The Celebration Of Women A Womens History Month Playlist

The Celebration Of Women  A Womens History Month Playlist

March 1 marks the beginning of Women's History Month. Being a woman can be proud, but it comes with a struggle. Women are discriminated against because of their femininity, especially in the music industry. Many are overworked and underpaid, and sexual harassment is a big problem.

Here are some women who pushed the boundaries and 14 songs by 14 of music's most important women who epitomize what it means to be a woman.

Yes Yes Yes. Y Controller (2003)

"Y Control" describes a relationship in which the man controls the woman. The title refers to the independent Y chromosome, which represents the male sex. Along with the statistics that follow these words, the line "I'll bring back the woman you stole" hits hard because it suggests that the man has stolen this woman's "competence," "herself," and "identity." When he is ready to return it for free. Yah Yeh Yas' songs are usually known for their heavy echoes and high-pitched sound, combined with singer Karen O's sweet vocals. This song is no different. The accompanying music video features disturbing images of children carrying the corpse of a dead dog and cutting off its legs. Painting an image of broken innocence, the theme of the music video contradicts what he describes as growing up male with an O chromosome.

Ark: "Electra Rex" (2021)

The name "Electra Rex" is a combination of two characters from Greek mythology: Oedipus Rex, the hero of the famous Greek drama about free will, in which the hero kills his own father and marries his own mother; And Electra, the most famous Greek tragic figure, appears in two Greek tragedies, plotting revenge on her mother and her lover Aegisthus for her father's murder. Electra rex is a non-binary version of Oedipus and Electra, "who kills both parents, has sex with them, and chooses to live." The song has a lot of crazy clicks and sounds that push the track into a more upbeat/experimental space.

Charli XCX. "Track 10" (2017)

"Track 10" is Charli XCX's longest song. While his tracks are usually two to three minutes long, Track 10 clocks in at five and a half hours. The track depicts a couple where one member is wary of the relationship and creates a rift between the two. Charlie sings. "Every time you come I run, run/And every time you say the words I don't know what to say/Come back." But his love for the other side repeatedly drags him into chaos. “Every time I do it for your love. Known for their electronic production, SOPHIE and AG COOK create this hyperpop track, but with a slower tempo that sets them apart from the duo.

Cavallerizza. World of Cups and Drinks (2022)

"World of Pots and Pans" is a song from Horsegirl's debut album Modern Performance Versions. It's the closest horse girl to a love song that explores the unfolding of an unexpected love story. The song is dedicated to their idol, the Gang of Four, with fuzzy guitar tones and modern lyrics to the tune of "Damageable Goods".

Sonic Youth: A Little Troubled Woman (1995)

A Little Troubled Girl features haunting and distant sounds that reflect the often lonely and stressful transition from childhood to womanhood. The poems explain how mothers can prepare their daughters for life, but in the end everyone has their own path. “Do you remember your mother? We were so close, so close, you taught me how to get along... I'm sorry mom, I'd rather argue than lie,” said Kim Gordon, her voice full of longing and sadness.

PJ Harvey. A Place Called Home (2000)

"A Place Called Home" features layered keyboard melodies, guitar riffs and Harvey's soulful vocals. When we're young, especially teenage girls, it's hard to know where we belong. In this track, Harvey concludes that only through trial and error can we find the right path for us.

Kim Deal. "Root" (2014)

"The Root" is a fast repeating song by Kim Dale. The lyrics express hidden jealousy: "I'm happy for you / but I want to cry." Dil starts singing "I'm happy for you / Underneath / But not under it," where even though they want to be happy for the other, their jealousy gets in the way. The song opens with a guitar riff that fades out at the end.

Transfer. Before It Begins (2003)

"Before You Begin" represents the joy of getting serious with someone in a relationship. Unfortunately, the speaker has been with someone many times before. He hopes that the result will be different this time, but admits that it could turn into a disaster again. This ambient pop song has a sweet melody with distant lead vocals that evoke a sense of comfort and familiar nostalgia.

Jessica Pratt. "Baby, Come Back" (2015)

"Baby, Back" is just a failed relationship. The narrator accepts that it will end, but sometimes misses the comfort found in the pain of a failed relationship. Jessica Pratt's sweet voice blends perfectly with the solo acoustic guitar accompaniment. It has a unique balance of meaning, sensitivity and a confident folk and country tone.

Kate LeBon. "I just want to be better" (2017)

These poems explore the feeling of wanting to please the person you love, but knowing that you have your own needs and desires in a relationship and must meet them. Keith LeBon's melodious voice passes. With a simple guitar and drum beat, the track puts Lebo's feathery vocals in the spotlight.

Ida Maria. "We're All Going To Hell" (2008)

Aida Maria has a knack for conveying emotion through performance, sometimes a knack for laughter or emotional uplift. These extra laughs are featured in We're All Going To Hell. Sing each part familiarly without performing live. The song's title matches this soft tone, and while the lyrics are simple, the clear emotions add complexity to the song.

Angel Olsen. How It Works (2022)

How it works may make you cry. Olson's resonant voice is worn and weary, you can hear how tired he is of this toxic relationship. The song describes a man who is desperate to take me away. They recognize the vicious cycle of turning to someone in times of trouble and decide to break this pattern. "I'm not bound like this," Olson sings, a tune that fits the bill if it's not particularly emotional.

Synopsis: "50/50" (2021)

Jockstrap is a techno duo with frontwoman Georgia Ellery. Like other male-dominated fields, there are very few women in the tech world. "50/50" isn't necessarily a song about lyrics. Instead, it's filled with a hard, shiny techno beat that someone else already had on the song. There are times when you can't be sure if the sounds you're hearing are coming from your headphones or your surroundings, so you need to pay attention to the complexity of the track.

Chicks Speed: "For All the Boys in the World" (2000)

The song "To All Men in the World" is nowhere to be found, making it difficult to understand what Berlin Electric was trying to convey. Combined with the matching vocals of the two leads, the chorus of "9, 8, 7, 6, 5..." transports listeners back to the early 2000s, creating the perfect club mix for the indie renaissance. The song's melodies stand on their own with quirky, repetitive chants and vocals in addition to the lyrics.

Women, especially in the music industry, are often overshadowed and ignored. They are required to sing a certain way or make a sound, play an instrument, sing a certain way. These female artists are boldly breaking the restrictive rules and regulations of how music should be made and breaking the rules. Jockstrap and the Chicks quickly entered the male-dominated techno scene. Karen and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs sing boldly about a man trying to take control of his life. Many reflect on lost relationships and love, seeing the story from their perspective of what worship is like through their eyes. These artists show the challenges and joys of being a woman through their unique perspectives.

Take this Women's History Month to reflect on what feminism means to you and how the women artists who have shaped your life have influenced you.

KIDZ BOP celebrates Women's History Month.

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