The Best Minecraft Servers List 2023

The Best Minecraft Servers List 2023

What are the best Minecraft servers? We've taken a look at some of the best multiplayer servers out there to find the best, friendliest, and most fun of them all. Joining one of the various Minecraft servers on this list will invite you to a magical world full of enthusiasts, builders, Redstone masters, and like-minded people. The worlds of Minecraft are endless, so what better than sharing them with others?

While single-player Minecraft is still one of the best games out there, there's nothing better than diving into the world with friends and creating worlds. The servers below are not just builders and there is something for you, such as Minecraft mods, parkour, PvP or many other things. So dive into the world of multiplayer with these amazing Minecraft servers , or if you want to know how to host your own Minecraft server, scroll down to the bottom of the list.

Here is a list of the best Minecraft servers to join in 2023.

MCC Island

Server IP address :
Game modes: mini-games, parkour

The MCC, or Minecraft Championship, is a popular event in the Minecraft community that brings together YouTubers to compete in a series of PvP and Parkour mini-games. Created by NoxCrew. The visual creators of the best maps, races and worlds, puzzles and Minecraft games are built with dignity. Even if you can't attend the event with your favorite content creators, you can join MCC Island, a multiplayer server featuring MCC minigames and more.

After a closed beta period, MCC Island is now available to anyone with open access, and all you need to do to sign up is enter the IP address in your Minecraft multiplayer section, making sure you're running version 1.19.4+. .

Complex games

Server IP address :
Game modes : Pixelmon, Skyblock, Shards, Dungeon, Hunger Games, Survival, Creative, Minigames

Complex Game is another very popular Minecraft server that offers a variety of games including Survival, PvP, and PvE. While The Hunger Games, SkyBlock mode, and Amazing Creative Realm are highly recommended, Complex Game, like the aforementioned Pixelmoncraft, also offers a particularly popular version of Pixelmon that allows you to capture and trade hundreds of Pokémon.

To enable some of the mods for this game, including Pixelmon, you must first install a mod pack. While this requires a little more effort, it also means that when you don't want to join a multiplayer server, you can still play Pixelmon in single-player mode. If you're looking for a fun environment to capture your first Pixelmon, try our list of the best Minecraft races.


Server IP address :
Game modes: Parkour, Survival, PvP, Creative, Skyblock, Factions, Prison

Manacube is one of the only major Minecraft faction servers with minimal paid classes thanks to a recently revamped store. It also has a great Minecraft Skyblock server, as well as survival, parkour, and crafting servers.

Manakube is known for his amazing parkour gameplay. If you're looking for something a little different, the island game mode lets you survive on a mostly underwater island while avoiding toxic waters. Or Olympus, a dungeon-based server where you have your own lands to roam while earning money and discovering new, more profitable locations.


Server IP address :
Game modes: Minigames, Sky Wars, Hunger Games, Hardcore, Parkour

It is not complete without the largest and most popular of the best Minecraft servers, Hypixel. Hypixel will still be the most popular Minecraft server in 2023, no doubt thanks to many games like Cops and Criminals, Duels, and Murder Mystery.

Its SkyWars game mode is a careful PvP version of the classic Minecraft Skyblock server. Here you have an incredible variety that makes the Minecraft HiPixel server a great place to laugh with your friends.


Server IP address :
Game modes: Pixelmon, Role-playing games

The Pixelmon mod is one of my favorite Minecraft mods and the only thing that could make it better. In multiplayer, of course. PixelmonCraft is just that and one of the best Minecraft servers of all time. The Pixelmon mod takes the popular Pokémon theme and turns it into a multiplayer experience.

The geniuses behind PixelmonCraft not only faithfully recreated the locations and cities from the Pokémon games, but they also replicated the gameplay as much as possible. In Minecraft, animals can be replaced by Pokémon and can be captured and used in battles. As expected, there are gym bosses to fight, Pokémon to buy, and tall grass to escape from. Don't forget to choose the right Minecraft skins to use on these servers, and our list includes the perfect Ash Ketchum skin for PixelmonCraft.

This server proves that the blocky beauty of Minecraft is the perfect home for Pokémon games, and it looks like the Pokémon PC game you've always dreamed of.

The Hive™

Server IP Address – Keystone only
Game modes:
mini games

As one of the biggest and best Minecraft brick servers in the world, there's always something fun to do on HiveMC. From hide and seek games to survival games, HiveMC covers all genres. Additionally, this highly engaged community is constantly releasing new mini-games and maps to host them. Visit their website to stay up to date with the latest updates. Unfortunately, HiveMC is not available in the Java version of Minecraft.

OP blocks

Server IP address :
Game modes : Dungeon, Skyblock, Creative, Survival, Pixelmon, One Block, Factions, Earth, Bedrock

With an impressive 4.9 star rating from over 5,000 votes and a reputation for quality, OPBlocks is one of the best places to look for compatible game mods. It's particularly proud of its friendly, carefully gated, "no poison allowed" community, and its dedicated staff who keep the game up to date; It is compatible with the latest version of Minecraft 1.20 and updates its own games with new exclusives and updates. . Main content: Constantly updated game updates. It even has a Battlepass and an online store.

Crazy craft:

Server IP address:
Game modes : Survival, Skyblock, Factions, SMP, Lifesteal, Dungeon, Crossplay, PvP, Pixelmon, Bedrock

Considered one of the largest and oldest Minecraft networks in the world, InsanityCraft has been around since 2012. It offers many games and game modes, but is best known for Faction, Survival (SMP), and Skyblock. It regularly hosts events in each of these areas and has made many thoughtful changes to improve the fun, such as special courses and multiple quests and apps. Their website has an online store that sells boosts and cosmetics for the game, and offers a helpful wiki to keep you up to date on how the server is doing each game.

Vortex network

Server IP address :
Game modes: Dungeon, Skyblock, Survival, Pixelmon

Vortex is a well-supported server network that regularly hosts around 2000 players. The main game modes are Dungeon, Skyblock, Survival and Pixelmon, all of which receive regular updates and exclusive content. However, the unique appeal of Vortex Network is the space theme; Its users are called astronauts, and special maps and resources are often based interstellar on exotic space stations and star cruisers. If you're looking for a cosmic touch and high-quality support for these game modes, look no further.

SMP donut

Server IP address:
Game modes: Vanilla Minecraft, Survival (SMP)

DonutSMP bills itself as a "hardcore" Minecraft server with an emphasis on Survival Multiplayer, or SMP, throughout. The goal of these servers is to be the richest player on the server, but other than that, the rules can be very different. In the core of DonutSMP, the rules are minimal. Crying, stealing, and killing are allowed, plus if you die, there's a delay before you rejoin the party.

That doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom; The site takes a number of measures to maintain a friendly community and justify social-capitalist Darwinism, such as banning piracy, exploits, UI unfair advantages, and more. Several multiplayer modes are supported, but DonutSMP gets its name from its simple Minecraft approach to the experience. If you want to compete with others without frills and improve your wrestling skills, this is for you.


Server IP address :
Game modes : survival, lifestyle, skyblock, crossplay and foundation

in the year Netherit is a completely new server created in 2022 with a simultaneous population of around 1000 players. It aims to provide the best experience in iconic games Survival, Lifestal and Skyblock that pride themselves on quality and innovation. It regularly updates these games with the latest patterns and is compatible with Minecraft version 1.20.


Server IP address :
Game Modes : Sky Lock, Survival

Another new and growing server network, Penguin.GG, was launched in 2022 by Minecraft YouTuber SB737+ with the goal of providing a quality version of the popular game mod Skyblock. In less than a year, he meets regularly with around 1,300 players and has now added Survival SMP to his offering. It is supported by many custom add-ons in both in-game and out-of-game modes, including custom leaderboards and items that can be purchased through the online store.


Server IP address :
Game modes: Minigames, Skyblock, Factions, Dungeon

Ark has a large population of players who enjoy its regularly updated Minecraft game mods. It is one of the most popular Minecraft faction servers and Minecraft Skyblock servers and also offers Hayes game modes, dungeons, and outdoor environments.


Server IP address :
Game modes: parkour, mini-games

Miner is one of the oldest Minecraft servers, meaning there are years of content and development to explore. With a combination of parkour and adventure, Miner is full of challenges for all levels that will keep you busy visit after visit.

among us

Server IP address:
Game modes: Among us, battle royale

Minecraft and Among Us are two of the most popular games in the world right now, and because Minecraft has so much creative potential and such a cleverly simple formula, it was only a matter of time before social gaming took off. Reduction found. Way to Minecraft.

While Minecraft Among Us maps are available to play with your friends if you prefer to jump on a public server and play with an unsuspecting crowd, the RGA Minecraft Among Us server is open to everyone and does not require game packs. Although it looks amazing with some Minecraft skins.

Between Us's gameplay has been cleverly recreated, with a boss health bar at the top showing your mission progress and missions played as faithfully as possible; like plotting courses and destroying junk in chests, and even getting a compass to help. you find your search.

my super

MineSuperior is another popular Minecraft server that offers a variety of play styles, including survival, city, and skyblock. More than 2000 players are allowed on the server at the same time and the number of simultaneous players is more than 1000. So there is a vibrant and active community waiting for you to join.

MineSuperior receives regular updates, so there will always be something to keep you and all the friends you make coming back, and you will never feel like your time on the server is up.

The death of the mineral.

Server IP address :
Game modes : Survival, RPG, PvP

PvP and PvE come together for this server recreation of AMC's The Walking Dead. Fight, work and survive on a huge map, fight with travelers and other players. Much of the action plays out like DayZ's version of Minecraft, with players doing whatever it takes to get out alive, a Minecraft survival server on a whole new scale. Miner Dead features major locations from the television series, such as Prison, Woodbury, and Alexandria.

The great theft of my cart

Server IP address :
Game modes : RPG, Survival, PvP

Grand Theft Auto combines two great PC games: Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Are you ready to enter a physical branch of GAME and race with Trevor and his friends in Los Santos? With houses to own, guns to shoot, and bad cops to run from, you can experience a fantastic GTA recreation here, making it one of the best Minecraft servers.

my wind

Server IP address :
Game modes : Survival, PvP, Hardcore, Minigames

Don't expect a particularly pleasant experience on the Miniwind server. Instead, you get the best place for heartbreak, player assassinations, and cheating. Your goal is simple, try to survive as long as possible, it's still Minecraft, but you will encounter countless Minecraft hordes, dealers and assassins.


Server IP address :
Game modes: role-playing games, survival

RuneScape fans can now take their Minecraft skills to 99 in this carefully crafted Minecraft Server RPG, one of the best MMOs you'll ever play. Two years of hard work has resulted in the most accurate representation of all RuneScape locations, monsters, and abilities. Minescape is inspired by OSRS and RS3, so players of both should feel right at home.

Pirate crafts:

Server IP address :
Game modes : RPG, Survival, PvP

If you think our list of the best pirate games isn't challenging enough, Piratecraft is for you. Create, build and loot ships on PirateCraft, a server dedicated to the golden age of scurvy and piracy. One of the most ambitious servers we've played on, Piratecraft even has a fully functional ship-to-ship combat mechanic. Like all Minecraft ideas of this size, it's a little complicated, but it works. Ships can be built and sailed in the ocean, and cannons can be mounted on the hull and used to blow up enemy ships.

A simple but functional economy on Earth replicates modern trading and looting, players can create their own homes in Minecraft and Minecraft relies on "safe zones" to store and store treasure. Safe zones are protected from bad guys, meaning you can build whatever you want, others will destroy your masterpieces.

Piratecraft's salty atmosphere makes it one of the best RPG servers in the crafting game. Of course, if you play as a pirate, there will be pain, and if the owner is in a safe area, other players can surround him. Attackers destroy "soft" blocks and generally harass themselves away from the defender. At the same time, boats can be stolen if the owner does not arrive on time. So if you're looking for a Minecraft PvP server with a twist, this might be the buried treasure you're looking for.

Minecraft Middle Earth:

Server IP address:
Game modes: Creative

If ever there was a classic world immortalized in texture blocks, it was Tolkien's Middle-earth. This still-unfinished project is based primarily on Peter Jackson's cinematic vision of Middle-earth. As long as you follow the rules, you can help advance the world-building of humans, elves, and small creatures. It's easily one of the most ambitious releases to date.

Westerosi Crafts:

Server IP address:
Game modes: Creative

If Middle Earth is our classic Minecraft fantasy server, WesterosCraft is our cool modern server. From the Wall to the Red Keep of King's Landing, Westeros Craft is a huge server with many Game of Thrones symbols in amazing detail. Most of the environments are created from TV show designs, making most of the server feel like a trip to the virtual world of HBO. Kings Landing is especially interesting.

Like Minecraft Middle Earth, the Lannister fortress of Casterly Rock is still a work in progress. If you know Winterfell from Dreadfort, you can join in and support the next house of death and violence.

Agriculture and crafts

Server IP address:
Game modes: RPG, Survival, Economy, Minigames

Line dancing, horse training and farming. Ranch n Craft is one of the best Minecraft servers if you want to ditch the shootouts and saloon fights of other Wild West-themed servers and embrace the simplicity of country life. With tons of rider-focused features exclusive to the server, it's perfect for Minecrafters who are very comfortable in the saddle.

Users can claim land and create their own farms, raise horses, and farm as they wish. Additionally, Ranch n Craft is one of the most peaceful servers with a mostly problem-free community and an army of helpful moderators.

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