Where To Get Your Techno Music Experience In Paris

Where To Get Your Techno Music Experience In Paris

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Photo of the entrance to Le Carmen Paris nightclub with a red neon sign

Techno music is a genre of music characterized by electronic beats and mostly wordless lyrics. Although there is a variety of techno music today, my favorite is melodic techno. This type of music, as the name suggests, usually includes very familiar and easy-to-remember "melody" melodies and melodies. Popular melodic techno artists include Tales of You, Biceps and Monolink.

In the year August 1, 2022 Since I'm moving to Paris for a year of study at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, I'm looking for good techno clubs and festivals in my new city, with a special focus on melodic techno. In this blog post I will introduce you to the most famous techno clubs in Paris and give my opinion on them.

1. Zenit Paris

In the center of La Villette green park, in the 19th arrondissement , the Zenith Hall is a large event hall where many concerts are held every year. I went to this club to see one of my favorite melodic techno artists, Bicep. Although the concert hall seats about 700 people, it was not crowded. The special effects used in the show were great and I had a great time.

Photo of Zenith nightclub in Paris with pink and blue neon lights

2. Carmen

This is one of the "real" techno clubs I've been to. Located in the 9th arrondissement , it's the "alternative" side of Paris compared to Moulin Rouge and London's Soho. This club has two floors. One focuses on "pure" techno music, with no repetitive melodies at times. On the other hand, on the ground they play techno music with electronic and often melodic sounds like night and artists.

What I like about this club is the interior design (see the picture below). The main room feels like you're hanging out in an elite club like the Palace. At the same time, the red light turns the room into a very cool "Berlin techno club" atmosphere, which reminds you of Berg.

Photo of Le Carmen Paris nightclub with red lights inside

3. Mirage Paris

Finally, my favorite Mirage Paris in the 8th arrondissement near the Champs-Élysées near the Arc de Triomphe. This club is known for hosting special DJs from Thursday to Sunday. This means that you are often surrounded by talented young people in their twenties and twenties who are mainly DJs, not just for clubs. This creates a great atmosphere in the club where everyone dances, meets the DJ and appreciates the "art" of their techno music.

The club itself has a very Japanese design and uses red and blue lights like Le Carmen. However, unlike Carmen, Mirage Paris offers a more intimate setting, accommodating 80 to 100 people. That's why when I go to this club it feels more like a private gig than a big club experience.

Image of Mirage Paris nightclub with blue and red neon lights

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