These 40 Travel Gadgets Will Get You Through The Longest Flights

These 40 Travel Gadgets Will Get You Through The Longest Flights

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There is no denying that travel is fun, exciting and life-changing. But it can also be tiring, stressful, and confusing . Missed connections, delayed flights, screaming kids, and barefoot passengers wanting to "share" your armrest are enough to drive any adult crazy. And long trips can be very challenging if you don't have the equipment to stay sane.

But packing the right gear can make all the difference. It can turn a painful 10 hours of red-eye into a relatively calm and relaxing ride with a good cocktail, a teenage nap, and hours of blissful relaxation with all your favorite books, movies, and music.

So, the question is what do you pack ? Travel-obsessed editors and writers regularly review luggage, health products, and travel gadgets. We'll remove what doesn't work and share the rest with you. If you're ready to take a long-haul international flight, take off first: congratulations! But you can consider some or all of these tips. It's the perfect long-haul essential pack to keep you calm, collected, and collected on your next vacation.

Bags and bags

Pro Plus manual mode

Maintaining good remote control equipment starts with the right luggage. The flagship Monos Pro Plus bags are some of the best we've seen, with a built-in front compartment for quick access to essentials.

Medium strength cotton canvas bag

If you like classic backpacks, we love the time-tested Filson Field and Rugged Twill Duffle. The industrial-strength fabrics are designed for travel, and the 43-liter volume is enough to store a few days' essentials.

30 liter suitcase

Few companies know how to do such important long-term things as peak design. The 30L travel bag is sleek, modern and expandable with plenty of storage, pockets and even pockets to organize all your gear.

Cube compression pack

It's easier than packing cubes. The Nomatic is incredibly compact, so your lighter items take up less space in the trunk (leaving more room for essentials like Toblerones and duty-free wine).

Flatback waterproof toilet container

Nothing ruins a great vacation like a leaky toilet on your clothes, tools, and gear. Keep liquids at bay with this leak-proof toiletry bag.

Steam crossbody sling bag

Pack all the essentials for your next long trip in this next-level shoulder bag. With four pockets and a dedicated laptop sleeve, it's great for storing everything under the seat.


65 watt power adapter

With luck, you might find a power outlet on your next long trip . Double the power to keep all your devices charged with this dual USB-C fast charger.

Member premium

This is a " before the flight " airline tracking service that tracks the main airport of your choice and notifies you when prices drop. Customers save an average of $200 on domestic flights and $500 on international airfare - all for just $49 per year.

Portable power bank 145 watts

Most of us prefer to put our underwear on top of our smartphones and other gadgets. Make sure you have the portable power you need for all your important gadgets during long trips with this powerful power bank.

Kobo Sage e-book reader

Pack all your favorite audiobooks and take them with you on your next long trip. The touch-sensitive, reflective-zero electronic ink creates a paper-like reading experience, and the entire set is water-resistant to protect against nervous seatmates and kids with sticky fingers.

True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones II (EAH-AZ40M2)

Technics' new low-profile headphones are a fresh go-to for longer rides. They are engineered with next-generation active noise cancellation technology and last up to 12 hours with the charging case

WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones

Noise-canceling software is the only thing on your mind, but if headphones aren't your thing, grab these great travel headphones. 30 hours of battery life is enough to take you all over the world - quite literally .


If the past year (swag news) has taught us anything, it's that Bluetooth trackers are invaluable. Keep track of all your belongings - even your luggage - with easy and cheap AirTags.

Airplane phone holder in flight

Onboard marathon organizers should know that you can spend hours staring at a smartphone screen. This 360-degree swivel desk tripod allows you to tilt and tilt it in any direction.


Powerful hood

Softness, warmth, and superior comfort are just three things we look for in the perfect fleece. The Houdini Power Hoodie meets all of those requirements, and is available in dozens of colors and made with bluesing-approved fabrics.


Alpaca aims to replace merino wool as a natural fiber. Box: spiced T-shirt. Soft, lightweight and wick away sweat like a champ. Plus, it's fragrance-free (unlike the 12-hour after redness).

Aspire twelve compression stockings

DVT is not a hot topic, but it is very real and dangerous. Protect them before they happen with Swiftwick's Aspire Twelve Compression Socks to keep your blood flowing on your next long trek.

Sunday Runner

Take your next excursion all day (and maybe all night ) in these fitted travel pants. Soft, lightweight and sweat-wicking Sunday Performance Joggers Vuori fabric keeps you dry and comfortable.

Neptune swells

If wearing sandals on a plane isn't your thing, we understand. Non-slip walking shoes are the next best thing. Just slip on and take off on your next long flight, and once you land, the back support is re-supported like "normal" sneakers.

General head/neck wear

It just might be the most versatile travel swimwear around. This is a neck gaiter or a hood or a blindfold.

Rugged golf shoe

The Bombas cotton fabric is extremely durable and super comfortable making it perfect for long trips.

Important question

There is a bottle of water

Hydration is probably the next most important thing for a backpacker (after packing your phone). The new Yeti water bottle is incredibly light and its wide mouth makes it easy to fill at the airport.

A travel blanket somewhere

Tuft & Needle brings the same comfort and sophistication of its finest mattresses to this lightweight travel blanket. It's soft, light, and comes in a handy little DIY bag.

Passport cover +

This minimalist passport cover from Distill Union is just what you need not only light, stylish, and has plenty of storage for cards, notebooks, pens, SIM cards, and passports. Bonus: It's also an RFID wallet.

Elite Velo Pillow

If you don't like neck pillows, the more traditional travel pillow from Nemo is the perfect alternative, which packs really well. It's machine washable, folds up easily, and is as soft and comfortable as your pillow at home.

Inflatable travel pillow

It's no secret that seats are occupied by seats on budget airliners. Elevate your next cowshed experience with this adjustable inflatable footrest, your seat feels almost like a living room.

Instant coffee (Bronson blend)

They may have great coffee wherever you go, but you won't get it on a long flight. Pack two packs of this instant coffee from Verve Coffee to spice up your java journey.

Cocktail making kit

We struggle to find good cocktails on most flights, especially in economy class. The W&P Craft Cocktail Kit contains everything you need to make a pressurized, ready-to-fly (but not wine) decanter of your favorite beverage.

passion journal (travel)

Think about places you just left or places you've never seen before. This beautiful passion journal is up to you, specially designed to document your personal adventures.

Soft soft silicone headphones

Soft, moldable, and highly functional, these silicone earbuds are our favorite tools for shutting out the world on long journeys.

Small walking scale

Travel long and you will end up subject to your baggage "weight limit". Avoid such surprises with this ultra-packable luggage scale.


Organic electrolyte hydrate powder

There is not enough drinking water on the road. You also need plenty of salt and other electrolytes. This low-sugar, organic powder is rich on top and tastes great.

Thin and crunchy chicken chips

Finding healthy foods can be challenging, especially on long trips. Satisfy your hunger and cravings with these protein chicken chips.

Sunscreen for the face UV Clear SPF 46

High-flying travelers experience an incredible amount of unobstructed sunlight during each flight. Protect your precious lips with this dermatologist-recommended sunscreen.

eye mask

Long journeys are an ocean for humanity. When you're ready to block it out and sleep on your flight, this simple eye mask from OstrichPillow is gentle and completely prevents glare.

Adaptogen Soothing + Hydrate Active Mist

Long flights can leave your face dry, irritated, and dull. This travel size facial spray moisturizes your skin, calms redness, and makes you look and feel ready to rest.

Balm 140 Tactical Lip Balm

Don't forget to protect your lips (they are part of your face)! "Exotic" lip balm is vegan, vet-approved, and has a delicious orange-red scent.

Norelco Travel Men's Bath

Nothing makes you feel human again like brushing your teeth and getting a good shave. The Philips Norelco electric shaver helps you handle the latter, and it's large enough to keep on hand for touch-ups during the flight before landing.

Hand wash without resurfacing

Leave the dollar store hand sanitizer at home. Use a foaming hand wash that washes, smells great, and really moisturizes your hands.

Fresh mint mouthwash concentrate

Carrying a large bottle of mouthwash is not an option for those traveling with baggage. Every bottle of this travel-friendly concentrate is Transportation Security Administration (TSA) compliant. Just mix it with water, shake for 30 seconds and "go" (get it?).

Synergy of deep sleep + chewing gum

If melatonin isn't enough to help you sleep on a long flight, prescription medications like Ambien are just too much. Check out these THC and CBD gummies for a deep, restful sleep.

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