Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus

Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus

Techno-Claus (who looks suspiciously like Sunday Morning Correspondent David Pogue) has a gift for gadget lovers on your holiday, work and play lists:

Good morning dear friends, let's all stop, think and say hi to me, Techno Klaus! I'm here to celebrate the work I've done with high-tech talent for 14 years. I'm happy here with the nicely furnished room, the cheap clothes, the lack of accent and everything.

Mute Button ($40)

- You shut up! People come closer. This will not happen to me! Because look what I got: if it's green, they hear you; You can't if it's red. No need to mess around with icons for this fun elf; I'm not _______ ass anymore.

Hotdot Cordless Hand Warmers ($30)

I don't like those chemical hand warmers, you use them once and then they're just rubbish. But they are electric! Reusable, see? Both sides will prepare you for the degree of your choice. Winter doesn't mean "cool" anymore. And hey, in a pinch, you can charge your phone!

Renfo Wireless Jump Rope ($26)

So what should I do in training? no! As if you are jumping from a rope! Low ceiling? No problem! A bottleneck? Long hair? You can work even if you are stuck in your chair! This will extend your jump to the phone or right here, and don't worry if you pull out the actual cable!

JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker ($45)

You know who likes music while they work? My baby! But ordinary speakers are placed on shelves. But it's portable, stuck in your car, on your desk, or even next to you. The volume and bass are very good and the waterproofing is a nice surprise!

Covobox ($57 and up)

Before: cable and mechanism failure and after: I removed all the dirt! That's right! Don't let the pretty look fool you - this is a bookcase made from stacks of books. The books are saved, and if that's not enough, you can now hide your stuff in the trash!

KJOY LED Car Sign ($60)

How many times have you considered saying something to the driver while driving? Do not be silent! Post this Bluetooth demo, select a message here and send it! Notes, thanks, instructions or animation - it's up to you!

Therabody Smart Glasses ($200)

The world, frankly, causes us stress, headaches, excessive and poor sleep. You can heat them as you like. The app will help you find peace and the monitor will slow down your heart rate. I know 200 cheats isn't cheap, but who's going to pay for an upgrade and sleep?

All this, dear humble: a gift of joy. I want you to like them; I have to run now! I still use reindeer for work because no one makes reusable sleds!

Story by David Rothman. Editing: Mike Levin.

Techno Klaus is coming to town.

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