Seven Unnoticed Gems: Shining Bright In The Top 5 Leagues

Seven Unnoticed Gems: Shining Bright In The Top 5 Leagues

As the top five leagues age, we focus on some players who were previously overlooked but are now making their debut in the 2023/24 season.

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Serhou Guirasi in the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is particularly focused on the arrival of Harry Kane this season. Even if you don't follow the German Premier League closely, you've probably heard about the England captain's impressive debut.

Harry Kane scored eight goals in seven games in all competitions, including an impressive hat-trick in Bayern's 7-0 win over Bochum. But surprisingly, he is behind the Bundesliga's top scorer.

Even though Serhu Guerassi is not a foreign player, he is now in a unique position. He may not be a well-known player at 27 years old, but based on his current form, he is the leading scorer in the five major leagues. Gurassi scored ten goals in just five league games, none of which came from the penalty spot. In addition, his goals are scored through a variety of spectacular balls, highlighting his high scoring rate. To put that in perspective, Erling Haaland, the second highest scorer in the big leagues (excluding penalties), has scored seven goals, which is an impressive performance for Geresi.

Gurassi has also scored more than ten goals in the first five games of the Bundesliga season, equaling only Robert Lewandowski's record. Not only for him, but also for Stuttgart who started the season well with 12 points, only surpassing him with 13 points in the 1996/97 season.

However, the sudden appearance of the target phenomenon raises the question of whether this form is sustainable. Girassi's 10 goals come with a 4.3 expected goals (xG) rating, suggesting that his form may have stabilized somewhat, unless his game changed drastically last year.

However, Girassi's penalty-free xG of 4.3 is only bettered by Erling Haaland (6.3), Robert Lewandowski (4.6) and the Bundesliga's top scorer, Victor Boniface of Bayern Munich. These statistics show how impressive Guirasi's current performance is.

Victor Boniface in the Bundesliga

Bayern Munich's Victor Boniface has become an important force in the Bundesliga. The 22-year-old Nigerian international could be a big threat for Harry Kane to win the 'Kicker Top Scorer Cannon' award like Sirhu Guirasi. What sets Boniface apart is its ability to consistently maintain target levels. He has scored six goals, which equates to an expected goals (xG) of 5.76 (or a very efficient 4.97 xG considering five goals).

Boniface's promotion came suddenly when Bayern Munich joined forces with Royal Union Saint-Giloise in pre-season. However, the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations could affect the progress of Boniface and Guinea star Guirasi.

However, Harry Kane faces tough competition in the race to become the Bundesliga's top scorer.

Savio in LaLiga

Girona have undoubtedly been the standout story of the La Liga season as they sit top of the table ahead of traditional giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. They have played impressive football and are unbeaten, earning an impressive 19 points, doubling their Premier League record this season.

Although it is not yet known how long their impressive season will last, Girona are enjoying the moment and benefiting from the presence of a number of talented footballers. One player who stands out is Savio.

For Manchester City fans, Savio is a name to watch out for. The 19-year-old Brazilian winger is a member of City Football Group (CFG), who helped secure a move to Troyes – a CFG network club – on his first trip to Europe last year. Savio's deal could cost €12.5 million.

After a short loan spell at PSV where he made only a limited impact in six Eredivisie games, Savio returned to the CFG family in pre-season and was then loaned to Girona. My stay in Catalonia has been great so far.

Savio had a penchant for playing on the right wing and left-footed at Atl├ętico Mineiro as a youth, where he made his debut under Jorge Sampaoli as a 16-year-old, and also worked for Girona. His role at Girona has been that of a traditional winger, giving him flexibility and adaptability on the pitch.

Savio was absolutely fantastic on the pitch. His ball-handling skills were immediately apparent as only three La Liga players completed more dribbles than him (29). Amazingly, he completed those 15 dribbles with a success rate of 51.7%, only 6 of 27 players attempted at least 15 dribbles.

Dribbling ability is related to the ability to carry the ball effectively. With an impressive 1,364 yards, Savio is one of the best players in the distance the ball travels. What sets him apart is his ball-handling style, which ranks 11th in runs (53) and first in assists (3). Those interceptions account for all of his key touchdowns this season.

His first assist was Yangel Herrera's beautiful cross against Getafe on 20 August. Nearly a month later against Granada, Savio received the ball on the left side in the opponent's half. . He showed his ability to switch between two defenders before breaking inside and eventually finding Viktor Tsygankov on the edge of the box with a superb curling shot. His third assist of the weekend showcased his ability to beat opponents down the field, evade other defenders and bring down Evan Martin perfectly.

Apart from his fantastic assists, Savio has also scored a number of goals this season. His first goal was a beautiful long-range strike, and his second was a clever pass from Artem Dobik, who showed his composure with a fine finish. That means Savio is averaging 0.98 goals per 90 minutes, which puts him just behind Jude Bellingham (1.02). That makes him the seventh most player in La Liga this season, considering he has played at least 180 minutes.

It's true, La Liga could see the rise of a future superstar in Savio.

Pedro Neto in the English Premier League

Wolves winger Pedro Neto is a bright spot for the team. It is always frustrating when a player, especially a young talent, suffers a major injury that stunts their growth and prevents them from reaching their full potential. Due to injuries, Neto was able to play 31 matches in the last two seasons, a significant decrease from the 60 matches he played in the previous two seasons.

However, Neto has shown his resilience, playing every minute of Wolves' first six league games of the season. With his attacking and direct game, he is happy to be seen working mainly on the left side of midfield. Neto has scored four goals, with Mohamed Salah and James Maddison providing the most assists in the Premier League. Wolves have scored six goals while Liverpool and Tottenham have scored 15 goals each, which is impressive.

Pedro Neto's assists this season are a different story. His first assist of the season was a deep cross from the right and against Crystal Palace he made two accurate passes from the left at the same distance, one for a free-kick and one for a free-kick. In the 3-1 defeat at Liverpool, Neto scored Wolves' first goal after making a brilliant solo run in his own half, then brilliantly heading the ball straight into Hwang Hee Chan's goal. .

Notably, only Bukayo Saka (19) has created more chances in the Premier League than Neto (18). NATO also ranks fourth in this statistic with an expected assist (xA) of 2.1. This shows that while he could benefit from some clinical degrees, the quality of the opportunities he creates is still high.

Wolves have had a difficult start to the season, picking up just four points from their first six games. However, Pedro Neto proved to be the team's key variable. The skills he has can change the course of the game and help the team overcome difficult situations. It's clear that if Neto stays healthy and performs well, their chances of being relegated will increase significantly. Moreover, his presence on the field is a source of joy for those who appreciate the skills and style of the versatile winger.

Andrea Pinamonti in Serie A

Roberto Mancini's comments in the past did not receive a good response from many people, because Italy was considered to lack young players, especially at the top level. As head coach of the Italian national team, his comments have nothing but confidence in his country's talents.

Mancini's comments about limited offensive options did not go unnoticed. Mario Balotelli, who is known for being outspoken, has attracted a lot of attention regarding Mancini's comments. However, the reaction of Andrea Pinamonti, the player most likely to represent the Azzurri in the future, was perhaps more impressive. Pinamonti expressed his feelings about this and said Mancini's comments were a bit disturbing, especially for a player who should be called up to the national team. However, he also sees it as an incentive for improvement.

Even though Mancini is no longer Italy manager, Andrea Pinamonti has made a big difference at Sassuolo this season. He scored four goals in 5 Serie A games, more than he scored last season. Pinamonti is preparing for the match against Inter, the club where he studied and where he scored goals in his last 3 league matches. This promising performance makes him worthy of being called up again to the national team.

Andrea Pinamonti's recent performances have shown his versatility in attack. His instinctive headers against Juventus and Hellas Verona demonstrated a traditional "big man" style of play that suited his physicality. But it's not limited to this game.

Pinamonti showed their attacking prowess with a 2-4 win at Frosinone. He raced down the inside left channel and scored with a superb volley from 20 yards. These goals are notable for their low expected goal value (xG) of just 1.16, which is not considered a high goal probability.

Despite taking relatively few shots (only six, with no blocks), Pinamonti was extremely determined, with a conversion rate of 66.7 percent. This conversion rate is at least twice as good as other Serie A players. Although still in its early stages, these statistics highlight Pinamonti's prowess in front of goal and his ability to maximize opportunities.

Andrea Pinamonti has proven his potential. His impressive 13 goals in Serie A during his loan spell at Imppoli in the 2021/22 season convinced Sassuolo to invest €20 million in his talent. However, this success was difficult to repeat in Sassuolo's inaugural season.

Sassuolo and the entire Italian football scene are hoping Pinamonti's recent performances are a sign of big things to come. His performances early in the season showed that he has the ability to make a significant contribution to the team's success, and there is hope that he will continue to develop and be successful in the future.

Romain del Castillo in League One

Romain del Castillo is proving to be one of Ligue 1's last hopes, especially if you look beyond Paris Saint-Germain's dominance to add to the league's impressive legacy. Lens' second-place finish last season was testament to this unpredictability, and the start of the 2023/24 season promises even more possibilities for unexpected stories.

Strasbourg and Reims currently occupy the European spots, unbeaten Nice are second and, surprisingly, Brest top the standings with 13 points, two more than third-placed PSG.

27-year-old Romain del Castillo has played an important role for Brest. While he is not new to this level, there is a growing feeling that he is maturing as a player and is building on his promising form for the 2022-23 season and a strong start to the season.

Del Castillo has contributed three goals and two assists this season. Although two of the goals came from penalties, the overall performance was outstanding.

In terms of chances created, no player in Ligue 1 has created more than Del Castillo with 23 and he is second with 14 in open play. While few players have more assists than him, he leads the league in expected assists (xA) with 2.36, while no other player exceeds 2.0 xA. These statistics highlight the high level of creativity he brings to his team and consistently provides quality opportunities for his teammates.

Romain del Castillo put in a superb performance in the recent win against his former club Lyon. He created an impressive six goal-scoring chances during the game, the most he has had in a single Ligue 1 game since November 2018, when he scored eight chances against Kane. To be fair, there was one shot in six opportunities in Saturday's match that resulted in a teammate attempting a header. However, this achievement is noteworthy as he is one of two players, along with Teji Savanier, to create five or more chances in a match more than once in the 2023/24 season.

Teddy Teuma in League One

Romain del Castillo is not the only late signing to make a strong impression in Ligue 1 this season. Reims' Teddy Teuma has been in brilliant form in the first few weeks of the competition.

At 29 (soon to be 30), Teddy Teuma, who was born in France but represents Malta internationally, is discovering Ligue 1 for the first time. This opportunity came five years with Royal Union Saint-Guillois in Belgium. It is worth noting that before this season he played a total of 13 times in Ligue 2 and spent his first three years with Union SG in the second division.

Even though this is his first season in Ligue 1, Teuma has already impressed with three goals and two assists in just six games. His breakthrough came on 27 August when he scored two great goals against Montpellier, including an impressive half-volley from 30 meters and a superb free kick. In the same match, one of his corners led to Younis Abdelhamid's header, a memorable debut for him in the French top flight.

Teddy Teuma describes himself as a “complete” midfielder, able to master various aspects of the game, although he humbly admits that he may not be proficient in all aspects. In a recent interview with Ligue 1 earlier this month, he explained how his time in Belgium played a crucial role in his development from a traditional defensive midfielder to a versatile player.

It is worth noting that not long ago Teuma was balancing his football career with working as a courier. His journey in Ligue 1 has not been easy, but he has undoubtedly proven his worth on the pitch with impressive performances.

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