YouTube Introduces AIGenerated Music With Dream Track Feature

YouTube Introduces AIGenerated Music With Dream Track Feature

YouTube is getting into AI-generated music with its new Dream Track feature. The platform is testing AI creation features, allowing users to create music tracks with simple text requests or by humming tunes. Available now to select creators in the US, the Dream Track feature automatically creates 30-second music tracks in the style of nine famous artists, including Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Sia and T-Pain.

Created to mimic the styles of collaborating artists, Dream Track was discovered as part of YouTube's AI-generated music analysis while respecting copyright rules. YouTube strives to maintain a balance with major record labels, with an emphasis on the responsible use of artificial intelligence. The first group of collaborative artists includes Charlie Puth, John Legend, Sia and more, reflecting YouTube's commitment to deeper connections between artists and creators.

The Dream Track feature is being tested with a small group of solo creators in the United States. Users can create music by providing text messages, such as "Ballad of How Opposites Attract, Upbeat Acoustic" for a Charlie Puth-style track or "Sunny Morning in Florida, R&B" for a T-Pain-inspired track. The software creates AI-generated lyrics, soundtracks and voices that sound like those of the chosen artist, focusing on integration with the YouTube Shorts service.

YouTube also introduced other AI music tools that allow users to create music tracks without traditional tools. DeepMind's Google Lyria music creation template provides these tools. Audio generated by Lyria AI includes the inaudible SynthID watermark, which helps identify AI-generated content, even if it has been edited.

With the music industry wary of AI-generated content, CEOs including Universal Music Group Chairman Lucian Grange have backed YouTube's experiment. The Dream Track initiative is described as an experiment that explores the potential of technology to create meaningful connections between artists and creators.

The YouTube Dream Track feature is part of an experimental phase aimed at developing collaborations between artists and technology partners. The platform actively seeks feedback from participating artists to shape the future of AI-generated music. It is unclear how the AI ​​technology was trained and possible monetization strategies, highlighting the experimental nature of Dream Track.


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