Eliza Rose Explores Her Duality On New Heater “Take You There”

Eliza Rose Explores Her Duality On New Heater “Take You There”

Eliza Rose's "BOTA" is one of last summer's lasting memories, with the British artist's stunning music making The FADER's list of the best songs of 2022. This year he's shown he's not behind the song, releasing singles "Pleasure Peak" and "Better Love." impressive, and he gradually developed his craft. Rose returns today with the song “Take You There” and a fun and entertaining new video.

“Take You There” is equal parts dark and happy, with Rose transforming her vocals from flirtatious and feminine to deeper and more masculine at one point. Amsterdam's techno beat Steve De Haan gets the ball rolling as the song hits the dance floor.

The song is accompanied by an equally interesting video, in which Rose can use both masculine and feminine styles, playing her role, and inviting her friends for a walk. There's even a little bit of clay used here, which makes it look weird and sticky.

“Take yourself there on an intergalactic journey filled with unique East London legends,” Rose wrote in an email. -These visuals were created by a team of my closest creatives on the planet. Explorers travel through the wilderness. As we travel through the din of voices, ready to set the club world on fire, intergalactic realities emerge from all sides. Through the singing of the song and feminine energy, four characters are born: Drag Elijah the Rude Boy, Spangled Sister, Doo Wop Baddie, and Highway Heist Queen, who help paint a world symbolizing duality and binary notions. There are different versions of us in this world, but in Elizamere they are completely crazy.”

Eliza Rose will tour North America this fall, including appearances at the Portola and III Points festivals, as well as an October 6 show at Brooklyn's Elsewhere.

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