Techno Echo: End Of Year Minifestival

Techno Echo: End Of Year Minifestival
Techno Echo and Pyramid Club are pleased to offer you a wonderful evening of electronic music. This is the last Pyramid Club concert of 2023!

Techno Echo hosts monthly meetups for women and non-binary music creators to share knowledge about light and sound technology. With special micro-performances and demonstrations over time to connect and build community in a supportive environment. We invite you to join us to learn about the incredible group of musicians we have!

SONYA WATERS is a soloist who performs meditative soundtracks for fictional films. The music is backed by layers of lush synth orchestration, West Coast Moog cross mosaics, and haunting vocals. The semi-modular tracks create richly textured soundscapes reminiscent of 1960s and '70s British television themes, old library music, and the eerie sounds of folk horror.

JAPES is the pseudonym of P┼Źneke-based songwriter, producer and DJ Mia Kelly. With a background in sound and broadcast art, they combine elements of indie rock and electronica to bring you meaningful sounds and songs.

VARDA is a guitar and synth duo from Te Whanganui-a-Tara. It combines the talents of Roux of Unhealthy Napkin and Displeasure and Alison, formerly of Sydney psych group The Dandelion. They want to be like Boris and/or the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Under the Radar described his music as "a mosaic of majestic guitars and shimmering, emotionally shimmering rhythms." They are beautiful and friendly.

WATERVALLE is the catchy, enduring avant-pop project from Amber Johnson (Ngapuhi, Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa). Combining dreamy bass analog synths with heavenly vocals and lush flutes, the beats are mesmerizing, smooth-sounding, and tempos range from sparse to polyrhythmic. He strives for beauty and emotional depth in his music.

LORAZEPAM is Lora Martin's outdoor pop label. Using the tracker as a DAW, Lorazepam's music consists of looped digital sounds, carefully selected melodies and often distorted soundscapes for fluid composition.

Special thanks to Creative NZ for supporting the Pyramid Club programme.

Anoebis @ Cycles Of Life 2019, Belgium

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