Minecraft: Best Food Sources, Ranked

Minecraft: Best Food Sources, Ranked

Main points:

  • The best food sources in Minecraft are those that are readily available and provide more hunger and satiety points.
  • The Choir Fruit below is a valuable food source that randomly drops to players and heals a large amount of Hunger Points.
  • Cooked meat is the best source of nutrition and provides 4 hunger points and 12.8 hunger satiety.

Food is a vital resource in Minecraft . Without food, players cannot run in survival mode and will slowly become discouraged and starve if they run out. Luckily, Minecraft has a wide variety of food sources, some options are more vibrant or environmentally friendly than others, meaning every player can eat the best food in the game.

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The best food isn't based on the tastiest or rarest food in Minecraft , but rather mixes in food that's easiest to get, fills the hungriest bars, and has the longest shelf life. There are many food sources in Minecraft , and some are not worth it while others are essential.

Updated October 9, 2023 by Jake Fillery . The fun players can have in Minecraft seems almost limitless. From the infinite fantasy of creation to the endless caves and exploration biomes that emerge as the player ventures into the unknown. Since there is so much to do in Minecraft, players may want to know the best way to survive in these endless worlds, and what better way to survive than through food? The best food in Minecraft heals the player, and the greatest food easily finds resources for crafting and gathering energy from the food supplies the player carries. Whether it's 64 pieces of meat or 64 snacks, everything offers Minecraft players the best food sources for their adventures. Luckily, there are tons of brilliant flavors in Minecraft.

13 choir fruits

  • Break out the choir plants at the bottom.

Choir Fruits can be found in abundance when exploring the End after defeating the Ender Dragon. However, traversing here is a final activity in itself, and players may not want to attempt it just to get fruits. However, Chorus Fruit randomly teleports players, which can save their lives.

Not only does the Chorus Fruit allow players to teleport freely without being harmed by the Ender Pearl, but it also heals multiple hunger points, and the fund's shared resource means players can obtain this fruit in incredible quantities from one another Dimension can be transported.

12 candies

  • Make crafts with wheat, eggs, sugar and milk.

Although cake may not seem like the most practical food to complete a quest with, the fact that it can be easily prepared with the abundance of resources available makes it a good time for anyone who wants to bake a cake. The benefit of eating a cake in Minecraft is that everyone is full and no animations are required to eat it.

By placing a cake, players can click an action button to eat it and even let their friends enjoy the sweets. Eating the entire cake can give the player 14 hunger points, or just one bite can give them 2 hunger points. Desserts are great for maintaining group work.


10 bread

Bread is a common food and very easy to get. To get bread, players need to look no further than grass, which can be found in almost every major biome, as all they need is a seed to drop. Players who grow this seed will receive wheat, which requires three grains to make bread.

Bread generates 2.5 hunger points when consumed, which isn't a bad value, but satiety of 6 hunger points reduces this considering some players eat more bread than they produce. In any case, bread is a good source of nutrition, especially since it can be sold to villagers or easily prepared.

9 carrots

  • It is grown from other carrots.

Although carrots only satisfy 1.5 hunger points, their ease of cultivation makes them an excellent source of nutrition. Finding a bunch of carrots isn't difficult, and players can get an unlimited supply as long as they keep them, especially with Redstone. Carrots grow quite quickly, especially in the presence of bone meal.

Carrots may not have the best satiety or hunger, but the fact that they can leave a player starving in a cave with nothing more than some water and a piece of dirt means they can be used in infinite quantities.

8 baked potatoes

  • Plant the potatoes and then cook them in the oven, smoke them, or over a campfire.

When growing potatoes, players can become frustrated if they don't use them, especially if they get rotten potatoes that poison them. However, potatoes are a great source of food in Minecraft , as they can be cooked with any fuel to create baked potatoes. This vegetable is also a great way to cause trouble for experienced Minecraft players, as it is a pacifist way of playing.

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With a baked potato in hand, players can expect an increase in hunger by 2.5 points and satiety by 6 points. Although the saturation is not the best, growing potatoes is very easy if the player has potatoes. Creating them also gives the player a bit of experience, so they are at least worth having on hand at all times.

7 cooked lamb

With only 3 hunger points, cooked lamb performs quite well in the food department. Players can get cooked lamb by killing a sheep and get raw lamb. Cooking raw lamb will give you some experience points and a good source of food. Sheep can be found in many Minecraft biomes, including some excellent biome mods that players should try out.

The problem with cooked lamb is that it comes from sheep, which are a very valuable resource because they can produce wool. Wool is suitable for a number of purposes, so keeping sheep alive on a wool farm is better than owning a sheep farm.

6 cooked chickens

Chickens are found everywhere in Minecraft , although they are difficult to catch but not that difficult to cook. Eating cooked chicken gives players 3 hunger points, which is a good amount, especially considering the hunger satiety level is 7.2. Boiled chicken is also easier to give away with Looting 3 thanks to the sword.

Players can expect a better experience with fried chicken as it requires cooking in an oven, smoker, or campfire. The reason it isn't at the top of the list is because chickens have other uses as they lay eggs and can take up some space on the farm. They also tend to spawn in almost all biomes.

5 baked salmon

  • Catch or kill salmon found in the waters and then cook them.

Salmon is quite common in Minecraft . All players must fish or complete underwater missions. Salmon spawn quite frequently and in sufficient quantities. However, making salmon will give the player a bit of experience, but aside from the ease of finding goldfish, the satiety points are the real selling point.

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Cooked salmon gives the player 3 hunger points and 9.6 satiety points. This means that while salmon is easy to find, players don't need to use a lot of edible fish to get through the day in Minecraft .

4 cooked pork

Pigs come from different sources in Minecraft . Although it doesn't grow on trees, it can yield lots of pork chops. Pigs and boozers can drop raw pork chops, but when killed they will throw cooked pork into the fire. Since there are many hoglins foods in the Netherlands, minced pork chops are not a problem.

The best source of pork is definitely in the Netherlands. Hoglins can pack a big punch, but are guaranteed to be violent thanks to their huge rewards, which give players a powerful sword-roasted pork chop with fire-like loot. One benefit of roast pork is its incredible satiety index of 12.8 and hunger index of 4.

3 cooked beef

By killing a cow or a science-loving geek, players will receive a piece of raw meat. This raw meat can be cooked like any other to gain experience and give the player cooked meat. This is the best food source in the game as it provides the player with a huge amount of 4 hunger points and 12.8 satiety points.

Statistically, cooked beef is the best source of nutrition, but the fact that cows only have one use other than prey means they are great for farming. Roast beef can spawn up to 64 pieces, as can other materials, and with Looting 3 players will never run out of the best Minecraft farms.

2 golden apples

  • Craft apples (found by destroying tree leaves) and gold nuggets.

Apples are a great resource in Minecraft , but they can be made even better thanks to Golden Apples. On the player's side, they see themselves as gods who can take on the Ender Dragon and the Shattered. Although it's probably wise not to test the Guardian's power, as not even a Golden Apple can keep these horrors at bay.

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Gold is in abundance as players arrive in the Netherlands looking for more resources for their growing empire. Therefore, players should invest in Golden Apples as they not only cure hunger for 4 points, but also regenerate for 5 seconds and absorb for 2 minutes.

1 golden root

  • Use the workbench to combine carrots and gold pieces.

Making a golden carrot is easier than making a golden apple because it only requires browned pieces. These bars are found in abundance in Holland, or players can simply convert them into 9 bars using the Gold Bar. This means players can craft a powerful food item that satisfies 6 hunger pangs by effectively consuming one gold bar per carrot.

While players won't see the added benefit of getting a Golden Apple while using a Golden Root, their hunger will be satisfied for a while thanks to the 14.4 regenerating respawn points, meaning you won't be eating a root every minute must. . stay alive. live


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What is the best food in Minecraft?

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