ChatGPT for Android launching this week

ChatGPT for Android Open AI has announced that ChatGPT for Android will be launching this week and you can now preregister on the Google Play Store for when the app is made available, this will be welcome news for Android users who have been waiting for the app. The news of the Android version of ChatGPT was announced on Twitter and you can see the tweet from OpenAI below, the app has been available on the iPhone and iPad since May. ChatGPT for Android will be available as a free download and the app will be available to use for free, you will also be able to use ChatGPT Plus which is a paid version of the app that gives you access to ChatGPT Plus. You can now preregister for the app over at the Google Play Store at the link below, the app will be available this week, and we are expecting it to end up being very popular on Android. Source Open AI Image Credit: Levart_Photographer Filed Under: Android News, Technology News, Top News 

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