Shivam Choraria Aka Firaaq On His New EP 'Taish', Early Music Influences And More

Shivam Choraria Aka Firaaq On His New EP 'Taish', Early Music Influences And More

It all started when Farak, who was originally named Shivam Koraria, started studying music in the sixth grade. From a young age, he was confident in his musical abilities. As a child, he was drawn to electronic music and felt that the area welcomed young artists.

His degree in computer science helps him play with digital instruments and also convinces him of the endless creative possibilities of this art in the form of live performances by renowned artist KSHMR. Farak's music is now about self-discovery and discovery.

He wanted to tell a story on each of his tours, a skill he inherited from his Calcutta roots. Take for example his latest EP, Taish . Farak reveals that "Careless" is for anyone who has gone through the process of falling in love, heartbreak, and then healing, only to fall in love again.

Let's talk to aspiring artists...

What got you interested in DJing and then techno music?

My interest in DJing stems from my passion for making electronic music. When I started writing my own music, I knew that performing live in front of an audience was an exciting prospect. However, my tech business has taken an interesting turn in post-quarantine 2021. When city clubs started to open, I started programming big techno artists from all over the world. Fascinated by the infectious energy and curiosity associated with techno, I decided to delve into the genre and explore its intricacies.

Is the techno-musical space saturated? If yes, how do you compete?

We can say that the techno music scene is saturated. However, I think saturation is present to some degree in every genre of music. Despite this saturation, there is always an opportunity for artists to break through and leave their mark with something unique and different. For me, competition can be a healthy driving force that motivates me to keep growing and pushing the boundaries.

Kolkata is known for its musical and artistic heritage. How has this city influenced your music?

One of Calcutta's biggest influences on my music is the connections I made in the local music community. The city's music scene serves as a hub for artists, DJs, producers and music lovers to come together and share their passions. In addition, this city introduced me to mentors who played an important role in my development as an artist. The essence of Calcutta, the way the city moves, also penetrates my subconscious and is expressed in my work.

You are mixing Indian classics with techno. how do you decide which songs are the best?

The process of deciding what works best for each other involves a mixture of experimentation, creativity and intuition. Every day I spend time learning different sounds, experimenting with different combinations and using musical elements that catch my eye and evoke certain emotions or moods.

Tell us about Taish's address, what does it mean?

Taish is an exploration of themes centered around love, betrayal and self-discovery. With a unique blend of classic Indian elements and modern electronic beats, I take listeners on a journey through the ups and downs of relationships and the subsequent process of healing and self-discovery. This EP is accompanied by three amazing tracks, each with its own unique take on this global experience. It is designed to resonate with listeners who have experienced the joys and trials of love and self-knowledge.

What key features do you want to cover in your music?

One of the topics I love to explore in my music is history. I believe that music can convey emotion, emotion and storytelling and I try to incorporate these narrative elements into my releases and DJ sets.

So what?

I have several collaborations coming out next month. In addition to releasing new music, I'm also excited to expand my live performances. I want to bring my music to life on stage and create an exciting experience for the audience.

Taish will be streaming on all major audio platforms from July 28th.

Twitter: @muskankhullar03

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