Rolling And Bashing Through The Combat Arenas Of Go Mecha Ball Demo

Rolling And Bashing Through The Combat Arenas Of Go Mecha Ball Demo

The action tends to fall between two extremes: tactics and gameplay. In tactical action, you time your moves by judging your opponent's move for an opening, then use it to your advantage, while in arcade games you do the same thing, but much faster. Go Mecha Ball belongs squarely in the latter camp of game designers, featuring a mega kitten stomping around the battlefields and eliminating every sneaky blinking robot in its path. It's business as usual for Kitty-Mech, so she transforms into a ball to punch, loot, stun, and kick any robot that gets in her way.

Go Mecha Ball is a roguelike game that travels through a randomized series of arenas designed for high-speed rotation. Ramps and boosters are everywhere to send the mechanical ball through the levels, but at every moment you'll have to decide if it's really a good idea. The spinning and crushing robot is vulnerable to enemy firepower, as the trick to controlling the flow of combat is knowing which Go Mecha Ball weapon is best to use at any given moment. Getting airtime and attacking more enemies is certainly stylish, but these days you die from the explosion of the weapon you have inserted or from using either ability. Can stand while running.

The Go Mecha Ball demo has arrived on Steam as part of the ongoing Next Fest and features every video game imaginable, from hyperkinetic action to techno paint art style. Each run consists of three floors, with three arenas each, before ending with a quick stop at the shop where you can spend your hard-earned coins to make some final upgrades before the enemy boss fight. Success or failure, the show ends at home with big blue coins for permanent passive upgrades, active abilities and of course new weapons, the first two of which can be considered as options between levels on the same platform. And next time, they will be attacked from time to time by enemies. This adds an interesting twist to what would otherwise be a short demo and makes Go Mecha Ball one of the latest Steam Next Fest games not to be missed.

It was a battle 😳 (via @battlebots) #shorts

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