Beyoncé Is In Good Company! See The Top 18 Artists With The Most Grammy Wins

Beyoncé Is In Good Company! See The Top 18 Artists With The Most Grammy Wins

Beyonce: 32 Grammy Awards

Sometimes in a year. The "She Broke My Soul" singer has won a total of 32 Gramophone Golds (and 88 nominations) throughout her solo career and debuted with daughter Destiny's Child.

Beyoncé took the stage to accept the record-breaking award and expressed her heartfelt gratitude.

"Thank you so much. I try not to get too emotional. I'm trying to take this night. I want to thank God for saving me. Thank God," she began. She continued: "I want to thank my uncle Johnny who Not here but he is in spirit. I would like to thank my parents—my father and mother—for giving me love and encouragement. I want to thank my beautiful husband for watching my three beautiful children at home."

The icon shares his passion for the queer community, which he credits with inventing the dance/electronic genre. "God bless you. Thank you Grammy. Thank you," he finished.

Georg Solti: 31 Grammy Awards.

Anglo-Hungarian conductor George Solty has received 31 Grammys in 25 years. The famous conductor received his last Grammy Award in 1998 - 1998. In September 1997, a few months after his death at the age of 84, in Richard Wagner's opera "Nürnberger Meistersinger" .

Outside of the general category, he won a Grammy Trustee Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award, although the two special awards were not included in the overall standings.

Quincy Jones: 28 Grammy Awards

A titan of the music industry with over 70 years of experience, Quincy Jones has 28 wins and 80 Grammy nominations. Until 2023, the artist held the record for the number of hits by a living person. Jones won his first Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement in 1964 for "I Can't Stop Loving You".

The wins were awarded in different genres and categories and were awarded multiple times for album and year. Most recently, the talented star won the 2019 Grammy Award for Best Musical for the Netflix biopic Quincy .

Alison Krauss: 27 Grammy Awards

Bluegrass singer and violinist Alison Krauss has won 27 awards for her nine solo albums and seven Union Station albums. He won his first Grammy at age 19, winning Best Bluegrass Recording for "I Got That Old Feeling" from his second solo album.

Korean Chicken: 27 grams

Krause's fourth Grammy Award was tied with the late jazz musician Chick Corea. His compositions have been consistently nominated for Best Jazz Group Performance since his first win in 1976 for No Secret , which he performed with Back Forever. In 2022, Correa won Best Latin Jazz Album for Mirror, which he shared with pianist Elaine Elias and composer Chucha Valdes.

Pierre Boulez: 26 Grammys

Pierre Boles 2016.

Vladimir Horowitz: 25 Grammys

These three took the seventh place in the award ceremony. Uladzimir Horowitz was the first Russian pianist to score 25 points. In this year

Stevie Wonder: 25 Grammys

In addition to the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996, Stevie Wonder has an impressive 25 Grammys. The legendary pianist also set his own record for Album of the Year wins: Wonder and Frank Sinatra are the only artists to win Album of the Year three times.

Even better, the "We Can Do It" artist is the only artist to win Best Album three times in a row. Wonder won awards for Innervisions in 1974, The Finals in 1975 and Key Songs of Life in 1977.

John Williams: 25 grams

John Williams is best known for his work on soundtracks for some of the most popular films of this century and the past. He has won Grammys for notable scores including (but not limited to) Jaws , Star Wars , Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and ET .

J-Z: 24 grams

With 24 wins, Jay-Z isn't as honored as his fellow Grammy winner, but he and Beyoncé each have 88 nominations. The "99 Problems" rapper won his first award in 1999 for Volume 2...Hard Knock Life and has topped the hit hop charts ever since.

Kanye West: 24 Grammys

Along with JAY-Z, Kanye West has a total of 24 Grammy Awards, winning several of them. In 2022, the rapper won two of the five awards he was nominated for, but days before the Grammys, West was banned from performing at the show. People confirmed that the decision affects West's "online behavior."

U2: 22 Grammys

U2 won their first of 22 Grammys in 1988, starting with the award of the year for their fifth album The Joshua Tree , and the same year they won Best Performance by a Rock Group on an Album. In 2006 they won the coveted category again with their 11th album How to Break on an Atomic Bomb . Although U2 last won a Grammy in 2006, that was the year they were nominated for the award.

The Irish rock band consisting of frontman Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. was recently nominated for Best Rock Album of 2015.

Vince Gill: 22 Grammys

Country star Vince Gill is among the top 15 Grammy winners with 22 awards. "When I Call Your Name" debuted at No. 2 on the genre chart, though it and Alison Krauss' country shared the number one win, while Gill, Krauss and Union Station took home the award for Best Country Collaboration of 2015. In 1996 they won an award for the song "High Solo Voice".

David Frost: 21 Grammys

Music producer David Frost has won 21 Grammys, including seven for Classical Music Producer of the Year. In 2023, Frost surpassed four other musicians with 20 awards, making him the 14th-highest-paid artist in his award streak.

Bruce Springsteen: 20 Grammy Awards

With 20 wins under his belt, The Boss holds the record for 15 Grammy winners. Notably from 2003 to 2010, he won at least one category every year. The eight-year span included music on five different Springsteen albums.

Henry Mancini: 20 grams

Henry Mancini received 20 Grammys during his career as a composer. The Recording Academy presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously in March 1995, nine months after his death at the age of 70.

Pat Matheny: 20 grams

In addition to being the top Grammy winner, Pat Methan is the only person to have won in 10 different categories. In this year

Al Schmidt: 20 grams

Engineer/producer Al Schmidt is 15th at the Grammy Awards, but his legitimacy is bolstered by his fellow winners. He and 28-time winner Quincy Jones shared the 1991 Grammy for Best Non-Classical Engineered Album. In 1962 Schmidt shared an award with Henry Mancini for outstanding contributions to mechanical engineering.

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