This Mom Gave Her Baby The ‘Most Outrageous Name As An Experiment & Now Shes Stuck With It

This Mom Gave Her Baby The ‘Most Outrageous Name As An Experiment & Now Shes Stuck With It

Having grown up in a world full of Brittanys and Jessicas, I completely understand the desire to give your child a less popular name. But with names like Blaze and Bellamy becoming very popular now, parents need to think outside the box. (Think Elon Musk and Grimes' childhood names: outrageously "adopted"!)

Journalist Kirsten Drysdale contributes to ABC's What the FAQ program in Australia. She was pregnant with her third son when someone asked, “Is there a name you cannot legally give your child?” Sure, she could do a little research, or perhaps call the NSW Bureau of Births, Deaths and Marriages, but she wanted to know first-hand what would happen if her baby's name was rejected. When she gave birth to her son in July, she named him "Meth Rule," according to The Guardian.

In a video posted on YouTube, Drysdale holds his baby and types "Drysdale Meth Rules" on his birth certificate application. "OK. It's pretty simple," he said in the video. "And maybe that name won't be on the list, so for now we'll just wait and see."

The video then fast forwards five weeks and shows Drysdale showing off his official birth certificate. He said: “It worked. The Drysdale Meth Rule is official!” Can you imagine?

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“We thought we had come up with the most outrageous name we could imagine and thought it would be rejected,” she said, according to the Guardian , adding that her husband tried to convince her to agree to it. “But it didn’t work out—unfortunately, the meth ordinance wasn’t passed.”

Drysdale continued: “We chose methamphetamine because we thought no one would think it was the right word. But we were wrong." And how wrong this is! No one would have thought that a name like Met Rules would be approved and printed on an official birth certificate!

A spokesperson for the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages confirmed that someone had reviewed all the names and said it was an "unusual name" that had "unfortunately slipped through the cracks." They added that they have strengthened the name verification process and will work with the family to change the name. However, this is still pointed out.

“Names registered at birth remain permanently on the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages Register,” a spokesperson told the Guardian . - Although the name has been officially changed.

In Australia there are no other names other than methamphetamine that you can choose for your baby. This includes anything that is offensive, not in the public interest, contains more than 50 characters, contains symbols, or is an official title or title such as princess, queen, or goddess.

In the US, naming laws are slightly different - otherwise Nick Cannon wouldn't be able to name his daughter "The Mighty Queen". According to, each state has its own baby naming laws, although most states ban names that are considered "offensive." California and many other states prohibit the use of accents and diacritics in names (e.g. Khloe Kardashian).

Other states such as Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, North Carolina and Oregon allow some foreign accents and letters on birth certificates, according to In New York, first and middle names cannot be longer than 30 characters, and last names cannot be longer than 40 characters. In Massachusetts, first, middle and last names cannot be longer than 40 characters!

If you want to play around with the baby's name, keep it in Illinois or Kentucky, where there are no restrictions.

Until Drysdale chose a new name for his little boy. “My husband said his nickname should probably be 'Speedy', but I'm sure he'll come up with his own nickname to suit his real name and personality,” Drysdale told the Guardian. "He's a very calm boy, a beautiful boy, so he doesn't look like a drug addict."

Baby Matt may soon have a new name, but one day he will have the ultimate trump card in the famous game of "two truths and a lie." No one will believe that the official title used to be “Meth Rules”!

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