The Best Electronic Music Of 2023

The Best Electronic Music Of 2023

Clockwise from top left: Dina Abdel Wahed (Photo by Yassin Madab El Hamrouni), Lauren James (Photo by Ivor Allis), Marina Herlop (Photo by David Zuracino/Europa Press via Getty Images), Yeji (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella ) and Veraco (Photo by Kasia Zakarko). Photo by Chris Panicker.

Electronic music is often boiled down to a few characteristics, even for fans: it's upbeat, energetic, and sometimes utopian. For aura lovers, it is relaxing, meditative and spiritually centered. But part of the beauty of electronic music is the breadth of possibilities. Choose your weapon: In 2023, you can choose a sharp tool (Yaeji's With a Hammer ) or a garden one (Marina Herlop's Careless Nekkuja ). You could do a full Rumble with Skrillex and Fred again... and Flowdan, or the kind of sweet confrontation that Lauren James was looking for on her solo album. Brazil's DJ K reminded us of underground terrorism, Lisbon's Danefox unleashed his anxiety, and Medellin party boss Ferraco brought down a scandal. The best e-publications of 2023 were identified through their unique and individual perspectives. ( Perspective : Also the title of this year's excellent Jlin EP.) But perhaps it was James Holden who summed it up most eloquently, with the title of his most evocative album: Imagine This Is a High-Dimensional Space of All Possibilities .

In alphabetical order, the following list represents the best electronic albums and singles of the year, with additional selections in addition to our main list selections.

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The third stage: the end of the accounts

Like his colleagues in Cairo (Zuli, Abadir and the community of artists represented in the compilation series “Do You Want: Irish” ), the anonymous musician known as 3Phaz creates songs that distort the traditional geographical center of club music, displacing the American one. And European. References He prefers regional sounds like Chaabi and its electronic variant, Mahraganat. 3 Phaz's palpable tones shift between leather drums, metal noise and piercing digital accents, and his beats transform the high beat of the moment into fluid new compositions. Their hybrid approach makes even classic sounds sound new: just look at “Shabber,” which gives the old Dutch style known as chatter a lightness its original creators could never have imagined. -Philip Sherborne

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Actor: “Momentum (A1)”

Renowned English electronic producer Akturja, known for her rare, edgy and sometimes off-beat compositions, makes her way to the dance floor with the catchy instrumental track “Push Power (a 1)”. On the floor, four steady basses draw a polished piano line, while recurring improvisations provide a mysterious and colorful commentary on the movement. The subtle vocals are hypnotic, but also smooth, energetic and balanced, as befits a song that captures the cerebral standard while becoming kinetic. -Daniel Felsenthal

Listen: The Momentum (1) team.

Antonio Napoli: field

Anthony Napoli built his reputation on hard-hitting, distorted club riffs, but Orbs is the latest and greatest in the New York musician's penchant for smooth, laid-back sounds. It stands out from the latest ambient music lineup for its focus on hard-hitting beats (Napoli hasn't forgotten its lessons on the dance floor) and skillful blending of electric bass and guitar alongside the usual synthesized pads of water. . The music resonates with you: After repeated listens, songs that at first glance seem like background music reveal subtle emotional arcs. -Andy from

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Aphex Twin: "Blackbox 21f Life Recorder"

Aphex Twin's first single in five years oozes soft nostalgia, like a happy memory fading at the edges. Dedicated to its late parents, the Blackbox Life Recorder 21f starts off with a summery softness, and the warmth and sheer comfort of the 2014 Syro can be seen through a soft filter. Pop and textured drum programming offsets elegant synths that float like orbs. Eventually, more elements pile up (break beats, crashing cymbal clusters), but the emotion within cannot be hidden. - Major Van Nguyen

Listen: Aphex Twin, "Blackbox Life Recorder 21f"

Avalon Emerson: "Dreamliner"

Avalon Emerson turned away from club music and into pop for his debut album, but he didn't completely abandon the sound that made him a popular DJ over the past six years. On “Dreamliner,” he weaves transitions throughout the track: sharp kicks and tightly sequenced arpeggios that recall the mechanical technique of his back catalogue, but the dance rhythm gradually slows, giving way to the playful synth melody that carries the second piece. In the middle of it all, his cold, plaintive voice does double duty as punctuated tone color and subdued melody: a reminder that for a musician with vision and skill, he can indeed have both. -Rob Arcand

Further Reading: “Why Techno Revolutionary Avalon Emerson Traded Featherlight Dream-Pop Club Tracks”

Listen: Avalon Emerson, "Dreamliner"

Bambi: "EVIL GYAL" [ft. Mrs. Leakes]

Over the past decade, Toronto's DJ BAMBII has brought a boundless utopian spirit to his fans, fusing club music with the cultures of the Caribbean diaspora. WICKED GYAL, from her debut EP Infinity Club , takes this concept even further, with British MC Lady Leakes spitting Jamaican undertones over flowing synths and beats. Leaky's scolds him for his bad behavior, smokes into the microphone and warns that one wrong move could put his hands at his throat. He's drawn to the dance floor, but when he moves, "everything happens." -Jesse Locke


Blawan: Deconstructed on the Juice EP

Spending time with Blawan's Dismantled Into Juice EP is like riding a defunct ghost train. Randomly eerie noises (broken, rotten, stretched out a little too long ) blare out of you as the rhythmic structure holding you up begins to crumble at your feet. If you're looking for human comfort, you won't find it in Monstera Black's expertly streamlined vocal lines, which eschew tight lyrics and melodies in favor of Elizabeth Fraser-style ambiguity. You can almost feel connected to the powerful industrial technology that is Blawan's bread and butter. But “Dismontled Into Juice” is its own movie, an after-dark horror show. -Ben Cardew

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Super Summon: Eulu's spasm

When Eden Samara sings “These are the branches between the spaces” on Call Super’s “Sapling,” she almost describes the sound of the entire album: creaking wood and rustling leaves moving and expanding with graceful grace. JR Seaton's fourth live album fuses an ear for earthy, improvisational sounds (heavy drums, slow strings, floating horns) with the pointillistic precision of '90s microhouse and Braindance. Seaton has suggested that this is his most personal album to date, a framing that often suggests the artist is trying to reach some sort of understanding with the listener. But if the anagram-like song titles don't make it clear that Seaton doesn't want to reveal the whole picture, the sensual strangeness of this music certainly does. -Daniel Broomfield

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Dina Abdel Wahed: Lead Mountains

Tunisian producer Dina Abdel Wahed, who was born and raised in Qatar and now lives in France, describes her music as a “revival” of Arabic music, taking familiar urban forms and re-entering the globalized club scene. He worked with the musician Khayyam Al-Lami from the Rassas Mountains to obtain electronic tones that correspond to the Arabic musical scale, which helps explain the extraordinary tonal richness of these songs. The album, whose title translates as “Lead Mountain,” is named after the limestone peak in southeastern Tunisia where lead was once mined; Abdul Wahid says he chose the repertoire for its exceptional beauty, but once you know the translation, it's impossible not to detect traces of the metallic element in the music's smooth sheen, supple textures and menacing heaviness. -Philip Sherborne

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DJ +1: Aromatic

Aromáticas , produced by Colombian producer DJ +1, is inspired by the infusions his mother used to combat seasonal changes in her hometown of Bogotá. Despite the project's unfortunate origins, DJ +1 gives each song a heavenly sheen. “Mint” is iridescent and full of thundering bass and shimmering cosmic dust synths. Romero's spirals are reminiscent of a spiral galaxy. Stellar pillows and echo waves swirl in a cluster of stars bound by gravity, interstellar gas and dark matter. Despite its abstract shapes and oblique angles, Aromáticas is a playful and curious fragrance. Listen as you look up at the night sky and marvel at the glowing gas nebula more than 40 trillion miles away. -Isabelia Herrera

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DJ Danifox: Anxiety

Like the rest of the group at major Lisbon record label Príncipe Discos, DJ Danifox delivers elegant, emotional and structured club music infused with African polyrhythms. His tracks are best experienced in a smoke-filled room with a blast system, where the heavy bass compresses the entire body and the spaces between its simple elements begin to feel like literal voids that can be traced through the air in the hand. But Ansiedade , Danifox's latest album, also sounds good on headphones, where you can closely observe the elegant and sometimes disorienting complements of its beats: tiny piano chords, looping synth effects, and quiet vocal parts that make sense. To the music of gloom and distress to aid his slow arrogance. -Andy from

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DJ K: There's no show in the world

Somewhere in Europe, a proud audiophile still believes that minimal techno is the future of electronic music. Enter DJ K, the international ambassador for a new Brazilian funk called Broxaria. São Paulo-born producer PANICO NO SUBMUNDO's album is a stunning collection of supernatural horror that blends maniacal laughter, metal percussion and brass into some of the most exciting experimental tracks on the planet. DJ K made his name at Heliópolis favela fluks (or funk parties) and said the nightmarish humor of PANIC NO SUBMUNDO reflects the harsh reality of life in the slums. But even here there is joy: this man is an extreme composer who knows how to make you blush and move your mind. "Erva Venenos" shreds through Lil Uzi Vert's sample, dial noise, and crunchy vocals; “Isso Não é um Teste” begins with what sounds like an emergency alarm system transmission, followed by booming bass and ringing speakers. The poster that appears throughout the album says it all: “DJ K is no longer producing; He practices magic. -Isabelia Herrera

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DJ Cuz: "Blissda"

DJ Koze is widely known for the incredible eclecticism of his studio albums, but he's also an excellent club DJ, and "Blissda" distills the sympathetic bliss of his dance genius into six minutes of heaven. It is the moon of dreams in the heart: like mercury falling from a drop, it covers an irregular instrument with beats, claps and cymbals. The bass is more of a presence than a line, burning somewhere in the near bowl spots. The gorgeous title track turns catharsis into a vessel: a bit of immortality in a cold bottle. - Brian Howe

Listen: DJ Coz, “Blissda”

All but the girl: "There's nothing to lose."

Although husband and wife Tracy Thorne and Ben Watt have been busy with creative projects over the past two decades, they were a pleasant surprise when their beloved band released Everything But the Girl Fuse earlier this year. The album's centerpiece, "Nothing Left to Lose," picks up where 1999's Temperamental left off. Watt's frozen, distorted, carefully textured production hides immense emotion beneath its light garage veneer. Thorne's elegant, melancholy tone sings of the unbreakable bond between love and pain. “Kiss me while the world falls apart,” she implores with a passion that explains the duo’s reputation as dance music’s dreamiest duo. -Cameron Cook

Further reading: “Anything But An Extraordinary Pop Girl's Journey and Comeback”

Listen: All but the girl: 'There's nothing to lose'

Four Tet: "Three Drums"

Four Tet may be the least known star of the year. After spending the past 20 years perfecting a humane and emotional style of dance music, he was suddenly headlining Coachella and Madison Square Garden with friends Fred Again... and Skrillex, bringing the euphoria of EDM to the masses. . But “Three Drums,” released three days after Coachella, is back in classic fashion. It's majestic and serene throughout its eight-minute duration, better suited to the ocean floor than to be danced to. It turns out that the same things that make it a great party starter—patient construction, detailed textures, and perfect pacing—are also what make Three Drums so catchy on headphones. -Patrick Leon

Listen: Four Tet, "Three Drums"

Honor: Afia

Set between Lagos, London and New York, Honor's debut album is a tribute to ancestors and an Afrofuturist journey. If RZA's Ghost Dog soundtrack was full of concrete goth music, it would have sounded a bit like this: soul samples, found sounds, nursery rhymes and bursts of noise piled into a boom-bap arrangement. Bell hooks and Sun Ra. The weather is turbulent, the colors are cloudy, and visibility is almost non-existent. But despite the overall feeling of bleak unease, the occasional break of clouds creates moments of aching, almost ecstatic beauty. -Philip Sherborne

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Hudson Mohawk / Nikki Nair: "Set the Roof" [ft. Tayla Parks]

While many DJs have turned to 2000s-era pop songs like Britney, Vengaboys and tATu whenever they need to liven up the dance floor, Scottish veteran Hudson Mohawk and Atlanta newcomer Nikki Nair prove that the original can still hold its own. Club Attack "Set the Roof" is an irreversible continuation of the long transatlantic dialogue of dance music "Set the Roof" between British garage and house. But Tayla Parx's voice, whose gritty delivery is reminiscent of the days when Rye Rye was the hottest thing on Hollerboard, makes the song a great treat: Her manic delivery can and will open up your serotonin pathways from every singer. - Sean Rinaldo

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James Holden: Imagine that this is a huge dimensional space with all the possibilities

If we were to do as veteran British producer James Holden suggests and truly imagine a high-dimensional space with all the possibilities, we probably wouldn't need this album's dramatic climax. Therefore, our limitations are also our gains. The Border Community singer's latest LP is an organic electro-rhythmic dream of a record that sees possibilities on every coast. Holden traverses the deep, wild terrain between the ecstatic techno music that made his name and the unbridled expression of lysergic improvisation, where frivolities such as repetition, form and imitation are abandoned in favor of constant movement. Like a Mandelbrot orchestra, you can zoom in or out as you please, and each step reveals both micro and macro details. -Ben Cardew

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Jesse Lanza: Beautiful hallucination

Jessie Lanza has good reason to be confident about her fourth album. The Canadian artist moved to Los Angeles, home of the world's most confident people, but the world has turned to R&B, British garage and house hybrids thanks to 2023 releases from artists like NewJeans and Jung Kook. ,et al. But while pop artists may tend to stick to the harsher tones of electronic music, Lanza does it all . Love Hallucination's production is simple and honest, from the combative drums of opener "Don't Leave Me Now" to the mix of electro-pop and breakbeat of "Big Pink Rose" to Lanza's lyrics. What kind of level. “I hate myself” is hatred in its simplicity, and “Don’t cry on my pillow” is a rejection that cannot be answered. -Ben Cardew

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Glenn: The PE approach

It's a possibility if you leave Jlin with a room full of percussion instruments to try out, courtesy of Third Coast Percussion. It's a blessing for him, perhaps the greatest drum programmer in modern electronic music, and a paradise for us: the former footwork maker builds puzzle-like pads that are complex in their construction and incredibly heavy, like a mound of titanium. Not everything on this six-song EP comes from the sound of sticks hitting things — "Prototype" has a downright bleak electronic bass line, "Derivative" is a tortured synth), but it all sounds like it wants to be , making It makes it even more so. Brilliant. . . Left with a lot of batteries from Jlin's wonderful trail with a lot of batteries. -Ben Cardew

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Julio Bachemore: "The Bubble"

Champagne, floaty, floaty, funky: whatever you want to call it, Julio Bashmore's comeback single had the square, swinging, bubbly, slightly impossible dance club energy that makes electronic music impossible. "Bubblin" falls halfway between a modern two-step mix and the modern filtered noise of French house revival. It would seem like an honest decision from Bristol's bass master if "Bubblin'" sounds like a calculated move. But that's not the case: "Bubblin'" is an echo of the pure, instinctive joy unleashed by Serve Mayhem on the dance floor. -Ben Cardew

Listen: Julio Bashmore, "Bubblin'"

Kieran Hebden/William Tyler: "Darkness, Darkness"

As Four Tet, Kieran Hebden has been creating new possibilities for mixing rhythms and samples with acoustic instruments for over two decades. It's no surprise that pairing with the talented fingersmith William Tyler was a match made in heaven. Centered around much of the 1969 song "Darkness, Darkness" by actress-turned-soul-pop singer Gloria Loring, the song is a slow-burning record of more than 10 minutes, half of which relies on psychological distress. My people are pensive. . . A '70s Miles Davis-style supernova, Tyler listens to predecessors like Sonny Sharrock and Pete Cousy while Hebden hits the beat. The producer says a full album is on the way; It must be big. - Will Hermes

Listen: Kieran Hebden/William Tyler, "Darkness, Darkness"

Lauren James: Nice comparison

On Lauren James's latest album Gentle Confrontation , the British producer enters new personal territory. With his voice front and center, he fills his autobiographical electronic music with glitches and breakdowns. In the haunting climax of “2003,” titled a year after his father’s death, he unleashes an endless choral loop that delicately counterbalances profound loss; The equally cute and adorable “Cards with Grandparents” features laughter and slurping as sources of the skeletal sound present. Elsewhere, James offers a detailed self-examination of his genre exercises: the mercurial "I DM U" fuses synth beats with the darkly melodic beat of Black Midi's Morgan Simpson, while the sultry "One Way Ticket to the Midwest (Emo)" emanates . It eschews the complex, catchy depth of '90s rock for a relaxing, meditative backdrop. The gentle confrontation is wide as it is fun, with very innovative and vital reading corners. - Eric Torres

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Marina Herlob: Nicoja

The fourth album of Marina Herlob depends on the idea of ​​the garden; In fact, if you scratch the legs of its beautiful musical flowers, the dirt is exposed. Nekkuja has all the beautiful audio experiences of the successful album of the Pripyat ; But it is wrapped in a nutritious substance, whether it is a double -rhythm jazz for "CosSet" or the bright and piano for "Reina Morma". After fireworks in Barbiyat , Herlob reached something completely different: dirt, strong, but soft. Bin Cardio

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Nikki Nair: "I can't wait"

Nikki Nair from Atlanta proved herself as one of the most new most exciting sounds in the post -epidemic dance music without releasing a full song at all. Its continued production as a product so far means obtaining extracts from EPS, collaborators, and the unprecedented single song that fell in a state of rhythmic frenzy of its DJ groups. In the absence of one specific statement, each of them presented their own view of their identity as artists: the Popular Party; No, the great talented scientist. The song "Can't Wait" offers the most surprising addition to this list: Poppress Sinth, exceptional. Through the changes in the jazzi tendon and the effect of the automatic voice coding, Nair sings like Randy Newman for our era, which suffers from continuous fatigue, and provides a personal study from the point of view of a strict worker who tries to reconcile his desire for the doctrine of pleasure with his sincere desire to help. Your company grows. Is it a difference? And an indication of future things? You never know with Nair. - Andy from

Listen: Nikki Nair, "I can't wait"

Octo Octa: "Night Love"

For people who suffer from chronic anxiety, strong impulses and vibration of objects can be an obstacle to highness, and not a way to it. But for Octo Octa, who was explicit about her anxiety, the dance track is like a conditioner. His greatest skills as a producer is to welcome the club's fans in its common area, and the movie "Late Night Love" increases his enchanting home style. The wandering brightness attracts everyone to the path, and the drum remains there for 12 minutes, until the celestial sink reveals their destination: it is not the end of a night that smells of sweat, but the peak of euphoria. Octo Octa is the way; All that remains is ascending. Matthew Blackwell

Listen: Octo Octa, "Love late at night"

Olof Dredger: Rosa Rojosa EP

The knife was never known for its accessible warmth, and for this reason it was the first single project for Olof Dredger in nearly a decade of time. The knife observers here will find elements that reminise us of the old Dreijer band, especially the delicious magic melody of the title of the title. But a lot of EP looks like the summer on the cold Swedish coast, starting from the Koduru groove for the song "Rosa Rugosa" to the Flaminco applications for the song "Cassia" and the rhythm of optimistic jazz music for the song "Camelia". A happy sudden return to an artist known to keep his fans awake. Bin Cardio

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Overmono: "Good Lies"

In the title of the first album, Overmono, the dance producers (and the brothers) Tom and Ed Russell cut and rearranged the strange Smerz song No Harm, such as tenants, which led to the conversion of R&B fog for the Norwegian duo into a dance anthem. All the mysterious anxiety of the original singing has been removed, which led to something similar to the soundtrack to meet the love of your life while crossing the Williamsburg bridge in the golden watches. A main kick in emotional chemistry, "Good Lies" turns the source defenses to the source of cute and renewable possibilities. -Keran Press Reynolds

Listen: Overmono, "Good Lies"

Pangia: "Installation"

After a decade and changed since the product of the Pangea electronic devices destroyed the collective minds of British club visitors through intermittent clips and foolish rhythms of the song "Hex", he repeated this fence, but this time it is more sweet and attractive with "Installation". Voice deception is still in the foreground and the center, but while "Hex" seems to collapse as soon as it reaches your ears while it turns around the drums, "Installation" offers a real home dance in Jersey through the boubligum frame. And you ask you to sing with him, even if you do not have any idea of ​​the words. I will say "ESO ES" or Spanish "ESO ES!" - Will Bretshard

Listen: Bangia, "Installation"

Baby: Confirmation

In the music of the Spanish producer Bibi, human development and nature are intertwined in an unstable truce, and his first album challenges the listener to decide which is more beautiful. While it is exciting to hear the miserable robotic sounds of "Optical: Active" and they are slowly swallowed by a mud wall of complex tendons, Reclaim is often more amazing when artificial gardens and utopian aesthetics in the first decade of the twenty -first century. , Among the columns compounds for John Carpenter and Vangelis to feverish optimism in the nineties and the art of champagne for Frutiger Aero. However, behind the music the evil suggestion lies that the current world should be destroyed to make room for a better world. -Daniel Bromfield

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Like many club producers, it appears that the head of the Livity Sound team, PEVERELIST, is allergic to recording coordination. Six years have passed since his last full movie, and this year he had everything he needed to follow up with a precise and varied collection of simple and dynamic technologies. Instead, he divided the eight tracks into two parts (Ah The Ep Pulse Modulation for October is the most emotional between the albumin: "Pulse V" broadcasts the classic Detroit channels, "Pulse Vii" strikes the strong broiler with the surrounding keyboard, and "Pulse Viii" balances the forest extreme anger with an undesirable bliss . . . ("Pulse VI", on the other hand, will be a maná for those who believe that the minimum techno music reached its climax with the classic DBX song "Losing Control" in 1994). Together, Epsy Epsy can be one of the best albums of this year. But hey, it was possible, should, individually or as a whole, the eight paths are great. -Philip Sherburn

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Pure contact: signs

Purelink never cared about drama. Even when the Chicago trio flirted with the dance circuit, they preferred to still rush, stillness over chaos. One of the first songs appeared to be a statement of the purpose: "Preserving Bliss." Since then, they have continued to peel the layers and slow down their foggy tunes and their imaginary rhythms, which is the process that ultimately led to this album far -fetch. Six Signs songs are characterized by deceptive dynamic, and constantly turns from rock songs in the new era into a kind of simple failure that disrupted thousands of Plato albums in the early first decade of the twenty -first century. It may be easy to overcome precise differences, as is when a luxurious and pump structure is added to the mixture. But exact repetition means that every idea lasts, as a picture recorded on the LCD screen. -Kulin Joyce

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Rose: Please touch

The secret of RROSES II album is in the title. Its electronic frequencies are highly vulnerable to calling it. And then who knows? Burn? fusion? Do you become one with the waves waves for the London product pocket? After all, Fusion is the name of the game: the simple technical and environmental drones look like the two sides that are opposite to the Mobius tape. It turns from side to side into an infinite loop, which is a pattern of infinity under the upper part of your fingers. Philip Sherburn

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Skrillics / Farid Steel ... / Fluda: "Dammamah"

Skriex has been returned; Skrillex never left. On the other hand, he has turned with every breakthrough in the sweaty electronic music that his brothers loved: after creating a Dubep brand, he produced Quitro Formica. Eight air strikes and still unique ... emotional invasions. After a few years of calm, Skrilux released an album this year, and "Rumble" is the main fireworks in those albums: a live return to Rumble. The veteran with a dirty flow flies between low -strokes. It is still unique ... helps to close the effects: the lion is the water, the water falls. It rotates and rotates according to the rhythm of the zumba, taking into account the effect of the smell on the helicopters. No one was absolutely accused of the presence of Skrilix Macker, and this is the first fun fun. -Tit Blum

Listen: Skrilux / Farid again ... / Fluda, "Ramble"

Sofia Cortesis: Mothers

The songs "How to make you feel music" may be wrong in different ways, but it is clear in the first album of Sofia Korths that the Peruvian artist has her own medical characteristics. Like all works so far, Moters House has been built on the rush of music, but the dance path is only the starting point for the AFRO-Peru battery, a large group that contains protests and whole parts of Latin America. Interviews. With friends and family who gathered around the world. There is definitely a wonderful sadness related to his mother's care while treating cancer (and finally healing it) during the Kourthesis album. But this openness to pain is what causes mothers to feel emotional purity: it is a bitter dose of our deeper fear, and it is a therapeutic drug given through the sound. -Philip Sherburn

Complementary reading: " Mother Sofia Cortis and the artistic perfection in his first album"

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Tirzi: Trip9LOVE ... ???

At first glance, the last Terza album appears false. Using the same rhythms and tones, almost all songs, trip9love ... ??? There is no easy access to your periodic world. The austere approach highlights the sound of the British product with the regular product Mika Levy, focusing on the composition in the overwhelming repetition. Charles, 808, 808 like a full size and mantra messages in the tremors of love and loss, such as magnetic sleep watch. "Without Borders" with an uninteresting anger, while "2 DECUV" shoes left, which led to a quiet sound of Tirana making an electric guitar. It does not matter the amount of dizziness and limited, trip9love ... ??? Find endless invention and amazing and beautiful strategies in mysterious spells. Erik Torres

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Tumba: South EP

There is a seismic intensity in the rhythms of Cumbbbb, as if the dishes paint failure. While patterns such as home, techno and the forest have been constant for a long time, the manufacturer -based manufacturer has sought to know the birth rates in Geordan. Slow and sophisticated. The result, in six songs, was referring to the southern region of Jordan, which inspired the batteries in an amazing way the sparks of Bass music markets. If it is mixed with club patterns. normal. Philip Sherburn

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Ferrako: "scandal"

The title is the "wild boar" in Spanish, but for a person who is the son of an employee can be a reference to the end of Colombia Girga. The main section of the Medeline Factory for Paria, Plays and Paria reflects two readings. The low line is advanced in the battery rhythm, which is an animal in its durability. Smium people appear to be modest, as if they were at the beginning of a spatial vehicle; Like stones, loudspeakers and air tubes attract the orbit of the Earth's melody. Verraco runs Truatrax with his friends, DJ Lumanda and Nixan. Although European and American producers can achieve many Latin America rhythms to integrate into the international electronic scene, the stamps mention listeners first, especially in the south. It is a "scandalooo" pressure song, but a colonial hypothesis is set aside what is considered forehead. Isablia Herrera

Listen: Verraco, "Skandaloo"

Yaiji: With a hammer

With a hammer , Yaeji drinks regular metaphors (free gears and gears) to study access to lighting: we will build the future well in the end. The balance of the electrical rhythms of the garage and rock Andy is ancient with social responsibility and creative transformation, the first long offer of the singer and the manufacturer, where Whim is similar to the okay -classified monitoring. It hopes its colorful and colorful patterns to participate in human projects such as anger and society to promote and encourage local communities and start freedom with current ideas, such as Lauren James and Tim. As a big blow to your shoulder, Yaeji smile travels in tongues and generations: it's time to go to work. -A Jaca

Additional reading: "Yaeji becomes angry"

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