British Invasion @ 2023 Music Is Art

British Invasion @ 2023 Music Is Art

4TheMusic is an established global online broadcaster specializing in house and techno music. They include DJs from the UK, Holland, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Dubai, Australia and the US, while the US pool is constantly growing and open to new DJs.

This year they will be joining Music is Art for the second time with DJs from London, Essex, San Francisco, New York and some of our DJs from Buffalo. The 4TM International DJ Stage will take place on the terrace between Resurgence Brewery and Hartman's Distillery on Chicago Street on September 9 from 11am to 11pm.

Chris Haynes, President and CEO of 4TM, will kick off (11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.). Chris was a top DJ in London and Miami in the 90s, played legendary clubs like Garage City, Ministry of Sound and Camden Palace and recently hosted the 4TM DJ event in Mallorca. Chris founded 4TM during the pandemic and today the company has grown into an even bigger global pool of talent and sounds than he ever imagined.

Followed by DJ Sabs (lunchtime and 5pm), originally from London, where she lives monthly at The Ned and works with the Sisters of House Collective, as well as many other UK events. The Sabs have developed a unique house sound consisting of Afro, Amapiano, Soul and tribal Afro rhythms. It was also the subject of a public art exhibition by artist @davidspeeduk in London on Ebor Street.

BareNaked (aka Evan Ipok) (1pm) is a DJ/producer from New York where he resides at The Eagle NYC and The Pavilion (Fire Island), Bossa Nova Civic Club (Brooklyn) and the Warehouse where he Watts (playing Philadelphia ) and Buffalo's The Underground during Boom Room I. Evan is extremely excited to play some Brooklyn-style grooves for MIA.

SICK! (14:00) is a DJ from Buffalo, an extreme turntable who uses one, that's right, ONE turntable, and the rest are his absolute secret weapons. He has residencies at Fresh Catch and Hartman's and other clubs in Buffalo and is an open DJ specializing in old and new music including funk/soul, disco, rap/hip hop and pop/electronic.

Justin Melody (aka DJ OneSeventeen) (3pm & 7pm) hails from San Francisco, but was born and raised in Buffalo. Justin is a big fan of melodic sounds and heavy beats. He was called a "local trance hero" because people knew he would release something beautiful and melodic.

Next is Dub Imperial (16:00) with a sharp sense of the new, trendy and dark, with a collection of hits from different years and genres. Dub plays many events in Western New York and has also performed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia and even Ibiza.

Marilyn Rogers (6pm) is next, leaving the shows live. At age 71, Marilyn has been DJing for 49 years since 1974 at a small Rochester club called

The disco gods. (Up to variable speed pulleys). Since then he has played in New York, South Carolina, California and hosted local radio and club shows on WBLK-FM ('81-'83) and 1077 FM ('83-'85). , moderate. He also developed a progressive radio format that showcased world dance genres and promoted music as a bridge between cultures. His remixes were released by Megatone and West End Records. He will continue to work on 4TM and his Twitch channel.

Local favorite 3PO (20:00) needs no introduction and has been running on 4TM since December 2022. Since starting his DJ career in early 1993 in Buffalo, New York, 3PO has delighted and filled the dance floors of worldwide with his DJ mix of funk/tribal, break and electro. His career soon took him to New York, where the influence around him led to his current mix of uplifting house music.

Another local favourite, Ish-Da-Fish (21:00) also launched on 4TM in December 2022. Ish captivates internet and club audiences with his innate talent for mixing styles and genres with beats, minimalism and generational favourites. A former breakdancer and passionate music lover, Ish knows how to keep the beat and control the keys, creating deep, dark and harmonious sets. Their first show was in 2018 at Pub Preservation. Other acts include Marcella's, Lock House and other Music is Art Festivals.

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