Infinix Introduces Gamechanging EColor Shift Technology At CES 2024 For Dynamic Smartphone Customization

Infinix Introduces Gamechanging EColor Shift Technology At CES 2024 For Dynamic Smartphone Customization

Infinix, the fashion technology brand for young consumers, today unveiled its latest revolutionary technology, E-Color Shift, at ShowStoppers CES 2024. E-Color Shift allows cell phone panels to change colors and maintain vivid colors without draining power. Infinix also showcased its AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery concept devices packed with the latest and greatest technology to revolutionize the mobile industry.

The innovative Infinix E-Color Shift technology has received the Omdia Innovation Award in the category "Audio, Mobile Communication and Home Entertainment Devices" at the ShowStoppers CES 2024.

Infinix booth at ShowStoppers CES 2024

Where tomorrow electrifies today

Infinix's E-Color Shift technology won the Omdia Innovation Award at CES 2024.

“At Infinix, we are committed to providing user-centric solutions to Gen Z customers around the world. We explore further customization options with a software application that allows for 60 customizable hardware zones, each providing multiple colors.

“Users can also customize the back of the phone to display the time, mood and other features in a dot-matrix format. This approach allows users to express their individuality and convey clear information through a unique phone design that goes beyond simple color changes,” it said. Liang Zhang, CEO of Infinix Mobility phones. "It gives your device a new look."

Infinix E-Color Shift technology

Great fit on the back of the smartphone

Infinix's E-Color Shift technology with E Ink Prism™ 3 revolutionizes smartphone customization and enables comprehensive rear panel customization. This technique uses microscopic structures in which colored particles carry positive and negative charges.

By applying different voltages, the electric field inside the microstructure changes, causing the corresponding color molecules to move and display the desired colors. Thanks to this innovative approach, the phone case can change the case at will and keep the screen on without consuming power.

Infinix AirCharge technology

Unrivaled workload and performance in all environments

Infinix showcased the latest technologies at the event including Infinix AirCharge and Extreme Temp battery. Infinix AirCharge uses innovative magnetic resonance and multi-coil design algorithms to enable wireless charging up to 20cm at a 60-degree angle.

It is equipped with some protection circuits to ensure safety at frequencies below 6.78 MHz and to provide 7.5 W of power. This method goes beyond traditional charging and allows users to easily charge their devices under the table while playing games or watching videos.

Infinix battery is very hot

In collaboration with leading technology providers, Infinix has solved the problem of mobile phone battery failure in extreme cold weather by introducing Extreme Temp Battery. This innovative battery, which integrates biomimetic electrolyte technology and solid-state fusion technology, performs perfectly even at -40°C. With the ability to charge in temperatures from -40°C to 60°C, the Extreme Temp battery provides reliable performance and durability in cold environments and overcomes the common cooling problem of lithium-ion batteries with standard batteries.

In addition, Infinix launched the first Infinix Carpool Show, where prominent tech and lifestyle influencers explore upcoming mobile charging technologies and experience innovations first-hand ahead of CES 2024. This series will be featured on Infinix's official social media. platforms. Sync with CES week!

Infinix Note 30 Pro ASMR unboxing

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