Elon Musk's Mom, Maye Musk, Is Oppo's Newest Global Ambassador For Flagship Smartphone Find X6 Pro

Elon Musk's Mom, Maye Musk, Is Oppo's Newest Global Ambassador For Flagship Smartphone Find X6 Pro

Elon Musk is not the only famous person in the family, his mother May Musk is a model. The 75-year-old mother of Tesla's CEO has reportedly struck a deal with Chinese electronics giant Oppo to become a global ambassador for the Find X6 Pro.

May Musk, Elon Musk's mother, is the inspiration behind Oppo's flagship smartphone.

One of Mi Mask's most notable achievements as a model was appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimwear magazine at the age of 74, making her the oldest model in the magazine's clothing history. She was recently spotted at New York Fashion Week.

According to SCMP, the model and nutritionist will appear in a series of commercials and events for the Oppo Find X6 Pro, which features a powerful camera that is considered the best smartphone camera in the world.

May Musk talk about space and beyond in his toy airplane commercials

Photos and videos released during the first official shoot show Elon Musk's mother posing for an Oppo advert, suggesting that she is the model for the brand's new smartphone.

Oppo has not yet officially released photos and videos of the photo shoot. However, a video posted on YouTube shows May Musk posing with an Oppo smartphone.

In a commercial-like video, Mei holds up a toy airplane and talks about her mother and her adventurous childhood.

He also noted that Elon and his other two children have inherited his desire for constant growth, which he hopes will take them "to outer space and beyond."

Elon's space company SpaceX provides satellite internet coverage in more than 56 countries via Starlink, sends rockets into space and plans an upcoming trip to Mars.

Although the photos and videos have not been officially released, netizens have still seen May Musk modeling the Chinese electronics giant's flagship Find X6 Pro smartphone.

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Apparently, Oppo is trying to capitalize on the Musk name

Oppo's decision to take on May Musk as its global ambassador "came by surprise to many," according to the SCMP. The magazine stated that the brand may want to use Musk's famous name to effectively promote the product, which may not be true given that May has been a role model for over 50 years.

The Oppo Find X6 Pro also looks good on photos and videos. Launched in China last March, the Oppo Find X6 Pro is packed with specs and features, trying to compete with the most popular and expensive smartphones on the market today.

Oppo has already made significant progress: the Find

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