George Winston, GrammyWinning & MillionSelling Pianist, Dies At 73

George Winston, GrammyWinning & MillionSelling Pianist, Dies At 73

Grammy-winning pianist George Winston, whose albums Autumn, Winter Into Spring and December fused jazz, classical, folk and other styles, has died aged 73.

Winston died Sunday after 10 years of battling cancer, according to an announcement on his website, a spokesperson confirmed.

"Throughout his cancer treatment, George continued to write and record new music and pursue his greatest passion: performing for live audiences to raise money for Feed America to fight hunger crises across the country and donating the proceeds from each of his concerts to local food banks," his website says. .

His last album, Night , came out last year.

A native of Michigan, Hart grew up in Winston, Montana, Florida and Mississippi and draws influences from Fats Waller to The Doors. She has released more than a dozen solo piano albums, as well as scores for the This Is America, Charlie Brown and The Velveteen Rabbit miniseries based on Meryl Streep's children's classics. He published Jungle in 1995, which won him a Grammy for Best New Age Recording among his lifetime nominations; most recently, a nomination for Best New Age Album for Montana: A Love Story in 2006.

“I discovered a melodic style that I played in 1971 and I've always called it 'Folk Piano' (or, more accurately, 'Country Folk Piano') because of its melodic and simple approach, much like guitar and folk music. it's got songs and it's got a country sensibility," reads an excerpt from the Q&A section of its website.

"I play as many songs as I can, inspired by the seasons, topography, region, and sometimes sociological elements, and I try to develop as a musician over time."

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