OPPO Find X7 Pro Schematic Render Appears Online Revealing Display And Design Aspects Ahead Of Official Launch

OPPO Find X7 Pro Schematic Render Appears Online Revealing Display And Design Aspects Ahead Of Official Launch

When the curtain rises on the Oppo Find However, a well-known insider hinted that this could be a plot twist and the actual design details could suddenly change.

Digital Chat Station, a well-known PR guy, has shared an exciting look into the future with the schematics of the upcoming Oppo Find X7 Pro. This exclusive preview was shared on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo. In a story from previous leaks, the recently released Oppo Find X7 Pro renders show a different camera island design. Contrary to speculation about an octagonal shape, the renders indicate that Oppo may stick with a circular camera island reminiscent of the Oppo Find X6 Pro smartphone. The visual intrigue continues as Oppo continues to keep us guessing with its description of the Find X7 Pro's design.

Adding to the fun, the open layout highlights the Hasselblad branding and a circular camera island equipped with a dual periscope lens. The LED flash occupies a unique position in the top left corner of the smartphone, separate and distinct from the camera island. Oppo's Find X7 Pro seems to create a visual narrative that combines innovation and style.

Oppo is expected to feature its branding prominently on its upcoming bottom-center production units. On the right side, users will find the power button and volume rocker, while the left side can house the alarm slider. The featured image clearly reflects Oppo's commitment to a design philosophy characterized by thin bezels, underscoring the company's commitment to providing an immersive user experience with maximum viewing surface.

Digital Chat Station recently shared information about the upcoming Oppo Find X7 Pro smartphone model. According to the source, the device could have a 6.82-inch LTPO AMOLED display with 2K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. Additionally, an ultra-thin optical fingerprint scanner is expected to be included, hinting at a possible advancement in the display technology and security features of the Oppo Find X7 Pro.

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