TECNO Redefines Innovation With The Debut Of The Newest Magic Skin Materials

TECNO Redefines Innovation With The Debut Of The Newest Magic Skin Materials

TECNO was the first company to introduce "Magic Skin" in Africa, one of the latest and most innovative materials in smartphone design in the entire industry.

Global innovative technology brand TECNO has just unveiled its latest breakthrough in innovative materials in smartphone design – “Magic Skin” in Africa, becoming the first company to offer this innovative material to African consumers. It's a new material technology that promises to create a skin-friendly, elegant, and easy-to-clean back of your phone. These new materials will be incorporated into the body of TECNO phones and applied to the CAMON, SPARK and POP series, enabling African consumers to stay ahead of global trends in innovative smartphone design.

Elegant design with comfortable lining

Magic Skin has an elegant and fashionable design with smooth texture, softer touch and better color effect. Bright colors and vibrant patterns on the back of the phone create a classy look. TECNO has carefully adapted Magic Skin to the unique positioning of each product line, giving each product a unique style.

The design is the result of extensive user research. TECNO designers have interviewed thousands of African consumers to understand their aesthetic preferences and functional needs. The team then perfected every aspect of the process, from painting to checking the quality of the model.

In addition, Magic Skin is designed to reduce the weight and thickness of the back cover while maintaining sturdiness and practicality. It offers more seamless integration with your phone and provides a comfortable grip.

The solid molecular structure provides resistance to stains

The advantages of Magic Skin go far beyond the aesthetic aspect. Not only visually appealing, but also easy to clean. Various materials are tested and evaluated for optimum performance. The latest version of Magic Skin is a unique blend of polymers and micro particles that create a very dense molecular structure.

This dense molecular structure makes the material resistant to stains and splashes, making it suitable for everyday use. Whether you spilled coffee or wine on your phone case, Magic Skin is easy to clean without leaving marks or stains.

( Magic Skin in the waterproof test. Photo editing C : TECNO )

In addition, advanced manufacturing processes also ensure that Magic Skin can withstand. Additionally, advanced manufacturing processes ensure that Magic Skin can withstand extreme conditions. The material is waterproof and abrasion resistant and can remain stable in extreme temperatures from -40°C to 70°C. In laboratory tests, Magic Skin has proven its superiority in several aspects such as: B. abrasion resistance of denim, prevention of lipstick and perfume stains and UV protection.

( Magic Skin during the freeze test. Photo C : TECNO )

Don't stop creating for consumers

With the launch of Magic Skin, TECNO has once again demonstrated its firm commitment to providing elegant and innovative designs using the latest technology. This launch is just one of many milestones in TECNO's journey towards innovation in materials and design as the company continues to push boundaries and create new possibilities for the future.

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TECNO is an innovative technology brand operating in more than 70 countries and territories on five continents. Since its launch, TECNO has revolutionized the digital experience in global emerging markets, relentlessly pursuing the seamless integration of modern design aesthetics with the latest technology. Today TECNO has become a recognized leader in its target market and delivers breakthrough innovations through smartphones, smart wearables, laptops and tablets, HiOS operating systems and smart home products. Driven by the essence of its "Stop By Nothing" brand, TECNO is committed to providing up-and-coming people with the latest and best technology. By creating elegant and intelligent products, TECNO inspires consumers around the world to never stop striving for a better self and a better future. For more information, visit the TECNO official website: www.tecno-mobile.com.

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