Huawei's Fashion Forward Brings New Vitality To The Wearable Industry

Huawei's Fashion Forward Brings New Vitality To The Wearable Industry

The new Huawei Watch GT4 is more than just a watch. This new smartwatch pushes the boundaries of what watch design and functionality can do. With two distinct styles, the watches may be inspired by classic design, but they really expand into the realms of fashion, health and sports.

Both the smaller 41mm and larger 46mm versions offer a look similar to most premium watches on the market. At first glance, watches do not differ from wristwatches, only when entering the menu or receiving a notification, all the capabilities of these devices are revealed.

Despite its classic look, this watch offers unparalleled features to suit all your sports and health needs. From stress management to tracking the lines, try GT4. And what's more, you can do all this for up to 14 days without needing to recharge.

Before the design. Huawei's industry-leading wearable design philosophy

Design is an important factor for Huawei, so the Watch GT4 has gone to great lengths to make sure it's a great smartwatch. Huawei has been producing smart watches since 2014, releasing the first Talkband B1.

Today, the GT4 is the result of 10 years of research and development at beauty research centers in Paris, Milan and London, confirming that the new model combines the latest technology and contemporary design.

Huawei Smartwatch Design Language This evolution started in 2015 with the release of the first round watch. This design evolved with the introduction of the original Watch GT1 in 2018. The GT2 adds a 3D curved glass display, while the GT3 adds 3D. Screen: Rotating crown. Today, the GT4 goes even further with the octagonal aesthetic.

It was important for Huawei to use the best materials to make its smartwatches, and the company continues to innovate in this area. Early models used stainless steel and nanocrystalline ceramic to provide a strong, lightweight design. The GT 4 features an innovative zirconium alloy and 18-carat gold case.

The Watch GT4 is highly customizable with eight strap designs and colors, two sizes (41mm and 46mm) and over 25,000 watches. Layouts like Star Trek and Dynamic Weather let you prioritize the metrics you want to see and reflect your personal style.

Of course, the most important part of the design is ease of use and practicality, as well as good looks. Huawei has focused on this human-centric appeal and has been recognized not only by industry awards such as the ESA and IF Design Awards, but also by the fashion hubs of Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Warsaw and Dubai. Make Huawei a premium watch brand.

Health Forward. Huawei puts more control over your health

The health benefits of smartwatches can be important to consumers, and Huawei's latest features integrate them into the Watch GT4. This technology can provide 24/7 monitoring to make sure you're healthy and alert you to any abnormalities, such as atrial fibrillation.

Sleep tracking doesn't just measure how well you're resting, it also gives you tips on how to improve your sleep patterns. Meanwhile, continuous blood oxygen monitoring provides quick and accurate results in the event of a sudden fall.

Being able to track your health in real time is not only convenient for users, but can also be extremely useful in everyday life. From irregular heartbeats to sleep apnea sufferers, this information helps identify problems quickly and easily. Clock GT4 helps you track your menstrual cycle and plan the best days to get pregnant.

Huawei continues to promote its sports and health features in collaboration with professional institutions around the world, and to date more than 13 million users have participated in the study. In 2021, it is partnering with the University of Liverpool on stroke research and hospitals in China to conduct large-scale global health research.

Huawei is committed to collaborating on the development of blood sugar monitoring in Europe to help identify the impact of blood sugar levels. Bringing non-invasive glucose monitoring into smartwatches would be a big step, and Huawei wants to push it.

The future of sports. Huawei makes sports more fun

Being active is important to our health, and smartwatches not only track our progress, but also encourage us to do more. Huawei Watch GT4 offers more than 100 sports models, from running and cycling to outdoor and e-sports, so you can accurately record your progress and get real-time data during training.

Even some training data can be improved with Huawei Watch GT4 technology. Intelligent GNSS satellite attitude tracking helps improve accuracy by up to 30% in operational mode, so you can estimate your route with confidence. Of course, it's the presentation of all training data that really helps users, and Watch GT4's visual reporting makes it even more enjoyable.

Huawei TruSport is more than just tracking your workouts. A science-based system can provide personalized training recommendations to help you improve. It can also provide real-time alerts during exercise for issues such as high or low heart rate. With more than 13 research and development centers and medical laboratories around the world, Huawei continues to expand its operations.

Scientists aren't the only ones doing research. Leading global fitness and lifestyle authority, running legend and multiple gold medalist Sir Mo Farah attended the event as Huawei's newest wearable ambassador.

By incorporating the latest wearable technology into their workouts, both celebrities are able to improve their workouts and gain a better understanding of their health while incorporating style and fashion into their everyday lives.

Sir Mo Farah said: “The lessons my coaching team and I learned during those hours were invaluable as I compete at the highest level. Transitioning from professional running to a more relaxed lifestyle, I look forward to exploring what life has to offer outside of the track, using the watch for everyday activities and as a fashion item. This is where Huawei watches really shine. They look good while working.

Whether you work out regularly at the gym or enjoy active outdoor activities, Huawei's activity rings provide a simple and intuitive overview of your daily performance. Closing these loops can be a difficult task for all Huawei Watch GT4 users.

Whatever you use your Huawei GT4 for, you can be sure that this advanced smartwatch has everything you need to keep up with the times. Be it fashion, health or sports.

Huawei has shown a preview of a new futuristic smartphone.

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