Looking For A New Tablet Under 700 SAR For Your Family? Here Is Why The Smart Family Entertainer HUAWEI MatePad SE Is The One To Go For!

Looking For A New Tablet Under 700 SAR For Your Family? Here Is Why The Smart Family Entertainer HUAWEI MatePad SE Is The One To Go For!
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Finding the best tablet for your needs can be difficult, whether you're looking for a portable and durable tablet for school or a great second screen to keep next to the sofa. We hope we can help you find the right tablet.

From light office tasks like sending emails, drawing, and presenting, tablets are great tools for consuming audiovisual entertainment, gaming, and more.

The amazing thing about tablets is that everyone can use them for different purposes and they have become indispensable for families. Whether you are looking for a new high-end entry-level tablet for personal use, your kids' school or the whole family in 2023, at 700 SAR from the Saudi Arabian government you have come to the right place. We definitely recommend the new HUAWEI. MatePad SE because it offers a smart family performance and is therefore our favorite

Responsive HUAWEI full-screen 2K display

The HUAWEI MatePad SE's 10.4-inch display shows photos and videos on a clearer screen with complex and vivid details thanks to high 2K resolution, 83% screen-to-body and 225 DPI. 4096-level brightness adjustment changes in real-time according to the ambient light conditions, refreshing the eyes every time. In addition, the 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE has passed the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free certification, which effectively relieves eye fatigue.

Powerful 6nm octa-core processor

The 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE features a 6nm octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset, four 2.4GHz Cortex-A73 performance cores (high frequency) and four Cortex-A53 efficiency cores with 1 .9GHz. The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) has been further improved and several core-specific improvements have been implemented to ensure a smooth experience. The tablet features low power consumption and continuous output, delivering unparalleled entertainment and audiovisual performance. In addition, the HUAWEI MatePad SE has 3GB RAM and 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage for smooth processing.

immersive voice

The audiovisual experience is one of the main features that make Huawei tablets unique. The 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE packs two speakers into its slim body and emits sound from the left and right sides for a fully immersive listening experience. Histone 8.0 provides adaptive and contextual audio effects and fine-tuning based on frequency range and volume level, and supports audio clarity enhancements.

The 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE improves the sound and makes film interviews, short videos, online lessons and video calls a pure pleasure. A unique half-channel human voice extraction algorithm emphasizes voices. Even better, the 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE uses a low-layer algorithm to detect application types and automatically adjust speaker sound effects and delete audio without lifting a finger.

Finally, the 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE with intelligent scene recognition offers user-friendly optimization solutions for sound effects in different scenes. For example, users expect immersive stereo sound and resonant bass effects in their ears when watching movies, listening to music, and want to know every subtle change during the game.

Great tool

The HUAWEI MatePad SE has Super Device features that allow you to manage your devices and connections from one place and share devices between accounts, making cross-device tasks easier than ever. With the HUAWEI MatePad SE, you can connect to FreeBuds or HUAWEI Vision devices by swiping on the respective icons. For example, change the sound of a tablet to a pair of Freebuds or a movie to HUAWEI Vision Lounge with drag-and-drop.

The tablet offers a seamless user experience with a combination of service widgets and same-sized service widgets and different-sized shortcuts for easy access to your favorite content and features. The new multi-window feature supports up to four tasks simultaneously, making the tablet a great multitasker. With the new and improved app multiplier you can open up to four ongoing tasks in one app.


Kids need tablets to help them understand the world and learn new things, but at the same time, kids can't control themselves enough to limit screen time. This can cause parents to worry about the risk of damaging their children's vision. For example, children often look forward to cartoons and can quickly become addicted to the game, which directly affects viewing and learning motivation. Kids Corner is designed for kids at home, it offers time control, multiple eye protection and a fun balance of education and fun like drawing board, recording and photography. In addition, multiple Kids Corner themed interfaces are designed to work with multiple eye protection and timer interfaces to ensure parents' safety and fun when using the tablet.

In addition, parents can manage usage time, apps and content in Kids Corner, allowing them to set different time periods throughout the day. For example, parents can let their daughter or son use the tablet between 5 and 6 p.m. or between 7 and 9 p.m. after dinner for up to 20 minutes outside of school. You can also set different settings for weekends and holidays, allowing the tablet to find the perfect balance between learning and playing to meet different needs. In the app manager, parents can choose which apps children can access and which videos and photos children can see in the content manager.

Simple and reliable

To make it more convenient for all family members to hold, the 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE is incredibly light, weighing only 440g. In addition to the thin body, the tablet features a micro-curved design on the middle frame, which makes the device even thinner, more comfortable to hold, and does not tire your hands even after long-term holding. The user is at home or away.

The 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE is optimized in many ways and has passed tough drop tests to prevent it from being bent or damaged by carelessness, such as falling.

The 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE features a new high-performance antenna design to improve signal reception. Compared to other tablets in the same class, the 10.4-inch HUAWEI MatePad SE has a better network connection even when the signal is weak or there are multiple devices on the network.

price and availability

The HUAWEI MatePad SE will be available in the Saudi market from January 18 at a price of SAR 699 with price offer. You can shop from Huawei online platforms and verified retailers.

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