The 32 Best Minecraft Mods 2023

The 32 Best Minecraft Mods 2023

What are the best Minecraft mods in 2023? Each vanilla Minecraft game may be completely different, but the best Minecraft mods go one step further, offering a whole new experience in the full decade of the game. Whether you love creativity, survival horror, or story pacing, this is definitely the mode for you. Here's your chance to make Mojang's classic even better on PC, with interface changes, tools to roam for hours, and even new monsters.

The list below summarizes some of the best Minecraft mods available right now. They are all divided into sections depending on what you want to do with the sandbox game - from simple utility mods to deep and complex Minecraft mods that can be lost for months. If you want to browse, CurseForge's Minecraft game mods hub has an entire section dedicated to the best Minecraft mods and addons - including the equivalent of many other great PC games.

Best Minecraft mod RLCraft: Steve stands in front of new biome, filled with orange, red, and brown trees, with a mossy cobblestone structure in the background.

Our pick of the best Minecraft performance mods:

Here are some of the latest mods from the world of Minecraft

And finally, some great Minecraft building and item models:

Best Minecraft mods - the same snowy landscape with Optifine on and off, showing clear water and reflected sunlight.


Make Minecraft look great with Optifine Essential, which includes HD texture support and more control over graphics options. You may need to install OptiFi before using Minecraft shaders, but it alone offers dynamic lighting, improved textures, and performance improvements. Optifine should be fine for most PC setups, but if you're playing with potatoes, use Fastcraft instead - it significantly improves performance on low-end machines, especially if you have a lot of Minecraft mods installed.

Best Minecraft mods - the Journeymap UI shows a top-down view of the map with all of the terrain types nearby.

Travel map

Everyone wants to know where they are going. The travel map maps your world as you explore, lets you mark points of interest, and can alert you when Minecraft mobs sneak up on you. View the resulting map as a minimap in-game, in full-screen mode, or even in an external web browser.

Best Minecraft mods - the user interface of the Just Enough Items mod, with the player crafting a map and a yellow wool block, and a long list of items on the right and side.

Enough articles

If you need an antidote to knocking out wiki in turn while playing Minecraft, head over to Enough Items (or JEI). You can search for the recipe of any item in any installed Minecraft mod with a beautiful interface on the Minecraft inventory screen.

Best Minecraft mods - a closed ender chest and the Jade UI showing its contents, a variety of colourful terracotta blocks.


Jade is an extremely useful Minecraft mod, especially if you have a bunch of world-changing textures or mods installed with it. Jade not only shows what the item is, but also gives additional information about the contents of the chest or what status effects are applied to the crowd.

Best Minecraft mods - Enchantment Descriptions UI describes Sharpness V enchantment in great detail.

Magical images

For those who need to know what Minecraft spells do at a glance, the Spell Descriptions mod gives you a description of all the spell books in your inventory. This mod also supports improved spells and this tooltip displays in more than 13 languages.

A creepy, long-limbed mob crawls through a cave behind the player, baring its teeth, in the Cave Dweller Minecraft mod.

Cave dwellers

Minecraft Warden looks scary to you? Well, that's the least of your problems with this awesome mod. Caveman mode introduces the caveman population (try saying that three times fast) to the adventure game, and a dark element follows you as you explore the caves of the world. If you're thinking: No, this might not surprise you, as the Cave of Horrors gets stronger the closer you get, but honestly, we're not sure a quick death would hurt.

Best Minecraft mods - Twilight Forest mod shows how to build a portal in a journal.

Twilight Forest

This awesome mod adds a new portal and a whole new dimension: the Twilight Forest. You'll have to play normally until you collect the materials needed to build the portal above, but you can completely upgrade your Minecraft experience with new dungeons, legendary creatures, and more.

Minecraft Mods: Yung's Better Fortresses - Image shows a player in full diamond armor in the left hand corner, looking out over a magnificent improved fortress.

Jung's best castles

The best Yung Forts are only the tip of the iceberg of Yung mods, as many Minecraft modders have created the best witch huts, sea monuments, and other Minecraft structures imaginable. Put it all together and you have the most amazing Minecraft world imaginable.

For now, let's focus on our favorites, Jung's top forty. As you can see in the image above, this Minecraft mod transforms the terrifying Nether by expanding the existing castle into large, impressive buildings that span several floors and have castle-like main buildings. In Minecraft Vanilla, these castles are wide, but they don't actually extend from top to bottom. On the other hand, the best Yung castles include lava chambers lying deep underground.

Best Minecraft mods - in the Biomes O'Plenty mod, there is a Fungal Jungle biome full of orange mushrooms.

O'Bol Biomes

It adds enough vanilla Minecraft biomes to keep you busy, as well as plenty of aboveground and underground biomes - everything from the Alps to the Wastes and everything in between. It also adds a bit more variety to weapons, shields, food and paint, and adds a few more blocks to build.

Best Minecraft mods: a menagerie of animals of all shapes and sizes in Alex's Mobs.

Alex Mobbs

We know from the current annual Minecraft Crowd Survey that players still want more animals, monsters, and humanoids to be added to vanilla Minecraft. No need to wait for the next big Minecraft update with 84 new animals from Alex Herds. This mix of real and fictional creatures includes kangaroos, tigers and the so-called bone snake, each with its own mechanics and prey.

Best Minecraft mods - a Nether portal in the overworld, showing a basalt delta and magma cubes on the other side.

Immersive portals

Stepping into Minecraft's Nether Portal or End without knowing what's on the other side can be terrifying. Fortunately, Immersion Portal changes that by showing you what's waiting on the other side.

The Waystones mod is one of the best Minecraft mods because it allows you to teleport between named destinations.

Road stones

In such a big world, getting back to home base can sometimes be a big challenge. However, roadblock mode allows you to create and save roadblocks in survival mode so you can travel between them. You can also create Multiplication Scrolls or Warp Stones to send from anywhere. The module allows the random generation of world and global guides for Minecraft servers or Minecraft adventure maps using these items.

Best Minecraft mods - in RLCraft, a purple biome with structures and new mobs.


Still the most popular Minecraft mod, RLCraft is set in a fantasy world with dragons, fairies and more added to your Minecraft world. But that's not all. In addition to terrifying and exciting new armies, RLCraft offers new biomes, auto-generated structures like castles and dungeons, and a whole new survival experience.

Best Minecraft mods - Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble are standing on sand near a wall of materials.


If there's anything better than one of the most popular game franchises, it's a combination of two of the most popular game franchises. Pixelmon brings all your favorite Pokemon to the world of Minecraft.

Best Minecraft mods - in SkyFactory 4, a floating landscape featuring different farms and trees.


SkyFactory is one of the most popular Minecraft mods and is based on the famous SkyBlock map. Combining the original SkyBlock experience with industrial autonomy, SkyFactory 4 lets you lose yourself in a floating Minecraft world full of unique tools and machines, new cultures and magic.

Best Minecraft mod - the Better Minecraft logo over new neon nether biome.

The best MC

Better MC is the creator's vision of what Minecraft should be . Better MC adds more bosses, people, cultures, items, dimensions, quests, and more to give you the Minecraft experience you've never wanted. adds. I never thought you would need it. We're not saying we still don't like the base game, but Minecraft will never be the same once we try a better MC.

Minecraft mods: Good Ending is a mod that changed the wilderness, and the image shows a beautiful biome with new flora on top of water, new plants, and new green blocks, adding to the lush landscape.

happy ending

Good ending by modders Orsinus and Nini. Minecraft has reinvented the wilderness and made the survival game better than ever. In fact, if you are one of the players who removed Fireflies from the Wild mod, the good ending is for you, because the modder implemented the famous mechanic in place, which means that the atmosphere with this amazing mod is fantastic day and night. . .

Best Minecraft mods - inside a cavernous vault filled with water, stalagmites, and stalagtites.

Vault Hunter

Finally, our last pick on the list is Vault Hunters, another mod pack that completely changes the game. Created by popular Minecraft YouTuber and Hermit Iskall85, Vault Hunters takes you into procedurally generated vaults where you must battle for valuable loot, armor, and weapons. There's also a fully playable story for Vault Hunters, where the goal is to match 25 objects to unlock one final killer vault.


The addon is a great addon to use with vanilla Minecraft and adds many new items with red gems, decorative blocks and other tools and equipment. If you feel like you need a drift system or an air strip that generates a redstone signal, it means they have extras. Want to lock something or display your Nesert device proudly on a pedestal? He is there too. To use the plugins, you need to install the Lunar Library module.

Minecraft mods: an oak tree with a face in the Mystical Oak Tree mod.

Mysterious oak

While we're at it, there's another tree that produces supplements: the mystery oak. We couldn't resist including this mini-mode where you can interact with a wise and talking old oak tree. Search for an oak tree in any biome around the world and interact with the tree to hear jokes, facts and more. Be careful not to talk to them during the day as you don't like to wake them up. And don't try to attack them - they will fight back. Five plank golems from Max's Miny Golems, one of the best Minecraft mods, stand in a row surrounded by flowers and grass.

Max mini golem

If you've been familiar with Minecraft Legends since its release, you're probably familiar with the adorable golems you can recruit to aid you in battle in the strategy game. Thanks to Max's Miny Golems mod, these golems now appear in the original Minecraft.

While Max has some familiar faces from Legends of Miny Golems, there are some differences. First off, there are more of the three main Legend golems expected to be added in the future, as well as the Beehive and Slime golems as Max adds a few of his own. Added new items to craft these adorable companions, including new tiles, flowers, and stone grinders.

A frog sits in a pet bed, and is accompanied by text displaying its enchantments, extra health, charismatic, and bubbling, in the Minecraft mod Domestication Innovation.

Innovations for the home

In-house innovation from the same people who brought you Alex's Herd is fueled by both standard and modified player interactions. Enchant your pets, tame an otherwise hideous pack, use them in battle, and let them sleep in their beds. The various spells available cause the mobs in your house to do unusual things such as creeping bodies, teleporting enemies, and striking enemies with lightning. Your creation works not only with Vanilla Mobs and Alex Mobs, but also with mods from other developers.

A range of green and brown trees showing autumn in the Serene Seasons Minecraft mod.

Fixed periods

While you can transition from winter to summer in Minecraft by traveling between the Snowy Taiga and Desert biomes, the Serene Seasons mod brings seasonal changes to the biomes, including improved plant growth and better weather. In some biomes that don't get snow, the cool seasons sometimes open when it snows and brown and orange leaves in fall.

Edit the world

If you follow any of the top Minecraft YouTubers, you've probably heard at least one word about World Edition. Downloaded millions of times, World Edit offers players an easy way to create amazing creations in Minecraft by copying, pasting and moving, as well as changing one type of block to another.

If you're just getting started, check out the video above from Hermitcraft YouTuber Grian to learn what you can do with World Edit.


The relatively new Axiom mode is an alternative to the classic World Edit, offering block manipulation, easy creation of large areas with a few clicks, as well as options for longevity, movement and spawning.

Best Minecraft mods - a detailed bar with stools and wine bottles in the LittleTiles.

Small plates

We're going deep into the Build Mod part of this guide. While Minecraft's block limitations are part of the fun for many, LittleTiles allows those looking for more flexibility to create pixel-sized tiles. There are no limits to your imagination in LittleTiles. The new blocks in this mod can be used to make moving parts, flashing lights and more.

Best Minecraft mods - the Chisel UI allowing players to see the new battery.


Chisel Provides access to a chisel that allows you to change the texture of any block. Featuring a large number of industrial-style textures, Chisel allows players to create the most intricate and complex mechanical structures.

Best Minecraft mods - in FramedBlocks, an arrangement of Minecraft modded blocks.

Frame blocks

Cubes are great and all, but you need a dip every now and then, right? FramedBlocks adds an incredible number of new shapes to your Minecraft inventory to create your own unique structures. Better yet, it has customizable textures. Right-click another Minecraft block on your slope, level, or level and it will take on that texture. Looking for a wool flower vase? You have it.

Best Minecraft mod - Decocraft items, pumpkins, chair, table, toys, and cactus.


If you want a little more variety when decorating your Minecraft home, DecoCraft is the mod for you. Nearly 3,000 new customization items will be added, including chairs, tables, bowls, bottles, lamps, plush toys, beer kegs, and kitchen sinks. You can join the official MOD Discord to stay up to date with all of this.

Best Minecraft mods - in Bibliocraft, here is a set of shelves filled with books, armour, and weapons.


Bibliocraft has many beautiful blocks, but they all have their own characteristics. Originally based on customizable bookshelves, Bibliocraft also offers display cases and shelves to display your armor and trophies. In the game, you can use the printing machine to copy the books. A monocle is also included for the experienced Minecrafters among you.

Best Minecraft mods - an assortment of fruit and vegetables in Pam's Harvestcraft 2 UI, list of crops.

Pam's harvest 2

Along with building mods, Pam's Harvestcraft 2 brings new menu items and some serious changes to your Minecraft diet. Following the original version of Palm Harvest - still usable in Minecraft versions up to 1.12 - PH2 is divided into four different modules: Food Core, Plants, Trees and Food Expansion. The end result is a Minecraft diet that is both beautiful and balanced. If you want to make this an essential expansion for vanilla Minecraft rather than fun, use it with Hunger Exit and Spice of Life, both of which punish your bad eating habits.

I hope with all these mods you are ready to get lost in Minecraft again. If you need a handy tool to manage your mods, our Minecraft Forge installation and usage guide will help you organize your modding needs. If that's still not enough of a change from the standard game, check out our list of the best crafting games on PC.

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