Techno Marching Band MEUTE Drops ‘Taumel

Techno Marching Band MEUTE Drops ‘Taumel

MEUTE is an 11-member techno group that performs techno, house and deep house songs by famous producers. In addition to original works, successful compositions for orchestral instruments were also arranged. On Friday, November 18, MEUTE TAUMEL's article was published.

The 12-track body features pulsating techno, deep house sounds, energetic beats, stunning instrumentation and more. In fact, the group from Hamburg, Germany proves that it brings a new sound to dance music.

According to trumpeter Thomas Burhorn, who founded the group in 2015, TAUMEL means "fall" in German. Also, this German word can mean a feeling of giddiness or ecstasy. There is also the word Frudentamel , which means arousal, hence the ambiguity of TAUMEL .

"It's about the many feelings you get when you fall and lose control of everything," she said. "Sometimes it can be beautiful ... you can fall with joy, and you can also fall with insecurity. That describes our situation in the last two years, when [Covid-19] shut down all cultural life. The world."

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