Two New Murals Will Be Added To Tosa's Art District. Here's What We Know So Far.

Two New Murals Will Be Added To Tosa's Art District. Here's What We Know So Far.
Tiger Godmask was painted by Adam Hernandez in front of the Bel Air Cantina in Wauwatosa, part of the Northern Avenue Mural Art District. © City of Wauwatosa Adam Hernandez's "Divine Tiger Mask" was painted outside of the Bel Air Cantina in Wauwatosa as part of the North Street Mural Art District.

Wauwatosa is accepting proposals for two new murals in the East Tosa North Avenue Mural Arts District.

Here's what we know so far about where the new murals will be, how they'll be chosen, and when they'll be ready.

What is NoMAD?

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The North Mural Arts District, or "NoMAD," is a collection of seven murals along North Avenue from 60th to 76th Streets.

The murals were painted by artists from all over the world in the summer of 2019.

From geometric shapes to techno-colored raccoons, street art is a tourism initiative funded by hotel/motel tax revenues.

Where are the new walls?

The two selected artists will each create a large fresco for one of the two locations.

One is on a 41-foot by 12-foot horizontal wall in the Real Good Life building at 7227 W. North Ave. painted.

The second location is at 6902 W. North Ave. Located across from the Wolin gas station, it is a “scroll style” mural measuring approximately 60 feet by 16 feet.

When will the walls be finished?

The murals are expected to be completed by July 31.

Who can submit a proposal?

In July, any artist over the age of 18 can apply to create a mural on the site. The closing date for entries is June 15th, the winners will be announced on June 23rd.

For application instructions, see

Who decides which proposal wins?

The paintings would be selected by tourism judges, a tourism commission member, a Wauwatosa City Councilman and a professional Wauwatosa artist, said Beth Glessing, the city's tourism specialist.

Glassing said the jury will consider a number of factors, including the artist's experience, the way the new artwork complements and compliments the existing artwork, and the paintings' ability to attract visitors. Not only will Wauwatosa experience our public art, but other parts of the Wauwatosa community as well.

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