PREMIERE: Listen To The Debut EP From JazzFunk And Techno Producer Charlie Hill

PREMIERE: Listen To The Debut EP From JazzFunk And Techno Producer Charlie Hill

Meanjin drummer and producer Charlie Hill will release his first solo EP, Yore , on Friday, September 15. The album will be released on Sampology's middle name records. Hill and Sampology collaborated on the Galaxy EP, released in May 2023. Listen to Yore ahead of the official release tomorrow.

Coming of age is important for several reasons. This is the first Middle Name Records release not to contain Sampology. For Hill, a jazz-trained drummer whose sonic palette spans jazz, neo-soul, downbeat, house, techno and breakbeat, it's also the culmination of years of experimentation and tinkering in the studio.

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Charlie Hill · Day EP (Second Name Records

Speaking to Music Feeds, Hill expressed confidence in his first solo work. "I'm very excited to release Yore, my first solo work," he said. “Since then, my music has evolved through self-discovery and a deep appreciation for what surrounds me.”

He continued: “Identity is a reflection of the wonderful people, places and spaces that surround me when I explore something new.” I'm happy to be in this world, not because I'm proud of the music, but because it opens a new chapter and paves the way for what's to come.

Stream Yore Above on 12″ vinyl and digital services ahead of its release via Middle Name Records on Friday, September 15.

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Premiere: Listen to the debut EP from jazz, funk and techno producer Charlie Hill that first appeared on Music Feeds.

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