Movement Festival Is A Celebration Of Techno's Past, Present And Future

Movement Festival Is A Celebration Of Techno's Past, Present And Future

In addition to a host of Detroit artists on the main stage and throughout the festival this year, there was also a Detroit stage dedicated to local (and often legendary) talent: a plethora of new and established artists playing on national vinyl. . install EDM/low footwork. The stage was probably strategically located near the entrance/exit of the festival where the performances could attract passers-by and their fans. Here I saw vinyl fanatic Whodat (Terri McQueen) play sunny and upbeat house records, Rebecca Goldberg record a grungy collection of 313 Acid Queen, and Delano Smith alum Sillygirlcarmen wow the crowd with house music. extravagant and full of energy.

The number of women and non-binary talent represented at the festival, both local and international, was inspiring. Other impressive Detroit acts include Lauren Flax performing an acid set on the Waterfront Stage, Lauren hosting an opening night on the Main Stage, Ladymonixx performing on the Pyramid Stage (again for an Armand van Helden classic ) and Beige leading the concert together. arrange. - A series of watches, starting with space electronics. "There's been a lot of effort to bring local artists and a more diverse demographic to the festival," says Bej, who performed Movement for the second time in a row this year. "It's been very exciting to see local favorites and newcomers from all over the world receiving their flowers and I think it's been a motivating factor for people underground to get involved with the festival and not just after the holidays. "

(By the way, the parties are some of the best in the world. I've only been to a few, including the rowdy bathroom at the club, the fun D-Life at Motor City Wine, Yes! at the Marble Bar and The Bunker at Tangent Gallery as part of a typical Cross-Divisional Transmissions "Back to the Source", but unfortunately not in time for B2B Beige with Octo Octa. Everything was great).

However, Beige's observation is correct: The Movement's increasingly interesting lineup seems to appeal to a more diverse audience, including those who might find the festival "too commercial" compared to more niche festivals around the world. 'foreign. (Personally, I think it's a bit refreshing not to be surrounded by the same "cool" people at an event: at Movement, EDC ravers, breakdancers, duggie daddies, goths, techno -entrepreneurs and old-fashioned locals all co-exist in a fun and fun environment - with no claims.).

But whether commercial or underground, big or small, every artist I spoke to rated Movement as the most heartbreaking performance of the week. I'm honored to have such a great platform amid the weekend activities and the opportunity to introduce my music to new ears.

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