Infinix Brought Wireless Charging Tech To CES That Can Juice Up Your Devices From Eight Inches Away

Infinix Brought Wireless Charging Tech To CES That Can Juice Up Your Devices From Eight Inches Away

It's been a while since we've seen live wireless charging demos from Oppo and Xiaomi, so we were surprised to hear news of another Chinese mobile brand, Infinix, at CES 2024. This "AirCharge" technology uses low-frequency magnetic resonance to transfer wireless data. Power outputs up to 7.5W and works up to 20cm (7.87in), double that of Oppo's previous demo, and at angles up to 60 degrees. degrees. To be precise, you get between 1W and 5W per device at a distance of 10 cm (3.94 inches) to 20 cm.

Infinix believes that this charging case is ideal for users who want to charge their phone while playing games or watching videos without holding the cable with both hands. With an extended charging distance, you can also install the AirCharge mount under your desk to create a hidden charging area. However, before that, Infinix needs to find a way to prevent nearby metal objects from accidentally heating up. For existing "2D" wireless charging solutions, there are methods to detect external objects, but they become more complex as the charging area changes from "2D" to "3D."

Another safety measure to keep in mind is that if the distance between your phone and the charger suddenly drops, it is not good to suddenly increase the voltage on said device. For this reason, Infinix has already implemented (and patented) a surge protection system at both ends of the chain. The company doesn't yet have a timeline for AirCharge to launch in a mass-produced device, but hopes to eventually use the technology to push the industry standard for wireless charging.

Infinix also introduced its 'E-Color Shift technology', which uses E Ink's Prism 3 and allows you to change the color patterns on the back of the phone. This feature supports eight primary colors, complemented by multiple levels of shading, and can be implemented in a template with over 100 custom fields. Like classic E Ink displays, this Prism 3 panel retains its new color pattern after updating without consuming power.

Once the company figures out how to solve the thermal and thickness issues, it hopes to bring this interesting feature to consumer devices within a year or two. At this point, you can customize the color model through the app, something we didn't see since our demo used phone mockups. Even Lenovo is considering using this display technology on the lids of its laptops.

Finally, Infinix has introduced 'Extreme Temperature Battery' technology for users who have to endure cold climates. While the capacity of traditional lithium-ion batteries decreases significantly or even fails at low temperatures, Infinix solid-state batteries continue to operate at temperatures as low as -40°C or -40°F. When measured at -20°C or -4°F, the Infinix solution provides 50% to 300% more durability compared to other solutions. We may see this battery technology in an Infinix phone in the second half of 2025.

Update 01/14/2024 3:46 am ET: This story has been updated to indicate the correct power output of AirCharge.

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