Techno India University Hosts Convocation Ceremony; Read Full Details Here

Techno India University Hosts Convocation Ceremony; Read Full Details Here


professor dr in the presence of the Chancellor. At the opening of the 2023 graduation ceremony, Dr. Gautam Roychowdhury 4,500 Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees at IUT including PhD students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Techno India University believes in providing a holistic education to future generations and emphasizes the importance of ethics, discipline and the responsibility of students towards their community, society and nation.

Tech-India University has awarded bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to 4,500 students, including those who graduated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting was held on August 10, 2023 at Biswa Bangla Convention Center where Shri. NR Narayan Murthy was present on the occasion as the main guest and addressed the gathering.

That day, Shri. Sourav Ganguly was awarded a PhD for his outstanding contribution to Indian sport. Shri Ratan N Tata was awarded a PhD in absentia for his exemplary career as an Indian industrialist and philanthropist. In the field of Indian music, Kavitha Krishnamurthy Subramaniam was awarded the title of Doctor of Letters for her memorable efforts. Ms. Sushmita Sen was awarded the Doctor of Letters title for her contribution to Indian culture and her inspirational work in promoting the education of women and children. Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay was awarded Doctor of Letters for his immortal contribution to Sri Bengali literature and Doctor of Literature for his outstanding contribution to children's health, particularly during the Covid crisis. dr Tessie Thomas also received a Doctor of Letters from the Indian Institute of Technology for her role in developing Indian aerospace systems expertise through her pioneering work at DRDO.

Vice Chancellor Mrs. Dr. was present at the event. Vice Chancellor Manoshi Roy Chowdhury Dr. Gutam Sengupta, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Sameeran Chattopadhyay (former Job), Editor Prof. Dr. Mohit Chatterjee, Pr. Somprakash Bandopadhyay (Director of the School of Management), Professor Dr. Bidyut Baran Chowdhury (former professor), Dean of Scientific Work Prof. Dr. Omar Nath Malik (Ex-NIT, DGP) and all Directors of Techno India Group College. Important personalities were present on the stage: L. Subramaniam (famous violinist and former composer), prof. dr. Uday Banerjee (Director of the Bose Institute), Prof. Dr. Sanghamitra Banerjee (Director, ISI, Calcutta), Professor Dr. Arvind Chaubey (Director, NIT, Durgapur), Shri. Devashi's Sen (Chairman, HIDCO) and Shri. Devidas Dutta (Ex-Director WBSEDCL). Major General H. was present. Dharmarajan, GOC Bengal HQ Sub Area, Kolkata, Shri. Abhijit Dasgupta, Commander of the Coast Guard, RHQ, and Commodore P. Shashi Kumar, a West Bengal Navy officer at the plaza, helped instill discipline and respect for the country in the students.

Tech-India University believes in providing a holistic education to future generations and emphasizes the importance of students' courtesy, discipline and responsibility towards their community, society and nation. With this in mind, graduates and gold medalists receive awards from their parents during the graduation ceremony on the stage in front of the teachers. Teachers present certificates to students. This unique initiative was created to evoke special emotions in the minds of students that will stay with them for a lifetime. On August 10, 2023, Tech-India University demonstrated a way to instill deep respect for parents in Indian education system.

“India's techno university has always been a hub of innovation, an institution where brilliant minds come together to shape the future. Our facility has stood the test of time, adapting and evolving with the changing technology and educational landscape. I am confident that Techno India University graduates will not only excel in their respective fields but also make significant contributions to the global discourse on innovation and progress. May your dreams be bold, your research relentless and your impact profound,” said Prof. Dr. Diplomas and even exams were held as expected and the results announced. We are honored to have Shri Narayan Murthy with us. August and for sharing his valuable knowledge with the students. Great effort is put into the teachers who tirelessly taught their students online during COVID-19 and did whatever they could to help the students. Congratulations to all winners! Let's push the boundaries together, continue to innovate and create a world that reflects the limitless potential of each of you,” said Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co-Chair of Techno India Group.

“Congratulations to all graduates. As you embark on a successful career journey, remember that the path may be difficult, but your determination and passion will pave the way. As each sunrise opens up new possibilities, your efforts will pave the way.” Your dreams. Face challenges as they lay the foundation for your greatness. To the next generation of pilots, innovators and leaders – may your future be as bright as your potential,” said Mr. Meghdoot Roychowdhury, Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer. Techno India Group.

Last updated on August 11, 2023

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