Melodic Techno Playlist Takeover | Mathame For Afterlife

Melodic Techno Playlist Takeover | Mathame For Afterlife

Despite being 12 years apart, brothers Matteo and Amedeo Giovanelli have always had a certain bond.

His parents grew up in a home filled with music and ran a pirate radio station in Italy. Later, when the family moved to the shadow of Mount Etna, Matteo and Amedeo found inspiration in their region. Matame was born then.

Spirituality, love, man's isolation in a vast universe, and of course the bond between two brothers, Matime brings to life the power on an interstellar scale.

Early productions such as Skywalking and Nothing Around Us were picked up by Tale Of Us and soon Matme was invited to join Afterlife - finding a home for both the label and the series. International holidays. The duo performed in Ibiza earlier this summer.

On June 30, the duo released their debut album MEMO on Astralwerks. Matteo and Amedeo chose only when we gave ourselves the leadership role.

Emulating Mattime's melodic techno playlist

Mathame slightly black | Unreal | Stellar work

"What you're going to hear today is the first recording of Unreality. It's one of the first tracks we did for the album. We recorded this track at night and it has a very mysterious, nocturnal feel to it.

Like Matim | Who | Stellar work

"When we recorded the track on the beach in Mykonos over the summer, there was a lot of inspiration around us. It's an intimate track and we wanted the listener to hear the lyrics that Lyke and I wrote.

Mathame feat Bishop | Door Stellar work

" Bishop's vocals on this track are deep and powerful, but still emotional and resonate well on the dance floor ."

Matame | Education for boys Stellar work

“This track is an ode to the sun, light and wind on your face on a hot summer day. Sunset with the main theme of love .

Matame | Light is not given

“We held our first competition a year and a half later, in September 2021 in Croatia before the Sones Festival. Tom Obedlam's vocals sound like a dark legend. It's a fiery heartwarming story.

You can listen to our full melodic techno playlist below.

Check out our playlist here and subscribe to our Spotify channel here .

MEMO is now available through Astralwerks and can be downloaded and streamed on all popular platforms.

Matime returns to Salaam Ibiza on Thursday 21 September hosting a posthumous club episode with Brina Knauss and Alfa Romero. Meanwhile, Sven joins Tale Of Us at the Vet Theatre. Click here to see the rest of Matmes Ibiza 2023 dates.

Tickets for the remaining Afterlife dates are available below.

header down | Giovanni Mochetti

Melodic Techno & Progressive House Mix 2023 - Argy • Space Movement • Any • ARTBAT (Morphine Mix)

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