Realme Pad 2 Launches In India To Take On The Xiaomi Pad 6

Realme Pad 2 Launches In India To Take On The Xiaomi Pad 6
  • The Realme Pad 2 is now officially launched in India. Sales begin August 1st and start at £19,999.

  • The tablet features a 120Hz QHD LCD display and an 8360mAh battery rated for 17 hours of video playback.

  • Realme has also added multitasking capabilities to Realme UI 4.0 to make the most of the screen experience.

After many years of neglect, the Android tablet category is starting to flourish again. There hasn't been a shortage of applications in recent months: Devices like the OnePlus Pad and Xiaomi Pad 6 offer great hardware as well as a wide range of accessories and customizable software functions. Realme joins the fray with the release of Realme Pad 2; The tablet is now officially available in India for £19,999 ($244) and will go on sale from August 7th.

The base model Realme Pad 2 has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Alternatively, you can get an 8GB/256GB version for £22,999 ($280). As for the hardware, you get an 11.5-inch LCD with QHD resolution and, like the OnePlus Pad, it has a 120Hz refresh rate. Under the hood is the MediaTek Helio G99, although it doesn't quite match the Dimensity 9000 but handles most day-to-day tasks quite well.

The Pad 2 features a 8360mAh battery and 33W charging technology. According to Realme, the battery can last up to 17 hours of video playback, which should be more than enough for your daily streaming needs. Software is the one area where Android tablets haven't made great strides, and it's to be commended that Realme adds a wealth of multitasking and productivity features to the Pad 2. Like the iPad Air, the Pad 2 has flat sides and you'll find four speakers on the tray.

After using OnePlus Pad and Xiaomi Pad 6, I think there is a market for Realme Pad 2. It doesn't have the same hardware quality as the best Android tablets, but the affordable price combined with the 120Hz panel makes it a good choice for media.

Overall Xiaomi Pad 6 rating: the best budget tablet of 2023

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