Minecraft Player Makes Photorealistic Battleship

Minecraft Player Makes Photorealistic Battleship

A creative Minecraft player reveals a photo-realistic recreation of a World War II battleship created in Mojang Studio's block building game.

An intrepid Minecraft player has created a stunning visual and historically accurate recreation of one of the World War II battleships that took part in Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf. This isn't the first time players have been inspired by the history of Mojang Studio's sandbox title, as Minecraft Battle of Vicksburg is now using the game in an amazing way to educate people about the Civil War.

Since its first release on PC in 2011 as a little-known indie game, Minecraft has captured the hearts of players around the world and become the best-selling game of all time. With versions of Minecraft on platforms ranging from mobile phones to consoles, the game allows players to create whatever they want on any device. The game's simple yet versatile block building system allowed players to create everything from a working computer to a replica of Minecraft Las Vegas.

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In a post on R/ Minecraft , Reddit user Speelicious shared some photo-realistic screenshots of the Iowa-class ship in Minecraft. From the waterway next to the ship to the 9 16 inch blasting ship's gun, the attention to detail in Minecraft creations is amazing. Wanting to make sure Minecraft fans can explore the historic game for themselves, Speelicious has responded by saying anyone can download it. Although the battle was created without the use of additional modules, players who want the same visuals as the screenshots should download the shadow pack that Speelicious uses.

Reactions to photos of the awesome Minecraft ship have been overwhelmingly positive, with some fans posting photos of actual Iowa-scale ships to highlight how accurate the recreation is. Another poster who was fooled by the awesome Minecraft ship images stated that they thought it was a real image until they looked at the text up close. Players are used to seeing recreated locations and fictional properties like Star Wars Minecraft , but as you can see from the reactions to these images, seeing a story in the game was something special for some players.

In the 11 years since the game's release, Minecraft has become a hotbed for players' imaginations, and in that time has spawned innovative and unique players. By allowing players to create anything they can imagine, Mojang's Block Creator infuses the expressive "sandbox game" in a way that few other games can. Whether players are building a giant battleship or donning a Minecraft Kratos skin to scare the crap out of, there's something for everyone.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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