CreatorsClout Adds Influencer Powerhouse Techno Ruhez To Its Talent Roster

CreatorsClout Adds Influencer Powerhouse Techno Ruhez To Its Talent Roster

MUMBAI: Creators Klout, a talent management company in India, has onboarded influential tech content creator TechnoRoughz to its talent roster to help it reach a wider audience. The partnership will help tech creators establish strategic business partnerships, sponsorships and collaborations for the Klout Talent List, increasing their market access.

Techno Ruhage has always had a passion for technology and when it came time to turn his passion into a career, YouTube was the easiest solution. He started on YouTube and uploaded a few technical videos. In 2015, he followed and was inspired by the world's leading technology innovators. She reached the milestone of three million subscribers in five years.

Creator Klout focuses on talent management, helping influencers and content creators run their businesses more effectively. Tech Ruhage, a leader in technology content creation, will benefit greatly from professional representation, especially when its business reaches a point where contracts and brand partnerships require additional support. You can provide professional representation and negotiation support to Techno Ruhage. Creator Klout's range of services extends to consulting on content creation, strategic monetization and overall deal structuring. The company's hands-on approach is linked to its ability to manage professional relationships and ensure the demand and use of creative personalities in advertising and business. Additionally, Creator Klout's industry knowledge, insights and connections help TechnoRhedge navigate industry trends, regulatory changes and new opportunities.

Commenting on his addition, Ayushi Aggarwal, Chief Operating Officer of Creators Klout, said, “I am delighted to welcome Tecno Ruhage to the Creators Klout family. His experience, influence and innovation in technology content are perfectly aligned with our vision to be the best. -talent level. Our goal has always been to provide unique support and opportunities to our talents, and at Techno Ruhage we are taking significant steps to enhance our capabilities in the shipping and technology sectors. We look forward to working together, seeing growth together and success in this dynamic industry reaching new people.

Techno Ruhage added: “I am very excited to embark on this new journey with Creator Klout. Their talent management skills and dedication to their talent are truly impressive. Joining their team gives me the exciting opportunity to develop my technology content to the next level and explore new perspectives. I look forward to this collaboration."

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