Huawei Unveils Joint Fellowship With ITU, Makes Strides In Digital Inclusion

Huawei Unveils Joint Fellowship With ITU, Makes Strides In Digital Inclusion
Dongguan, China

Huawei said it has already connected 90 million people in remote areas in nearly 80 countries as part of its commitment to the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Partner2Connect (P2C) digital alliance. The announcement is part of Huawei's first progress report since joining the alliance last year.

Dr. Huawei CEO Liang Hua made the announcement at the company's 2023 Sustainability Forum, which was themed "Technology Breakthrough: Achieving Sustainable Development." In addition, Doren Bogdan-Martin, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine; Jeffrey Sachs, Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Commissioner of the UN Broadband Commission; and representatives from telecommunications ministries and regulatory bodies, including those of Pakistan and Ghana. Participants explored how digital infrastructure can contribute to sustainable development and help build a smarter, greener and more inclusive world.

“Next-generation digital infrastructure, such as connectivity and computing power, is as important to socio-economic development as our physical infrastructure, such as roads. This new infrastructure will be critical to the sustainable development of the entire society,” said Dr. Liang. “IT is a key enabler of productivity in the digital economy. Rapid implementation of IT infrastructure will help accelerate digital transformation and facilitate deeper integration in many areas. Digital and real economy. This can further contribute to global economic stability and sustainable development."

ITU Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan-Martin added that Dr. Liang's comments said: "We must not compromise between sustainable development and a digital technological future that promotes human and environmental progress."

Huawei firmly believes that digital talent is the key to future technological innovation. To promote greater digital inclusion and develop future leaders, the company deepened its partnership with ITU by launching a scholarship called the ITU Generation Connect Young Leadership Program in partnership with Huawei.

The scholarship will open early next year and will last for three years. Each year, 30 young visionaries (aged 18 to 28) from around the world support their projects using digital technologies to promote community development.

Jeff Wang, Huawei's President of Public Affairs and Communications, said: "Huawei is proud to partner with ITU in this important work and witness the strong progress of young visionaries in global digital integration. Recipients will receive financial investment in their projects, mentorship. From ITU and Huawei experts and the opportunity to participate in joint events.

"Thanks to the joint efforts of ITU and Huawei, young people will learn, contribute and lead the digital world," said Dr Kosmos Lakisan Javazawa, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau. “Digital technologies are a necessary condition for the rapid implementation of the SDGs. We encourage young people to cross borders and make transformative investments in the growing global digital ecosystem. I am grateful to Huawei for this great partnership and look forward to the global impact of this innovative project.

Founded by ITU, the P2C Coalition promotes smart connectivity and digital transformation worldwide, prioritizing remote communities in countries and regions without digital access. Last year, Huawei signed a global commitment to connect 120 million people in remote areas in more than 80 countries by 2025. In cooperation with local ministries and universities, Huawei has already provided 2,066 training opportunities in Cambodia, the first P2C ITU partner country.

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