for excellence in audio management.After college, my passion for sound led me to work with live bands and DJ at 3 venues in San Francisco.It took me to: 1015 Folsom, F8 1192 Folsom and El Rio.

In the year He released his first remix in 2018, followed by his debut EP of two songs.

“Since then there have been releases on Nastya NECHTO Records, Noise Manifesto by Paula Temple, Suara Koyu, Planet X Exos and labels like Secular 13130, Blank Code, Northern Parallels, Octave, Human Crisis, TMM Records, Immaterial. , Archives, Quaint But Extra vinyl remixes and more,” he says. “Also, I have a lot of good stuff coming.”

Today, she says, her voice is the same as before. Rhythmic, funky/hypnotic, sometimes a little deep and loud, and always driving.

“If I listen to some of my old bands, I still know my style and feel true to it, but this has definitely evolved as well,” he says. "I definitely play a little more energetic now, because I often play at a higher level in bands, but also some more groovy, ethnic and early 90s/early 2000s influenced sounds, and a little faster as well ( such as, in Most people after the pandemic) How much energy I play always depends on the situation, because it is important to adapt and challenge myself to adapt to different games, because over the years I have had to get very close to other artists. have you ever been in a room where enthusiastic ravers go crazy for speed and techno, you'll know exactly what I mean. And that goes for my EDM and punk background too. When I was a DJ, I often had to stretch my tongue and challenge myself to know how to properly open the music, but it is more versatile. I used it as an opportunity to become an artist. As a beginner, I developed a love for the deeper, more intense, ambient and hypnotic aspects of techno, while spending countless hours digging and finding music that fits my personal style. To this day, I like to play slowly and smoothly in certain situations. Or start from there and build energy slowly, especially during long sets. One of the best things I've learned that being a DJ is about controlling the mood and energy in a space and how to manage tension and it's about being able to play with emotion. Whether I play more atmospheric, light or dark and sexy, I always try to include elements that draw the listener in and evoke some kind of emotion.

Herbert thinks electronic music is currently on the rise.

"Techno is something I can really talk about, but to be honest it's a different feel depending on where you are in the world," he says. "In America, I feel that techno is probably the most powerful thing I've ever heard in my life (I'm 27). It seems like techno artists are playing festivals and big nightclubs, more techno events and parties are planned, and the demand can be high, event sales depend on who it is.

"If you hear how big techno is in some cities in other countries (Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Medellin, etc.), unlike in America, sometimes it seems like it's still growing and maturing here," he continued. . I've been in several techno bands over the years that have hosted events in San Francisco and now Phoenix, and I understand that sometimes events can be sold out or full, but sometimes. It's difficult to get several hundred people together on a particular night because of another competition or another competition. In my time as an artist and event planner, I've seen as many event bands as techno discoveries here in America. Sometimes it can be a problem if you don't sign big names, but I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who create their scene and feed their passion. rock Me".

Herbert says his sets on the Khotin tour will be full of fresh, hypnotic and energetic melodies.

“You can expect Richie to be taken on an 8-city tour by what he calls 'North America's next techno artist,'” he says. “It's such a gratifying moment to receive such recognition and support from a legend like Richie, who has been doing it for such a long time. And recently inviting new artists to support their music is a big motivation for him. I look forward to keeping the stage alive with Richie and some new faces in American techno for years to come. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I truly think both generations can learn a lot from each other and I can't wait to start this journey with everyone. I am honored to play 7 stops on the tour: Detroit, Toronto, Vancouver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Looking ahead, Herbert has many plans for this year.

“2023 is going to be a very busy year with lots of local shows and debuts, releases and some more international touring,” he says. My partner and I released our first multi-artist compilation on our own EvilGroove Records label on March 24th, which I have a single for. I have Albert Salvatierra's "Walking Sure" remix on Elart Records March 17, Vetch's "Sedytop" remix on vinyl on Virusense Records April 13, digital remix of Larix's "Czara Pantera" in March. Rebellion. 31, as well as Pink Concrete's "Sputnik Beep" about bipolar disorder in late April. I'm working on completing two separate EPs and more to be released later this year.

See Lindsay Herbert from our thoughts. Lindsey Herbert will appear at Secret Place in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 18 with Richie Hawtin.

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